God Answered My Prayer: Meghan’s Book Was A Complete FLOP

God Answered My Prayer: Meghan’s Book Was A Complete FLOP

Today is a Sabbath, and normally I give thanks and testify on what the Lord of Sabbath is doing for me. I’m very grateful today because one of my prayers regarding Meghan Markle was answered with fire. Meghan’s debut children’s book The Bench has so flopped she’s now giving it to schools for free.

When Meghan announced that she was releasing a children’s book, I was very upset because of how she has appropriated black women like me, falsely getting all the benefits of a “black author” whilst using a title she was given by the family she called racist. Yet Black writers like me are shunned and will never get a book publishing deal because we are not “famous” enough. The idea of Meghan, a woman with no talent at all publishing a children’s book was an insult to me, so I took it very personal.

So I went before the Lord of Sabbath, burning incense and all, and I asked the Lord, “Where is the justice in this Lord? I get ripped off by Author House, paying thousands to get published, yet all I got was a cheque of £10. Then Meghan who can’t even write, get a silver platter publishing deal just because she married a White Prince, even though she has no talent. Where is the justice in that? Make her book fail oh Lord. Let the book be the FLOP it deserves oh my Father.”

I do mention Meghan when I burn incense on Sabbath.

Zimbabweans and most black people who follow me call me a WITCH, because they say my prayers are “EVIL” and I burn incense. Some even say they are scared of me. One woman confessed to visiting my Facebook page, then apparently she was spiritually attacked whilst looking at my pictures. To them that qualifies me to be a witch. My ex-husband and the members of Agape church also accused me of being a demon possessed witch.

Yet they are “Christians” who can’t even practice what they preach or read in their own bibles. The Zimbabweans tell me I’m supposed to “LOVE” Meghan and pray for God to bless her, because apparently that’s the Christian thing to do, even though I’m not a Christian. The same black so called Christians who brand my prayers evil and a form of witchcraft, commanding me to Love Meghan can’t even do to me what they command me to do, they HATE me with a passion and are constantly abusive to me.

So no Black Christian has any moral right to command me to love Meghan, because in the same breath you command me to love her, you can’t help your hatred for me. I’m obviously your enemy because I don’t like your “Black Queen”, but you can’t even do the Christian thing of loving me as your enemy, and praying that God blesses me, and causes the sun to shine upon my face.

The thing is, with or without your prayers black people, God does love me so, and he answers my prayers way more than he answers the prayers of your Queen Meghan. With or without your prayers black people, God causes the sun to shine upon my face, even in my weeping, He is with me.

Even in my weeping and mourning, the Lord is always with me.

Talking about The Bench, never mind Meghan’s lies that her book was inspired by Harry and Archie, the book was all about her. Well, I have a real testimony from yesterday about a Bench. I have this beautiful melanin blessed daughter, Charo, who forces me daily to go on ‘long walks’. If the walk is not long enough she won’t come back home. Yesterday just before Sabbath sundown Charo asked to go for a long walk, and we ended up on this beautiful pretty remembrance BENCH, which looked very new.

I believe it was put there to remember those who have died of the plague. It had two white doves on it, and the words, ‘Lest we forget’.

We sat there and had a moment, as the sun was about to set. I started thinking about my Papa of course, and sadly I shed a little tear. I looked up at the sun and started to pray.

I prayed that I would make my Daddy proud as a writer, I told God how much everything had changed, and how lonely the world has suddenly become without my Father. My daughter stroked my hand, and I smiled at her.

I then looked up and in a split moment I thought I saw a lion and a cub next to the sun. It was a proper Lion King moment, where Simba looks up and he sees his Father and he’s told “He lives in you. Remember who you are.”

My eyes red from missing my Father, but I still smiled.

I fought back tears as I smiled, because for that moment it felt like it was my Daddy and me, the clouds were really shaped like a lion and a cub.

I then remembered I had to capture the magical scene in the sky to show my husband, but by the time I took my phone out, the Lion and Cub cloud had started to disperse. Maybe it was a spiritual moment that wasn’t meant to be on camera. Well I still captured what was left of the miracle.

So no black person can tell me I’m a witch, or that my prayers are evil. I’m not ashamed of my spirituality, because I’m so very loved by the God who loves orphans, the Father of the fatherless, He gives me signs everyday. My God punishes my enemies, and causes them to melt like snails, just ask false prophet Walter Masocha. When you see who he used to be, and see what has become of him today, then you will know that Mary Tamar is so loved.

My prayers for Meghan Markle are like incense before the Lord. When I pray for Meghan to fall, the Lord of Sabbath is well pleased with me.

My prayers are so holy, like the prayers of King David, my favourite King of all times. He was so real, wrote down what he exactly felt. He didn’t only fight his battles with the sword, he also fought with his pen. That’s why God called him a man after his own heart. He constantly prayed for his enemies to fall. And fall with a great thud they did. I will never stop praying for Meghan Markle to fall, she is a woman of perdition, she spits on black women like myself, and makes our struggle a complete joke.

I’m celebrating her failure as an author, because she is not actually an author. I pray God will give me a better publishing deal than what she got. I hope this epic failure humbles her to never write books again, she’s not in any way qualified to do so. The grammar alone in the so called children’s book was all over the place. The illustrations were not captivating enough for children. Meghan has no talent in at all, even her acting was so poor that’s why she never quite made it as an actress. The best thing to ever happen to her was marrying Harry. And in terms of acting, her best ever performance was the Oprah interview.

The Bench being a flop is a big encouragement for me to keep praying and writing. To think even the title of Duchess couldn’t sell the book, the God above sees that’s for sure.

And to think the Black people who worship her couldn’t even support their Queens book. How sad. Black people have a reputation of not supporting their own to be fair, but I never thought they would do this to their own Black Princess as they call her.

Oh well, meanwhile Catherine’s book Hold Still is sold out and is now only available on pre-order. Notice how the Duchess of Cambridge didn’t plaster the book with her title, it was all about the cause. And I read somewhere that Meghan even put her so called title on the spine of her children’s book. Honestly, who does that?

Catherine shows Meghan how to publish a book if you are a Duchess, it’s all about the cause and the people. As a woman who lost my Father to the plague, I so respect this work by the Duchess.

Now, back to the narcissist, on top of The Bench being poorly written and illustrated, the book was way too contradictory to sell. How can a woman who publicly refuses to forgive and love her own father lecture children about a father’s love?

I’ve told Meghan this before, there is no blessing greater than a father’s blessing. Your father is the one who covers you spiritually and blesses you to prosper. Meghan has disowned the man who brought her up and made her into the woman she is today. In short, she’s literally cursed herself. It’s not a surprise that no one is buying her CURSED book, even her black fans.

Her own sister Samantha whom she disowns too, had way better reviews on her book on Amazon. Let that sink in Meghan fans. Samantha is more successful as an author, than Pushy Princess.

And because I have such a soft spot for Sir Thomas Markle, he wrote to me privately when my Papa died, and told me that had he known my Daddy before he died they would have been the “best of friends”. So for the wickedness Meghan does to this old man, I will pray even more that her efforts in anything she does will flop more than her book, and time will certainly answer my holy prayers…

The Genesis of the Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

3 thoughts on “God Answered My Prayer: Meghan’s Book Was A Complete FLOP

  1. Hello you beautiful child I adore reading your writings they are so interesting and truthful coming from you I’m so so sorry you lost your daddy I too lost my parents at such a young age we were classed as orphans put in children’s homes mummy couldn’t cope with 9 children in those days and mummy died when I was 21 but we hardly saw her
    I understand your pain my lovely I am a very spiritual person myself love and light be with you my child xx


  2. Looks like God passed on this one. The Bench is #1 on the NYT best sellers for picture books and #2 on Amazon new releases.


    1. That is true. Number one on picture books perhaps because their foundation purchased the books to be donated, driving it to the top? And also credit to the pictures by Christian Robinson rather than the text.
      It’s not a true success if they had to buy their way to the top.

      Liked by 1 person

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