Dear Black American Women From Lipstick Alley, My Husband Does Not Use Juju To Attract Women

Last night one of my very faithful readers from the USA posted a comment and a link of a popular forum that is currently discussing my journey of being a plural wife to my King husband. She is one reader I always look forward to reading her comments, a few weeks ago, she even said she considered moving from the USA to come to the UK to be my husband’s PA and wife, well for a split second, but it really touched me. She is from Zimbabwe but refuses to live in the prison of this society.

So last night when she sent her comment, lo and behold it was deep and eye-catching as always…

“Not to derail the current post, I am not on social media at all. Imagine my surprise when I came across a posting discussing your blog. Not sure if you are familiar with Lipstick Alley, its a lot of naysayers, but it seems like you are a bit of a celebrity. Speak your truth and stay blessed.”


The Popular forum has a thread on my polygamy journey

The website is the biggest African American Forum online. On top of discussing my polygamy journey, I also found a thread that discussed my articles on Meghan Markle since I do write a lot about her. I found the comments on my Meghan Markle articles very encouraging and positive.

But what really struck me as I browsed through the polygamy thread on me was that my husband was literally targetted and called all sorts of names by these black women. These Black American Women said the King was so ugly they could never understand how he was able to attract women who are happy to share him. They love to be deep and analyse things, they came across as intellectuals, but the irony of it is that they found no logical reason why any woman would want to be with Nino. Their only explanation was that he has juju or voodoo which he took in Ghana to make women love him. They even took the thread to a psychic, tarot reader to ask if my King had juju and if Hagar was going to leave him? Can you believe they have a section for Tarot readers? They actually asked, “Did this man use magic on his wives?”

They also believe that Asians do not date African man, apparently, they only date African American men, so to them, it’s all mysterious and unheard of that my King should be with an Asian. So their logical explanation for my husband being a polygamist is “juju”.

I have to say I was very disappointed by these African American women. I have always heard that Black American women look down on African men, and somehow think they are better than Africans, but I never believed it really. The way they describe my husband is a sad reflection of their wounded hearts and self-hatred.  I have to say, with that type of attitude towards their fellow black men, I can understand why 80% of African American women are single. I can sadly understand why black American men  end up going for Becky with the good hair, because I sensed a deep sense of self-hatred for not only dark skin, but the black man.

So Dear Black American women of Lipstick Alley, come on, you are supposed to be the epitome of black intelligence. How on earth did you come to the conclusion that my husband uses juju to attract women? You think no man with such dark skin can be so attractive to women? Is that not a very sad state of mind?

What you think is juju powers is called charm, charisma and anointing. That skin you laugh at and say it’s ugly, it’s his pure gold and power. He stands out among 10 thousand. Women love him because he carries a lot of positive energy, it’s an aura that he was born with.

It’s funny that you guys think he has vodoo, because when he was a little boy in Ghana, girls used to accuse him of charming them, so much they reported him to the teachers and he was beaten up for using his “eyes”. His eyes have that thing that when he looks at you, you feel goosebumps. It is his anointing.

My King has anointed eyes

When a man is born to be a King, the Universe will testify of his Kingship.

My husband told me that women always loved him, and they used to leave their boyfriends for him. He was always that boy that other boys even approached to get him to hook them up with a girl they liked. Other boys even used him to see if their girlfriends would cheat on them, they would go to him and ask him to test their girlfriends by asking them out. He has always been that boy that women absolutely adore.

977299_489025001167180_137370638_o (1)
Women have always loved the aura of my King even back in the day






He has a way of making women feel free
Women love his Kingship anointing
He says the funniest things to women
Even the older women adore him and start mothering him
He can get any woman to just relax and laugh
He doesn’t have vodoo, he is just charming..

I have heard the saying, “Oh that man thinks he is God’s gift to women…” Well I can boldly say that my husband, King Kofi is God’s gift to women, especially to me and my two co-wives. We each say the exact same thing, “I laugh so much around him and I forget that I am a grown woman.”

He has the ability to love a woman and make her happy, and still, love another and make her happy. He makes each woman feel like she is the only one. He makes a woman feel special.

For my sanity I stay out of my husband’s Facebook inbox, women of all races and nations send him all sorts…

What he has is not juju, he is God’s definition of a real man. A King. A lot of black men out there are no longer men, they live like women and are controlled by women. Its pitiful really what is considered a man these days.

My husband is just like the men who once walked this earth, real men of ancient days like King David. Women loved King David, he was a sweet charmer. Even when he was a nobody,  a young man whose father was poor, according to his own words, a royal princess Michal fell madly in love with David.

It is the birthright of every born King, rich or poor to be loved by women. My husband was born to be a polygamist.

It is the birthright of every born King to be loved by women

My husband’s birthday is in a few days time, and he told Hagar, Shulamite and I that he wants to spend his birthday with the three of us, at the Love Den. We are so looking forward to his birthday.  Is this not every man’s desire, well most, to have women who belong to you and love you? Well, I am honoured to have a husband who is living every man’s dream. That is his blessing from God.

That said apart from the comments calling my dark-skinned King an ugly man who uses juju to charm women, I found the rest of the comments hilarious in a good way. I laughed so much I cried. I don’t get upset by “naysayers” as my reader called them, I see the positive in negative comments. My King taught me that when people say mean things about you, for the sake of it, know that in their minds they actually mean you are the opposite of what they are calling you. I found that to be so true.

I also did a bit of research on Lipstick Alley, though it’s a popular forum, sadly there are a lot of bad reviews about it. People say it is a website for angry Black American women. Some say it has a lot of bullies and stalkers. Some narrated their unfortunate experiences on the popular forum, some quite scary.  Some say people there are not well mentally.

Some very sad reviews about Lipstick Alley




It’s a sad world we live in. So much anger and hatred out there. It looks like commenters on Lipstick Alley have hurt a lot of people out there, but I also believe there are good people there too.

Well, this is why I love polygamy, and I love my life. I refuse to be told how to think and how to live my life by people who are so angry. I love spending time with my co-wives, at least we plan about our husband and household. There is way more sanity in my house than out there. Like Chinasang my reader said, “Jean, speak your truth and stay blessed.”

I intend to do that always, with or without Lipstick Alley blessing, cursing or insulting me. I take it all, blessings and curses, and even mocking…

I like what King David said,  he said let them mock and curse me, so that God will see them cursing and turn their curses into blessings. That has always been the testimony of my life, anything people mock me about, God turns it into blessings.

So thank you, Lipstick Alley, I am grateful to have you as my audience, you all bless me, more so my King, even when you mock and curse him…I love him more. I was first attracted to his very dark skin. I know only angels see the beauty of God’s skin colour.

Only Angels see the beauty in God’s skin colour

My King has no Juju lol, He is just chosen, and loved very much by his Maker. God had to give him extra melanin. When you say melanin power, that man you mock today is the one you will be talking about…

Blessings and peace…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean



5 thoughts on “Dear Black American Women From Lipstick Alley, My Husband Does Not Use Juju To Attract Women

  1. Sis, lipstick alley is one of the largest BLACK forums online. (Nairaland included) It is not only African Americans that frequent. Thousands of diaspora Africans, Caribbeans, and South/Latin Americans frequent this forum. If you read the thread you will even see some from Ghana, Zimbabwe and elsewhere commenting.


  2. Does it matter, on who visits the site but it is a known fact that most African American women on that site are usually bitter, despise most Africans and tend to give the worst relationship advice- it’s entertaining and sad at the same time.

    What I find so fascinating is why are people so triggered, why are they bothered about what another full-grown adult is doing with her life? I don’t get it? We mock and jeer what we don’t understand and then out of fear we judge and condemn. Everyone has a story and a lesson to contribute, even if you don’t agree with it- so what?

    At the end of the day, the joke is on them, as I was reading the comments on LSA- I saw a few readers state that they will be visiting your blog. I do hope and pray that your blog is monetized by the number of visits- like I said before you are a bit of a celebrity. May your light shine brighter, and more blessings to you and your family.

    P.S. I think it’s Nino’s eyes that attract people to him, something about them that just draws you in, and I mean that in the most respectful manner.

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  3. Girl its clear you have problems. You make this post about why African American women are single but the alternative is sharing an ugly man? God bless.


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