Meghan Markle Is Proof That Black Negro People Were Cursed By Noah

I am a black woman, and it is within my right to say this, I believe without a shadow of doubt that black people are cursed. I think collectively, they are not normal, there is something seriously wrong with black people’s mind. When I say black, I do not mean mixed race people, or Asians, I am talking about those people who are black, with kinky hair, who look like me, or the Negros as we were sadly labelled by  our former masters.  I am talking about black people of African origin.

DSC_0365 (2)
When I say black people, I mean people with hair like mine

When I look at black people, and how they think, how they function and how they reason, I feel like I am in a horror movie, and I really want to get out of this horror movie. And I often ask God the creator that why am I one with a people who are like this. I find myself unable to think black or act black, the things which excite black people makes me sick.

Yesterday when I wrote my article about Meghan Markle not being a victim of racism,  from the responses from Black people on Facebook groups and all, I found myself thinking, “Lord, they are mad these people they are, proper barking mad, and they don’t even know it. Whoever bewitched black people and cast this spell on them doesn’t have mercy surely, or do we deserve to be savages of the mind, I wonder.

Right now, to black people all over the world, especially in the United Kingdom, Meghan Markle, a woman who is not even black is now a symbol of what racism looks like in the UK apparently. If you are black, and you don’t happen to like Meghan, or if you do not think she is a victim of racism, you are actually a traitor and the devil to black people.

Meghan Markle is now the symbol of racism in the UK

I have never seen black people so united. Meghan Markle has single-handedly united the most divided race on this planet. Today black people are united like they have never been before, as they cry out bitterly in one voice about the racism faced by Meghan Markle. A woman who lives in a white world, who benefits from being the seed of a white man is now the biggest race victim since the world began.

I will tell you something, black people will never unite like this had it been a black woman, yes I mean the wig wearing type of black woman, the one who covers her nappy hair with a wig, if it was that type of black woman going through racism, black people would not be as united, as emotional and as moved as they are with Meghan Markle’s so called racism.

When it is Serena Williams being racially abused like she does each time she steps on a tennis court, Stormzy can never possibly call Serena Williams a “Sweet Black Woman” and come to her defence so boldly and aggressively. I bet you a million dollars, he will never come out so viciously to defend a real black woman facing racism. Serena Williams is called a man, there are You Tube videos out there, she was reduced to tears in front of the entire world, and there was no outrage like we see today from the black community, and Serena Williams is one of the most famous black women in the world, and probably most talented too, yet her pain and anguish in the Tennis world has never moved black people the way Meghan’s “pain” has.

Black people are not able to fight for Serena the way they are fighting for Meghan

Coming back to the United Kingdom, you have Diane Abbott, a black woman who has bent over backwards for years in vain for the betterment of her own people. A black woman who works so hard to make the lives of black people better in the UK. The British mainstream media hates her. I mean they are vile towards Diane, they mock her relentlessly, recently at the elections, a Photoshopped picture of her wearing odd shoes was printed in every mainstream British paper, yet when it was proved that the picture was fake, the media didn’t make any noise to correct the mockery they had printed, yet Stormzy will never come out guns and blazing and say Diane is a “Sweet Black Woman.” Diane’s hard work and efforts to liberate black Britons has never been enough to have the entire race rally behind her and cry from rooftops the way Meghan Markle is making them cry. They portray Diane to be thick and stupid, of which she is not and somehow they justify hating her because she is allegedly “thick”, yet if a white woman is thick, it is actually seen as a compliment, remember Jade Goody and Helen from Big Brother.

Black people can not fight for Diane Abbott the way they are fighting for Meghan, by the way these are the types of photos of Diane used by the British media


Then there is Alexandra Burke, a black British woman who once went on one of those dance reality TV shows in the UK. She was attacked daily in the media during her entire participation on that show, I remember reading what the British Media was writing about her and I was thinking how on earth can they be allowed to treat a woman like this, a black woman who was grieving the loss of her mother. The racism was loud and quite cruel. And not once did I ever see black Britons unite to fight Alexandra’s corner. Stormzy didn’t come out guns and blazing defending this defenceless black woman and calling her “sweet” as she was eaten alive by the mainstream British media. Dr Shola Mos-Sholgbamimu certainly didn’t fight for this crying woman the way she is fighting for Meghan.

Alexandra Burke was cruelly accused of fake crying over her own mother’s death
And there was no national outrage from black people over Alexandra’s cruel treatment by the British mainstream media and public

There is a reality show in the UK called Love Island, my 15 year old daughter is addicted, and she forces me and to watch it. She wants to discuss it with me, so I have to watch it, I then force my husband to watch it with me. The show is disgraceful really, because it is without a doubt the most racist show that is out there today. I have no idea how and why black women apply to go on this show, because the show is designed and aimed at humiliating black women, and by black women I mean the ones who wear wigs not mixed race women. Mixed race women do quite well on that show. But each black woman who goes there is totally humiliated and made to feel like she is not attractive enough. Black women on there are never picked, even by black men. They are not given air time either, they don’t get to speak at all, we wont even know their personality because they just cut them out. Even my 15 year old daughter acknowledges how badly racist the show is, and she believes black women should not be going on that show. But I know that Love Island racism will never spark a riot among black people. No Stormzy will ever come out and call those poor wig wearing black women on Love Island “sweet”.

Black women of Love Island are often subjected to humiliating racism, not to mention they all seem to wear hideous embarrassing wigs that are meant for fancy dress up parties, which I suspect is deliberate from producers of the show

Then you have the Apprentice, I remember  a black woman called Joanna Jarjue , yes she wears a wig too, and she was portrayed to be angry and difficult to work with, yet it was obvious that it was the work of the editors of the show to portray this intelligent young black woman as angry. Yet cases like that of clear racism in the UK are never enough to unite black people, they don’t even notice the racism. No Dr  Shola Mos-Sholgbamimu will go on ITV to speak for Joanna. She has to do that by herself, and cry by herself on national TV, telling her open ordeal. No Stormzy will come to her defence and call her sweet, yet she really is a dark skinned sweet looking woman.

IMG-20200116-WA0010 (1)
Joanna Jarjue had to tell her own ordeal about the blatant racism of The Apprentice, not that she caught the attention of Stormzy or Dr Shola Mos-Sholgbamimu

And yes I keep mentioning wigs when I talk about Black Women, because they are the only women on this planet who do not wear their own crowns. And the reason why black women, real black women cover their crowns in the first place is the result of colonisation and racism. Black women over years have been made to feel that their own hair is not beautiful enough. Mixed race women like Meghan Markle do not have to wear wigs. That alone differentiate them from the black woman and her real struggles, in the real world, mixed race women are seen as more beautiful than black women. Biracial women are often complimented for their “gorgeous” hair, whilst black women are forced to cover their coils with wigs to fit in the narrative of beauty.

Black people will treat mixed race women better than they treat their fellow black people. Black men drool over mixed race women, and see them as “Sweet Black Women”, like how Stormzy described Meghan.

The reason why black men see Biracial women as more beautiful is actually because of the white in them which causes “better” hair and “lighter” skin.

Black women envy mixed race women, and see them as the ideal. They wish they had the hair of biracial women, the bigger softer curls and the lighter skin. They also envy biracial women because they are the women often preferred by black men, and are picked over them. So yes, black women will love Meghan Markle like they have never loved another black woman before.

If anything, the outrage and outcry of Meghan Markle’s so called racism proves the self hatred of black people. It proves that they are not a normal race, they loath themselves and would rather be white, actually would rather be mixed race because they will get to enjoy being called black whilst living in white privilege.

For Meghan, she is in a far better place than any black woman can ever be. She has the protection of Harry, one of the most privileged white human beings on this planet. If you want to know what white power and white privilege look like, you only have to look at Meghan Markle’s white husband, a British prince. There is no power that exceeds the power Harry has today. So this Damsel in distress, Meghan Markle is in a way better position in life than any of us, the real black people. She has the privilege of running away to Canada,  when things don’t work out for her in Britain. She has the privilege of being offered a mansion by a white billionaire so she can at least cry in a mansion. That can never happen to a black woman, when black women face racism, they have no Canada, or Billionaire Mansions to flee to. They have no elite powerful Hollywood gurus behind them. Like Diane Abbott, they still have to wake up everyday, and face racism without any outcry or anger or support from their fellow black people, especially famous black men like Stormzy.

This has shown me the wretchedness of black people, I always knew that black people were cursed by Noah, but Lord, I never knew that the curse would be permanent like this.

Meghan Markle has proved the madness of black people. She has single-handedly managed to bring out the worst in black people. Their desperation for white validation and approval. Their self hatred and how they will unite and bend over for anything that is not fully black.

I feel physically sick coming to the end of this article, I am one with people who live in a sunken place, and they don’t even know that their minds don’t work.

I am a bit angry with Noah, did you really have to curse the whole race…because of the sin of one man? Really?

Yes I know not all black people are descendants of Ham, but Lord don’t we all act like it…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean






14 thoughts on “Meghan Markle Is Proof That Black Negro People Were Cursed By Noah

  1. Jean, at the beginning of this article, I nearly cursed you and told you to paint yourself white. As I continued with your punching write up, I realised your frustration with black people which has always been mine too.My people have a serious historical problem. Mental colonialism is the biggest sin that ever visited black people in all corners of this world. You would even be shocked that it is more prevalent in Africa than in the western world. A facebook friend of mine, a black woman from Bulawayo recently posted something disturbing saying a man called her a black monkey.Apparently, there was a small fracas of over parking space which was first eyed by this man but quickly grabbed by this black woman. Coming from South Africa which taught us to sniff out a racist from every action and uttered word, this made me ask if this man was a white person. To my utter shock, it was a black man calling the Nubian Queen a black monkey. Do we even know that a black woman was accorded a status of god in the ancient time? I am sure if the parking grabber was a white woman, the fool was going to smile and say maam, it is ok,I will look for another parking space somewhere else in the mall. I hate to hear an educated(or shall I say mis-educated) black man calling an illiterate caucasian maam, but fail accord the same status to a black woman. Jean, we are in trouble and we need help from woken blacks like you. Colonial education, which continues unabated in this so called post-colonial era has done much damage to our psyche. I am not surprised that black people are up in arms today defending a white woman but fail to defend people who looks exactly like them. Media has painted Meghan black just because of iota of black blood from her black mother.The fact that she is a product of white man’s urine, does not matter to them. Black people have believed this bunkum hence they have gone all out to defend her as a black woman. Jean I don’t think we were cursed by somebody else, I think were are self cursed, especially black man who do not want grow up to the level of their counterparts from other groups. After many decades of independence, just like the Asian man who went caught the same colonial hell like us, we should have done better for our people. more often than not, we have connived with our enemies to kill our prophets who sought to wake us up and this continues to this day. As I pause, I would like to know from Jean, what to be done about this embarrassing and disgusting situation?

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    1. It’s obvious you have no clue what the Bible says, nor do you understand history or science when it relates to scripture. All black people don’t come from the seed of Ham, and you pushing that narrative shows how much of a Satanic brainwashed ignorant so called black person you are.


  2. Well said. I think it would be very interesting to do a pyschological study to understand why black people are supporting her. I do drive by posting on facebook these days – so many black people blindly defending this white passing ish, who I suspect is probably racist herself. Woman has done nothing for us, does not represent us and never claimed us. Can you imagine an actual black woman getting into her position with her basic resume? She is peak mediocre white woman. Promoted way above her competency level and experience.


  3. What is this self-opinionated hog-wash from this black woman Mary Tamar ,,that Black people was cursed by the biblical Noah coming from ..Self Pity..disadvantages towards black people in her immediate community..does she has that academic authority of Theology and the Holy Bible to support her theory that Noah cursed Black people..The Holy Bible tells us that Noah ‘s son Ham..whose mother may have been Ethiopian ..because of his dark complexion..saw him..Noah naked and laughed ..while his two other brothers turned their faces and covered his naked body up..Noah thereafter cursed the off-springs /descendants of Ham to always be servants to nations..I’m a 70 yrs old Black American and have experienced the dis-proportionate treatment of Blacks in America..but we had never acclaimed it as a curse..and never will.because the recent survey revealed that 60% of current College/University graduates with doctorates..are Blacks..would you then call us a “cursed” races..Who the Hell allowed that woman to publish this garbage about Black People…Look around the world about the progress of Black people and tell this silly uneducated woman off with positive and substantive rebuttals…Idiot…!!!

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  4. This is far from been the truth. This characters who we see on T.V are all working together with the white elites to cause a mass hysteria on the followers. This event involving Meghan markle is scripted for the purpose of creating division between white and black. This is what they all do, they do it so well that later on they start crying racism but its still the same system that made them rich. Black people are not cursed, the only curse we have is that of the mental state of mind which was created by the white man, you cannot get over a mental damage so easily, it will take hundreds of years for the mind to be emancipated. Black people are everything in the bible, we are the original rulers of this world, the earth bows for us this is why it gave us the sun to give us energy. if anyone is cursed then its the white man, the only power they seem to have over black people is the psychology they use in defeating us. The white man time is up and this is why they do everything to destroy us. Mark my words, the white race will be extinct very soon. watch your words carefully for they have the power to rule and misrule


  5. Wonderful writing. I am mixed-race woman and hope that you do not mind my visiting your space. What belongs to the black woman is not for the world’s taking, and mixed people in light of this knowledge, would be wise to not bombard this space, so I intend to be respectful.

    It almost goes without saying that you are correct, but I would also encourage you to please remember the many wonderful and beautiful real/actual black women, who are proud of their heritage, looks, and wits.

    Now I can only speak from my experience being born and raised in the USA, that there are a lot (probably the absolute majority) of mixed-race women like me who have a balanced view on one’s own identity (neither fully black or fully white, more a blend, but more white in some ways, and still more black in others, and in some ways personality wise for exampe, just something entirely different all together, if that makes sense), but then there are a smaller handfull of mixed people who were raised in isolated black communities and see themselves as being black. Some of these women you would think were white just by looking at them, but they’ve had this strange ghetto fabulous worshipping going on from ghetto black males, and they are the ones who participate in things like “team ligh-skinned” nonsense. They are the equivalent of the “white trash” for mixed people.


  6. First of all you have to understand why Meghan Markle is not Diane Abbott or the other blacks you mention here. Meghan was unknown before she married Into the royal family. This marriage gave her prominence and exposure. Most Africans (I will not use the word black) felt some form of closeness to the British throne than we have ever felt before – of course with the help of the hype from the media. Many people around the world do not know all the British Africans but Meghan is instantly recognisable. You mention ‘colorism’ as an evil among Africans but, do you know that there is something similar among all groups or races? Ask red-haired people for instance. Or those with freckles. Travel through Asia and you will note how prevalent skin whitening creams are and how dark skin is not preferable.


  7. I have never understood the lack of identity in us black africans, the lack of originality pains me of course it’s not everyone with the lack but it sure is a lot of us most likely including me. What pains me the most is our excitement over what happens in the royal family yet I have never understood what makes them royal. Their wealth is based on a history of violating the african people and continent harvesting its wealth for themselves, but you see people celebrating their oppressors weddings. We laugh at each other for speaking broken english yet the english people themselves do not care to speak our language. Black men have the urge to seek white courtship black females want to harm straight hair like white women and the most ridiculous is the anger the black community shows over a white person dressing themselves like an african. Cultural appropriation they call it yet from the way we marry, the way our government and dress there is little or no hint to anything original to an african. Until we become original we will always be an insecure race


  8. Hello… So I am a bit of an arm chair historian who’s been trying to understand reality (history and religion mostly) for the last 14 years. I am a white Anglo Saxon protestant…. or WASP. So I wanted to comment on how I got here on this website.
    My best most loyal friend is a black man. This man has helped me through nearly every hard period I had in the last decade. He is a true Christian and I hold our connection in this way above our biological and cultural differences. I have even stayed at his house many times and spent hundreds of hours with his family. In the last two years I have come to find out that we have major political difference in regard to the so called “race problem”. He has even come so far in believing that white Christians are not gonna like Jesus when they find out he is black. We were at a restaurant and he found it necessary to yell across the bar his “haplogroup” is of Semetic origin. It feels as if he is trying to defend himself over some lack of confidence of something. I have noticed this much with certain black people (definitely not all).. His family (although beautiful believers in Christ) seem to see many things through a false lens of race. The race lens is the gestalt that precedes the understanding of almost everything else for them. This gestalt seems to be at odds with the true Christian command to “be perfect” as your heavenly father is perfect. It seems to offer itself to whatever movement is currently controlled by the “prince of the power of the air” as the bible says. Which is why it seems blacks often lack an understanding of reality. I came to this website because I think it may be black peoples understanding of reality is what is cursed (not their ability to perform). I mean this in the least racist way possible, but it is rare that I feel a black intellectual leader has scraped off all the propaganda, false history, emotional pleas of popular entertainment, and stared reality in the face. It seems that reality is too painful in some way for many of them to have the courage to do this. Once they do this (Larry elder, Morgan freedman, Thomas Sowell, Even The Game said “fuck Jesse Jackson because it ain’t about race no more” ) the media cuts them to a degree and diminishes their influence, and the black community usually calls them Uncle Toms. Even Michael Jordan said to Chamillionaire….” Aw hell naw I ain’t taking pictures with no niggas ” . Why is this?? Because MJ understands reality is all about culture and NOT color. This is why the media is trying to convince blacks that black cops “lose” their blackness when they become police. This is why Denzel said its “about culture” …. and why you had millions of mostly white folks following Herman Cain (black candidate) and hoping he would become their president. Read the book: color, communism, and common sense… written by a Black man who reveals the plan to “use” black people in the western world to bring about its demise by making them feel like they are constantly being victimized. (written in 1950s by the way by an Ivy league graduate)


  9. @Joe Kershaw. You say that your “best most loyal friend” is a Black man. Your reply to this article is the most RACIST thing I have ever read! Does your “best most loyal friend know that this is how you feel about Black people?? You are a WHITE man living in WHITE skin. You have absolutely, positively NO understanding of the experience this man has LIVING IN HIS BLACK SKIN! You are on the OUTSIDE looking IN, and as IGNORANT and DENSE as the writer of this article is! There is no FALSE lense of race! From the time we are BORN we are reminded of how inferior we are. My little granddaughter, at the age of SIX YEARS OLD, before she could even UNDERSTAND anything at all about race was called and UGLY BLACK DOG, although she is one of the most BEAUTIFUL, rosy cheeked, clear skinned, caramel colored, doe eyed little girl I’ve ever seen! And, now, at the age of only NINE years old, she’s ALREADY carrying that in her SOUL, NEVER to forget that HORRIBLE, CUTTING PAIN! I BET your little babies didn’t have to go through that! Your friend has been “defending” himself since he came upon the scene! THAT is why he acts like that! You. Are. Clueless! And I am SO ASHAMED for YOU and for HIM that you call him your “best friend”. SHAME ON YOU! You need to reevaluate your definition of FRIEND! I suggest you go out and buy the book “Black, Like Me” that tells the story of a WHITE MAN who put on Black makeup and went back and forth from White to Black and wrote about his experience before you make ANOTHER ASSUMPTION about your so called “best friend”! I am appalled and disgusted by what you said as much as I am DISGUSTED by the Author of this article! Both of you have FALLEN and BUMPED YOUR HEADS and need to WAKE UP to the HARSH REALITY of what it is to be a BLACK PERSON in this world! Just a thought.. if we are so bad, our Black race, then WHY is so much of our culture COPIED and APPROPRIATED??! Y’all need to think about THAT!!, change your THOUGHT patterns, ZIP the stupidity coming out of your LIPS and TAKE SEVERAL SEATS! I’m so appalled! White man with the Black “best friend” you ever had.. how about you SHOW him what you wrote here and see how much LONGER this man will be your “best friend” or ANY kind of friend AT ALL after that! Bet you won’t do THAT! You. Are. No. Friend. To. This. Man. You RACIST!! How bout you READ that book and then reconsider your position. Just.. Unbelievable! Smh..


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