These Demons You Call ‘Prophets’ Are More Toxic Than Coronavirus

I would like to sincerely apologize to my readers for my deafening silence. I am in hibernation so to speak. I love social media and all, but sometimes it completely takes over our lives so it’s important for me to detox and take some time off and focus on my spirit, soul and body as well as my family.

That said I wanted to talk about Coronavirus. Whoever thought hey, that the whole world would literally shut down over a global pandemic in our generation. I have a lot of things to say about Coronavirus, but first of all, I want to talk about a group of people who didn’t say a single word about this plague when they should have been the first to warn us all. I want to talk about a group of people who had the perfect opportunity on the night of 31 December 2019 to tell us all about what was to come, but they said nothing, in fact, they said something, they said 2020 would be a year of abundance, health and prosperity.

Isn’t it just amazing that as millions of black people gathered in their Christian synagogues on New Year’s Eve for their Crossover rituals, not even one “Prophet” in this world, just one, was able to prophesy about the global pandemic? I can not even fathom how they even continue to call themselves prophets after this? But they will continue to call themselves “Prophets”, because they have no shame at all, and neither do their followers.

I am sure in all black Crossover rituals the black “Prophets” were busy saying “2020 is the year of abundance” and all the foolish things they always say, tickling their gullible followers’ ears with empty words from hell.  I remember disgraced false Prophet Walter Masocha used to “prophesy” at each Crossover ritual ceremony about events which were going to happen globally. They all do, yet not one of them was able to prophesy that 2020 was a historical year, where the world would be shaken and everyday life would never be the same again. None of the black Christian prophets was able to predict that hundreds of thousands of people would die of Covid 19. I am sure here in the UK some of the false prophets like Uebert Angel even prophesied on the black nurses who have lost their lives to the plague, and told them that this year was their year to get married bla bla bla. They couldn’t even prophesy that weddings would be cancelled, yet thousands of black single mothers were told that they would get married this year.

False Prophets Uebert Angel and Shephard Bushiri

If you honestly still follow these fools you call Papa or Prophet, then you are a bigger fool than them. If you are seriously going to go back to Papa after this pandemic then you are beyond redemption and your soul belongs to your Father, the Devil.

If you can still call thieves like T B Joshua, Emmanuel Makandiwa, Daniel Obinim, Walter Magaya, Shepherd Bushiri, Chris Oyakhilome your Spiritual Father, then you are more damned than them.

Almost every year TB Joshua continues to make false prophecies after false prophecies, this year after failing to predict Covid 19, he now went on to make a disgraceful prophecy from the pits of hell that Coronavirus would disappear by March 2020. The man has no shame at all, and up to now, he is still being called Papa by thousands of black puppets.

TB Joshua’s shame

On my WhatsApp I have received a number of videos about Emmanuel Makandiwa trying to be all vocal about Covid 19, trying to prophesy and making noise about it. The satanic dude has no shame at all, he shouldn’t even be saying anything at all. Now he wants to go down the Revelation route and saying the chip is coming through the coronavirus vaccine. If there is actually an Antichrist in this era, Emmanuel Makandiwa is a bigger Son of Perdition than Bill Gates.

Emmanuel Makandiwa more Satanic than Bill Gates

I don’t understand how Africans and Black people are suddenly making noise about the vaccines now? Especially these disgraced false prophets?

Vaccines have always been tested on Africans. Africans have always been injected with all sorts of toxins. Depopulation of black people and Africans has always been one of the biggest agendas, its never even been a secret. Even Prince William openly said that Africa needs to be depopulated, it’s out there in the open, and Africans have always been okay with this, they even help them to depopulate them.  I personally do not vaccinate my children, they have their own God-given immune system for that. I do not need a plague or a pandemic to now suddenly wake me up about vaccines and the Mark of the Beast. I do not need a so-called black Prophet to warm me about 666 when they are the sons of the Anti-Christ.

DSC_0040 (2)
My 6 children have a perfect immune system that doesn’t need tempering with

I find it so strange that suddenly these false prophets are starting to be anti-vaccine when I am sure 4 months ago they had no issue with Bill Gates or vaccines. I would rather listen to David Icke than any black prophet.

I just find it totally crazy that after these false prophets failed to prophesy about Covid 19, now they want to be all vocal about it, pretending like they are hearing straight from heaven.

I pray that after this plague, all these false prophets will fall. May they melt like snails according to Psalms 58. I know in Ghana false prophet Bishop Daniel Obinim has been exposed for sleeping with congregant’s wives and even forcing siblings to engage in incest. You would think he is Walter Masocha’s twin brother, the crimes and perversions are so identical. Well, they all have the same Father.

Besides the Covid 19 Plague, 2020 has been the year Ghanaian false Prophet Daniel Obinim has been exposed for sleeping with congregants’ wives and other abominations
Disgraced Prophet Walter Masocha was sleeping with the married women in his Church

And to the followers of these Prophets of Baal,  if you do not leave these demons you call “Papa”, I am now prophesying on you and warning you, These Daddies of yours are your own plague, your own Coronavirus and Mark of the beast, you will be damned because you continue to choose to worship these evil men. These demons you call Prophets are worse than the Covid 19 plague which you are afraid of because they condemn your very souls. They are on this earth to do their Fathers work, taking as many souls as they can to the pits of hell.

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean Gasho



3 thoughts on “These Demons You Call ‘Prophets’ Are More Toxic Than Coronavirus

  1. You are dame right but the big problem is people are weary and they will never listern. All those guys are day light robbers. The problem is our gullible African corrupt leaders who get presents at night from this unscrupulous thieves. As we speak right now they busy increasing and widening their Christian mileage by donating pitence on the pretext of charity. My foot.

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