Everyone Wants A Light Skinned Baby

Yes, I know. Backward thinking. Colonized corroded mentality. Mental slavery at it's best. Pathetic Self-hating mindset. Who would say such a thing? 'Everyone wants a light skinned baby'. Well, that is what one slave, a self-hating Zimbabwean man said on my Facebook page in response to my article on my beautiful new baby Charo. I … Continue reading Everyone Wants A Light Skinned Baby


Returning To The Innocence Of Breastfeeding

As this month celebrates International Womens Day, I will be writing articles that encourage women to break barriers and stigmas about motherhood in the 21st Century. I am currently celebrating the birth of my 5th baby Charo, and I personally feel there is nothing more rewarding to a woman than being a mother. I totally … Continue reading Returning To The Innocence Of Breastfeeding

Daughter Of An Unloving Mother

Today we had a party in our house. My husband, the children and I danced and celebrated the love we all share. We had the music so loud, we did not care about the neighbors. If there is anything Nino brought into my life, he came to understand me and bring out the best in … Continue reading Daughter Of An Unloving Mother

CHARO: Our New-Born Baby Is Here!

Nino and I welcomed our little Princess Charo on the 5th of February 2017. She is truly adorable and a picture of completion. Her name means 'a crown of roses'. The rose is the expression of romantic love, promise, hope and new beginnings. That is exactly what Charo means to me and Nino. The journey … Continue reading CHARO: Our New-Born Baby Is Here!

Just Fadzai

So we bought a sewing machine from John Lewis last month. We have our tailors for Just Jean and Page Outifits, but when you are into fashion and like working with your own hands, there are some things you just have to learn to do, and sewing is one of them! The last time I … Continue reading Just Fadzai