So Black American Gossip Forum Lipstick Alley Prophesied My Royal Engagement

I am a mother of 7, and a wife of a King, but I am always a ready writer, my fingers literally itch if I am dying to write something, so much I won’t sleep till I’ve penned whatever will be in my heart. If I don’t listen to my spirit and pen, time takes the words away, and I will not be able to bring them up again to pen them the next day. So I often write in the spirit then schedule publishing for the next day, but nah, this article is going out tonight, before I sleep…it can’t wait.

The thing is, I am not like Meghan Markle, she has to get her “friends” or so called “royal biographers” to pretend to speak for her, then she lies and says she had nothing to do with the book, but since I started reading Finding Freedom, I know without a shadow of doubt that she actually wrote that book herself. It’s embarrassing really, I do not envy her at all. However, I’ve enjoyed getting into her mind, and knowing she read even the comments online, and something tells me she has passed through my little online diary, because almost everyday, I get so many visitors from searches of Meghan Markle.

Anyway, unlike Meghan, I don’t have to hide as I respond to my own version of Daily Mail, I have real FREEDOM, I can respond to my so called “critics” right here, on my blog, right now.

So today, during Sabbath service, one of my King’s friends sent him screenshots from Lipstick Alley. I know right, I really thought time would make them move on. It’s truly sad that I have to mention them again, but they leave me no choice, because something truly unbelievable happened, these people prophesied my royal engagement. The word says even the enemies will bless you, when God’s favor is upon you.

And the crazy thing is I was never going to find out, because I told myself throughout my pregnancy that I will never ever go and read that site ever.

Just before I conceived Chaniya, I saw a very demonic comment about my sweet beautiful daughter Charo, after one of my followers based in America Chinasang had sent me the link. Lipstick Alley, for those who don’t know is a largest Internet Black American Gossip Forum frequented by mostly single black African American women, sadly. A lot of people have had their lives completely destroyed by the things written on this forum, so I was so upset about the comments about Charo. I mean, Charo is absolutely beautiful, the most photogenic of my children, the only reason I know they picked on her is because she has dark skin. My King said to me I should never ever click on that link or read anything they say about me, one evening he had to take my phone to stop me being hurt. They did crazy things like report my King to the police for being a “polygamist” and call Air BnB on us to get my King’s account frozen, but none of their plans ever worked, even the police blessed my King.

When I fell pregnant, they were one of the main reasons I chose to keep the pregnancy private. I did not need any negative energy during my pregnancy, and I truly enjoyed a peaceful 9 months away from social media, and God blessed me so much, I gave birth in the biggest birthing rooms I have ever had, I had birthing balls, and all sorts of things I never had with my 6 pregnancies. I had the midwife play relaxing music for me, and run me a bath, it was the most luxurious birthing experience I ever had.

God rewarded me because I listened to my husband who told me to stop reading painful cruel comments attacking my daughter, I can only imagine how they would have attacked my pregnancy. What kind of people launches an attack on an innocent beautiful child? All because they hate me and my husband. It’s such a sick world we live in, sadly.

But a crazy thing happened today, as I said as we were in Sabbath service, one of his female friends sent him screenshots from Lipstick Alley but said the screenshots had been sent to their whats-app group. He had no idea where the screenshots came from, and he didn’t want to tell me, he’s very protective of my feelings especially now I’m nursing a new born.

He wasn’t going to show me anything, but he read a screenshot about me being mocked that Nino never bothered to put a ring on it, even a fake one.

So after Sabbath service he came to show me, and said, “See how God is shaming your enemies, can you believe this, some people laughing at you that you have no ring… baby they prophesied your Engagement.”

My heart jumped. God is preparing a table for me…it’s really happening…

The day my King proposed to me, last Sunday, this very day last week, people on Lipstick Alley were laughing at me that I have no ring, even a cheap one they said….

But look at me today, a week later, I have not one, but two super gorgeous rocks! I have one pink rare diamond, and an statement golden rock, as I have called it. I have all sorts of gifts to go with the rings, and now I have to make a choice of which one will be the official engagement ring, and which one will be the promise ring. I mean, what man does that? And to think the very day Lipstick Alley people mocked me, the King had received the first ring last Sabbath, and he gave it to me the next day…. Talk about the timing of God….

These are all my testimonies, God is showering me with double blessings…

So yeah, here is the iconic screenshot from Lipstick Alley Gossip Forum prophesying my engagement, posted on 23 August 2020, the very day I got Engaged!

And this time I didn’t feel any pain of being attacked by them, but when the King showed me the screenshots, I laughed so hard…

And I asked the King, “Can I write about it…?”

“Whatever you want, you are the Queen,” my most beloved King said…

Forget Meghan Markle, the Queen who ran away from her enemies, and used her “friends” to answer back, I am the Queen who can truly say I am FREE indeed because I can answer back anytime I wish, in my own words, on my own diary…

That is what you call Finding Freedom….

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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