My Household And I Serve The True King

Following my article yesterday about Elikem, a lot of Zimbabweans did not hide the fact that they are now openly praying for Boaz to put me away (divorce me). They are literally on their knees chanting that Boaz and I break up.

I have to say any Zimbabwean secretly wishing, praying, chanting or making some portions, charms or spells for me to be divorced by Boaz will have the same curse and worse they are wishing on me befall them. All curses people wish on me are always turned into manifold blessings, I would have thought people have learnt that by now, considering what Masocha, my ex-husband, his family and my own family wished for me.

However, not all my Zimbabwean followers are filled with evil, some of my followers pray for Boaz and I. I am always touched by heartwarming prayers for my household.

In my household, this is the prayers we make every day. This is our household anthem, so nothing evil can befall us.

A Blessed Prayer For Boaz

Long Live Boaz, King Kofi Nino

So majestic in his melanin beauty

His skin like polished bronze

May his lips bring forth glorious melodies

As he teaches us not be servants again

Let his throne be established forever

Let him bring back the stolen harp

Let him teach us the secret chords

Let him show us how to be proud again

As Jacob’s trouble comes to an end

Let your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven

Long Live Boaz, King Kofi Nino


God bless his Queen Mary-Tamar

Who stands in the King’s presence as the Priestess of dreams

Let the King greatly delight in her above all women

Let the King’s sons and daughters be his pride

May God bless Boaz’s throne forever

Let him break the horns of the bull

Scatter all his enemies and foes

As he reigns over us victorious

Long Live King, Kofi Nino


Because of this prayer, which goes up like burning sweet incense, I will never have fear.

The Genesis Of The Revelation

By Lady Mary-Tamar





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