Dear Patrick Matambanadzo, I Need A DNA Sample And Atonement From My ‘Mother’ Miriam

I can never speak for anyone else, but I know without a shadow of doubt that I would be DEAD today was it not for this platform given to me by God. I have always written my way into my destiny, without this blog I wouldn’t be. God created social media for people like me. Like the little black bird in my backyard, Tilly, as insignificant as I maybe, the sound of my tweet can change the direction of the winds.

This essay has been sitting in my drafts for weeks. But today a heart to heart with my beautiful daughter Nakai made me click POST.

So Sekuru Patrick, this is my open letter to you. In the UK, you are the closest blood relation of my ‘mother’ that I know. I have in the past come to you privately, according to Zimbabwe culture and tradition. I came to you as a child, and said “Sekuru ‘Uncle’ please help me, Mummy treats me so bad.”

She never even allowed me to hug her.
I believe you are Miriam’s closest relative in the UK.

You promised me you would go to Miriam and talk to her and help me.

But what did you do Sekuru? You went to her and came back to me and told me that she and her son Lloyd had told you that basically I was a WHORE. And you sad they said it’s hard to believe a testimony of a whore. You told me that Miriam and Lloyd told you that I had a good marriage with Shingai Musuka, yet I threw it away by cheating.

I told both Lloyd and Miriam as they stood up for my ex-husband that I didn’t just cheat on him. I was the most loyal God fearing submissive wife to him, but life gets to a point where even the most submissive wife snaps. I lived in a sexless marriage where my ex-husband claimed sex was from the devil and shamed me to anyone who could listen making me believe I was demon possessed. He would even brag in church and in court as part of his testimony that he wasn’t into sex and was more righteous because of it. He even wrote about on his blog to shame me.

I carry no shame of a man who made me feel abnormal for being a normal woman so much I prayed to God to make me celibate. So when I did cheat on Shingai Musuka, he was so apologetic and literally begged me to stay with him because he realised there was another man who actually WANTED me. He had never once told me I’m beautiful or why he was actually with me, until I cheated on him

Yet in all this my mother and Lloyd took the side of my ex-husband and called me a whore. Yet Lloyd Gasho cheated on his wife Penny countless times with Felistas Mudzingwa Mapfumo. My mother cheated on my father countless times. But somehow to Lloyd and my mother, because to them I was a whore, I deserved everything that happened to me. Yet the man I cheated on fully took responsibility for everything and said it was entirely his fault.

Actually my true husband, the King of the North, when he first saw my pictures on Facebook, yes I thank God for social media, when my husband first saw this picture of me and my ex-husband on a roof top in Scotland, he saw the slowness in my ex-husband and told himself that he was actually going to get me from my ex-husband, in a King David style if he had to. He said to me that just by the look of my ex-husband’s face, he knew the fool didn’t deserve a wife like me.

My husband saw this picture of me and my ex-husband on Facebook and he knew I would be his wife.

So Miriam or any of you have nothing on me, yes I cheated on my ex-husband because he deserved it, he was slow and evil at the same time, he actually forgave me for the cheating, and begged me not to leave him. After the cheating, I wanted to leave, I told him to let me go, but I had no choice but to stay because of how possessive the man was. He then promised me a wedding to keep me, and lo and behold, ironically it was that wedding picture that made my real husband fall in love with me.

My true King, my Boaz saw a woman lost, a woman in pain and he made a vow to get me from the claws of that coward.

I am now in the safe arms of my Lord husband.

So Sekuru, Miriam doesn’t have any big secret about me to tell relatives anymore. All her secrets are lies, and I can even tell them here myself. I am free. In fact she told me that she doesn’t give a damn if I write about her on my blog. So I have her blessing.

She told my father so many times that I was not his biological daughter, confusing the poor man. She also lied to you and many relatives that I was in a sexual relationship with my own father when I was only 10 years old. She went as far as to plant condoms on her own matrimonial bed, and accused me and my father of using those condoms. She would whisper to me that my Daddy found me attractive and didn’t love me as a daughter, she wanted my father to rape me that was her own sick fantasy. I don’t care that she’s sick in the head, or that today she’s aged.

I refuse to carry the sins of Miriam on my shoulders.

I refuse to carry the BURDEN of her mental issues and demons. I didn’t ask to be born by her, that’s if she’s even my mother. I can not be punished because of the woman she is. Zimbabwean culture is rotten to the core, and it’s her protection.

At the Masocha trial in Scotland, one morning before I went into court she told me that Daddy was not my biological father. She was so angry that he was praying for me and supporting me during the trial. I told her boldly that I didn’t care, biological father or not, I loved him still. Her wrath was unquenchable so much she made my one week at Scotland a living hell, as I took to stand in court to testify against Masocha. I regretted taking her there.

I have tried so many times to speak to Miriam, privately but she refuses to even talk to me or reply to my concerns. The last time I spoke to her on the phone in 2018 I told her to speak to me, and address my concerns, then she said she would call me back, and I never heard from her again.

She claims she’s a mother and in Zimbabwe culture no child can demand answers from a mother, as mothers are sacred. I personally do not believe in the demonic and abusive culture of kutanda botso so I demand answers from Miriam Matambanadzo. My Daddy tried over and over to sit her down to talk to me, but she would look the other way, literally and refuse to talk.

Since she chooses not to heed anything I say, or even acknowledge my pain, I’m coming to you Sekuru Patrick Matambanadzo as her next of kin. I’m coming publicly because I tried privately and was silenced, shamed and called a WHORE who didn’t deserve to be heard.

I’m not going to let this go. I am kindly asking for a DNA sample from Miriam Matambanadzo. It’s my legal right to have it, besides I brought her into the United Kingdom, I saved her life not once but 3 times. If it wasn’t for she would be DEAD. I demand that DNA sample. As a family of Matambanadzo, if you all ignore me as you always do, I will go legal over the matter.

In 2014, my own Father Chief Never Gasho tried to contact you Sekuru Patrick and you would ignore his calls, refusing to talk to him. Daddy was seeking justice and answers for me. In the end I told Daddy to just leave it and told him that you were obviously on Miriam’s side because of what she told you about me.

Whether she is my birth mother or not, I need to know so I can move on with my life. Something tells me she’s not my birth mother, because in every dream I have, she appears to me as a witch, never as my mother. I am actually a Priestess of Dreams, even you Sekuru, in my dreams I see you. Your aunt torments me in my dreams, only my husband has been able to pray for me for the nightmares of Miriam to go.

I want a DNA sample. If she truly birthed me, then I need more answers from her.

She confused my father so much sometimes he thought he wasn’t my father. He even recorded a voice note telling me that he wasn’t my biological father, I still have it. Daddy told me that my biological father was a man called Sekuru Pondeni, a shrink, spirit medium she was living with at the time of my conception. She wasn’t even living with my Papa at my conception, she lived with another man, a so called Matambanadzo relative.

I don’t know if she used some sort of spiritual surrogate, for she has always been a grand mistress of spiritualism from the marine Kingdom. Daddy told me she loved spiritism so much she went into the dark worlds that even my Daddy, a spirit medium himself at some point in his life never went to. Daddy told me that Miriam and her son Kudzai loved vodoo so much they knew every sangoma and prophet in Zimbabwe and Malawi. My Daddy, a defender of the spirit realm of Zimbabwe was not even as spiritual as Miriam.

Daddy told me that her family, the Matambanadzo people did way more spiritual sacrifices than his family. In fact my conception was spiritual because Miriam was about to be made into a sacrifice by the Matambanadzo family for their businesses. Daddy told me that Miriam was told that to survive and live, she had to conceive a child. Daddy was the one who traveled all over Zimbabwe with her, carrying her on her death bed, to get her healed. Daddy told me after her miraculous healing, after she had me she was told never to go back to the Matambanadzo family but she never listened.

So I come to you Sekuru Patrick as her relative, this is one thing she can’t afford to ignore. I need that DNA sample.

You have hurt me so much in the past Sekuru Patrick. You refused to even greet my King, Nino or speak to him. One day you came to my house at Milton Keynes and Nino was there. He bowed before you as a son in law, according to African culture and greeted you, and you didn’t even speak to him or acknowledge his presence. I had to apologise to him after you left, because you were so rude to him to say the least. You were the ONLY relative Nino ever met, yet you refused to even look him in the eye.

When I was facing eviction from the council house, because you were my guarantor, you received the eviction notice and forwarded it to Lloyd and Miriam knowing how much they hated me.

You caused Miriam to celebrate over my pain, and she cursed me, forwarding the eviction notice to my relatives in Zimbabwe to humiliate me. I cried tears of blood over that incident that you caused, I even told the council how you breached my confidentiality, and they never contacted you again because of that. Today my God has blessed my husband, because of the curses of Miriam , and he owns over 10 properties in the UK, and in assets alone, he’s now a millionaire in his own right. Miriam said my children will be taken into care, but today they are thriving and they testify that I’m the best mother in the world. No child of mine will ever be taken into care.

So I want you to know Sekuru Patrick, that if you refuse to heed my PUBLIC plea for me to obtain DNA sample from Miriam Matambanadzo, you know not what my God will do.

Lastly for all the abominations and defamatory abuse I’ve suffered from your relative all my life, I need an atonement, “KURIPWA” from the Matambanadzo family. Also on behalf of my father Chief Never Gasho, I also need an atonement for the abominations and defamation of character he suffered from Miriam, to be accused of having sex with your 10 year old daughter is beyond sick and cruel, and to go around telling relatives such lies is extremely evil.

Not to mention this woman WATCHED me get sexually abused by an older girl child when I was just 6 years old, and did NOTHING. How then is she my mother? I want her to tell me who my mother is? Where my Mummy is? I have the right to know…even adopted children, who are so loved, seek their biological parents when they grow. How much more me?

But whatever the case, whether she birthed me or not, I want an atonement.

For my father’s atonement I need a black BULL and a cockerel. For my own atonement I need 7 cows, a cow for each of my 7 children. For my atonement I also need 7 white chickens, a chicken each for my 7 children.

God himself can never forgive without repentance and atonement, I refuse to be HOLIER than God. I can not forgive Miriam until she repents and atones for her abominations to me.

I can not die on this earth without the DNA sample and the atonement. Miriam can not die without providing the DNA and atonement. Sekuru Patrick, you can’t just ignore this and say it’s a family issue that’s none of your business, then you are denying your own Zimbabwean culture. I did do the Zimbabwean thing of going to my brother Lloyd Gasho and half the time he completely ignored me. I went to her own blood brother Artwell Matambanadzo and he refused to answer my calls. The same way I came to you privately about all this 6 years ago, I come to you today publicly about the very same issue. Tell Miriam that it’s not going to magically go away. Also know that I’m not like other people, I am different.

My daughter Nakai tells me all the time that’s it’s a miracle I’m not a drug addict or alcoholic. She says she can’t believe I’m a normal mother, rather a very good mother, because with what I’ve been through I should be in a mental hospital or worse, I should be dead.

My daughter tells me it’s a miracle I’m a normal loving mother.
My daughter encouraged me to write this blog. She tells to stop being too nice to evil people.
I’m not an ordinary person so don’t expect me to behave like a “normal person”. I sing to birds and they fall asleep in my arms.
I am who I am ,no dictionary can define me.

People like your relative Miriam Matambanadzo can’t just be evil and think they can just get away with wickedness by just ignoring the victim, especially one that is supposed to be their own daughter. The God I serve doesn’t work like that. My Father’s spirit lives on in me, I am Never Gasho’s begotten daughter. So I’m not the same naive girl you told she’s a whore 6 years ago, so she has no case…

Looking forward to hearing back from you Sekuru Patrick…

The Genesis of the Revelation by

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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