If I Was Theresa May I Would Build A Great Wall In Britain

If only I was Theresa May.

If I was Theresa May, Britain would never be the same again. If only just for a day, I could be the most powerful woman in Britain, I would be like Donald Trump. I would build a great wall against the prophets of Africa who come to United Kingdom to start mega churches. These prophets of doom are among the sexual predators and financial abusers of black women and children across the UK today, in a system that no one talks about. Black people are among the most religious people in the world, and once upon a time religion was used to enslave them. Today religion is still used to keep them as prisoners, financially, spiritually, socially, and sexually; but not by white people, but by their own churches created by self styled African prophets.

If I was Theresa May I would make Britain Great again, not just for the non religious people, but for the black women and girls who are sexually assaulted, accused of witchcraft, demon exorcised and some murdered on British soil today, all in the name of God.

I would built a great wall so impossible to climb that no man in Africa will ever wake up from his sleep and say God has called him to be a prophet to the black immigrants of UK. No African man will ever convince thousands of women and girls that their fate and destiny to get a visa in the UK lie in their hands. No man will take money and donations from homeless black women and single mothers in the name of miracles and blessings. No African man will ever come up with a self enriching business idea of starting a church in the UK using weak people as the business plan.

In London alone there are over hundreds of cases of “witchcraft” abuse and crimes related to faith each year. Children have been killed under the guise of religion. There are probably thousands of cases unreported because of the fear of being cursed by the self styled prophets. If I was Theresa May I would ensure that this type of abuse is understood in the mainstream UK and I will go to the root of it, just to make sure that no woman or girl child should ever be branded a witch by a self proclaimed prophet and tortured and killed. If I was Theresa May I would save just one life.

In 2000 8 year old Victoria Climbie was tortured and killed by her guardians who believed she was demon possessed

In 2000 in London, an eight-year-old Ivorian girl, Victoria Climbié was tortured and murdered by her guardians after she had been accused of being demon possessed. Her death led to a public inquiry resulting in changes being made in child protection policies in the UK but still not enough is being done to protect women and children in the black charismatic church environment.

If I was Theresa May I would put a law that protects the vulnerable women and children from being exploited by a system that is called religious freedom. A system that only benefits the prophets and pastors and the hierarchy of the black church. A system that make millionaires out of vulnerable black people. Religious freedom will no longer be free again, there will be rules and laws that govern it. I would save women and children from being victims of religious freedom. I would make sure that the UK understands that there is such a thing called religious abuse.

I would make sure any religious leader accused of sexual assault would indeed be tried and prosecuted not only for the sexual assault but for the abuse and exploitation of human rights on women and girls. I would change the Scottish and English Law, that no convicted pedophile will be given the right to appeal his conviction unless the same right is given to the victims. I would make sure that no victim of sexual assault will ever be denied the right to appeal against a conviction or sentence of their abuser. I would change the Scottish and English law from favoring convicted sexual predators instead of bringing justice to the victims.

If only I was Theresa May, I would build that giant wall against Africa, and there would be no black self proclaimed prophet standing in the United Kingdom. I would destroy them all and make Britain Great again, that no child will ever be called a witch in this country.

I would be like Donald Trump and send terror and panic on all the prophets of doom across the country. If I was Theresa May even for just a day, Britain would never be the same again. I would make Britain a safe place for the majority of black Christians.

But I am not Theresa May, I am just a woman.

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