Black People Please Stop It, Meghan Markle Is Not A Victim Of Racism

Its been a while since I have updated my blog. I am sorry to my readers for the deafening silence, but it has been a season of silence for me. Even our favourite shows on Netflix do take breaks in between seasons. Well, the first season of our polygamous journey had to come to an end, and it was a very dramatic end, as you all know, Hagar was put away, and a lot of changes has been going on in the King’s Harem, especially the anticipation of the royal seeds, so I couldn’t just continue penning, I had to take a break as well, and will certainly return soon with the second season of King Of The North, if I may call it that…lol

I am not sure whether I am entirely back from my break or not, but this is one story I couldn’t afford to waste. Today United Kingdom is in some sort of meltdown over one woman, Meghan Markle. And before I go into my article, anyone who is a royalist and yet find my lifestyle of polygamy abnormal, then you have no business even singing, “God save the Queen, let her reign over us.” I am a black woman who is a traditionalist, my forefathers lived this lifestyle of polygamy, and just like the British royal family, we can’t all be modern, some of us have to uphold the traditions of our forefathers, which in today’s world doesn’t quite have a place, though we are supposed to be living in a so called tolerant society.

Now that I have got that out of my chest, I can get on with my Meghan Markle article, a woman who married into a “traditional patriarchal” British royal family, but no longer wishes to continue being a “senior” member of this famous family, and her husband has taken the lead in supporting his wife.

As a citizen of the United Kingdom, I do not have a problem with the decision of Harry and Meghan to “quit” the royal family and move to Canada, considering the hate Meghan receives from the mainstream British Media, I think that was the obvious direction this ongoing saga/circus was going to take.

So of course I don’t have a problem with Meghan walking away, I think she has to walk away, but what I have a problem with is black people desperately trying to turn this Meghan Markle circus into some BLACK issue. I have a big problem with black people all over Britain, literally weeping from rooftops that Meghan Markle is a victim of racism. Black people have been desperate to claim Meghan Markle since the day she said “I do” to the white Prince. They were so grateful that finally a white Prince in all his superior glory had finally found a “black” woman  worthy of his love. This was a breakthrough for black people, that finally one of them was now in the palace, worthy of white love. I heard black people say things like, “Finally we have made it guys, Meghan has done it for us.” Even if Meghan was an actual black woman, for an entire race to think like this is pathetic, even houseflies value themselves more than black people do. What makes this even worse is that Meghan Markle is not even a black woman, she has never even once called herself black. She is the seed of a white man.

Her best friend is a white woman. Her ex-husband is a white man. Today her advisers for her new life are high powered elite Hollywood white men.  She lives in a white world, there is not a single thing about her which makes her even relate to black people.

Her best friend is a white woman who doesn’t look different from Meghan racially
The team behind Meghan comprises powerful white men

Yet today, as Meghan Markle fights her own battle with the British Media, you have black people losing their heads over Meghan Markle being a so called victim of racism. How does a woman who looks nothing like a black woman be a victim of racism? In her recent pictures in Canada, the woman looked whiter than her white husband.

Recently Meghan stepped out looking whiter than her white husband

For you to be a victim of racism, especially from white people, you actually have to look a certain way. You have to look black. In fact the darker you are, the more racism you face. For you to be a victim of racism, people have to despise your skin colour. They have to be disgusted by your skin pigmentation. They have to despise you because of your SKIN colour. That is what racism actually is. It goes back to the plantation days, where the darker the slaves, the harder life was, the lighter the slaves, the better the treatment they received. The lighter skinned slaves were promoted to house slaves whilst the darker skinned slaves worked on the plantations.

Its still like that today, nothing has changed. Black women with darker skin face more racism and prejudice even from their fellow black people than lighter skinned black women. Even in entertainment, lighter skinned black women are preferred to dark skinned women.

Then you have a woman, who is not even just a light skinned black woman, she is biracial, with her father being white. She came out looking white, she doesn’t even look mixed race, she looks like a slightly tanned white woman. If you are not told that her mother is black, you would never know that she has black blood in her, that’s how white Meghan looks. And now, according to black people, this white looking biracial woman is now the biggest victim of racism in today’s world.

Meghan-Markle (1)
How can a woman who doesn’t even look mixed race be a victim of racism?

Today I read an article about rapper Stormzy coming out to defend Meghan Markle saying she is a sweet black woman! That was the final straw for me really, it made me so angry. I am sick and tired of black men who can’t even stand being with black women trying to lecture the world on what racism actually is. Stormzy will never find himself dating an actual black woman, he is the kind of man who will never be with a woman who looks like his mother. So yes, he will call Meghan Markle a “sweet black woman”, because these are the types of women he is attracted to, safe enough to be called black, but not embarrassingly black enough like his mother, with the nappy hair and a wig to cover it. He dated Maya Jama, a woman who made a name for herself laughing and mocking dark skinned women, yet Stormzy will say Maya Jama is a black woman.

When Stormzy said Meghan Markle is a victim of racism because she is a black woman, I then said enough of this bullshit, I am writing my own article.

God knows I love my people, He knows I do, but I have never seen a people so pathetic and mad, so desperate and needy of white validation.

I don’t even think Meghan herself sees this whole pantomime as racism, I mean talk about black people crying more than the bereaved.

Meghan Markle’s treatment by the British Media and public has nothing to do with her so called race, or lack of it, she is actually one of them.

If Meghan Markle was a black woman, I mean the type of black woman who really is black, you know wig wearing and all, she would have never made it into the British Royal Family. Harry would have never. He wouldn’t even. If she looked like Jamelia with her Afro, or June Sarpong with her wig,  Harry could not possibly even look at her, never mind bringing her home to his Nana. The only reason Meghan Markle made it to Buckingham Palace is because a white man fathered her, and she looks nothing like a black woman. The sooner black people accept this, the sooner there may be a chance of them being delivered from the sunken place they dwell in. Meghan Markle is not a victim of racism and will never be. Sorry.

If Meghan Markle looked like this, with an Afro, would Harry have married her?
Would Harry have married Meghan Markle if she looked like Letitia Wright?
Or if she was a typical wig, weave wearing black British woman like June Sarpong, would Harry have brought her to the Queen?
But he married this, a woman who has skin that looks just like his…

So where is this breakthrough for black British women? How is Meghan a representation of black women?

And please black people, do yourselves a favour and stop going on Good Morning Britain to make total fools of yourselves trying to convince Piers Morgan that he is racist towards Meghan Markle. Each time he asks you guys to explain yourselves as to how he has been racist towards Meghan, you can’t even give him a straight answer without stammering. Stop trying to beg white people to stop being racist, it’s desperate and embarrassing, and please don’t use Meghan Markle to do your dirty cringe work.

Stay out of this war black people, its not your battle. She is one of them okay. They just happen to hate her, for obvious reasons which have nothing to do with her  so called melanin, or rather lack of it. She’s a drama queen. White people hate each other too. They also fight within themselves. This is a spiritual battle in their Kingdom.

Instead of getting our knickers in a twist, grieving more than the bereaved, and trying desperately to claim a woman who is not ours, its better to get popcorn out and just watch the drama that this white beauty is creating.

Let Meghan Markle do her thing, let her do what she has to do, let her manipulate and scheme and cause as much drama as she can, that’s her calling. Stop trying to stop the process with your never ending attention seeking screams of racism, let the woman do what God has called her to do in peace. Let the British Tabloids write what they have to write, let them call Meghan Markle all sorts of names, which in all fairness, some she deserves.  Let Piers Morgan say what he has to say about Meghan.  Let Eamonn Holmes tell the world that he finds Meghan repulsive and unlikable and uppity. Stormzy you are the one who needs to shut the fuck up mate.  Please black people, keep your black noses out of this one. God can hear your cry without using Meghan Markle, she is not your saviour.

Prophecy is actually trying to be fulfilled here, for the benefit of the elect at the end of it, if only black people stop interfering and acting like idiots, the process would be quicker.

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean Gasho



10 thoughts on “Black People Please Stop It, Meghan Markle Is Not A Victim Of Racism

  1. Excellent article with so much sense and facts, but black people will refuse to think deep. Some people claim black, but pure white inside. I call them coconuts! Meghan is one of them…a coconut she is. I don’t even think Meghan will in her life want to be with a black man. Mind you, this doesn’t mean she’s a bad person. Is just my sincere opinion about her.


  2. I beg to disagree, she might not be full black but that doesn’t mean she is not black. The fact remains that she is biracial with black blood flowing in her veins. The Royal Family is a blue blood institution and Meghan is regarded as an Alien and an outsider. It’s not a secret that she is only accepted into the fold because empathy to Harry because of his mum and his popularity among the British people and around the world.


  3. I disagree in that she is half black no matter how fair skinned she is. She should be counted as half black. But every criticism about her is racist? Eff off. She is a manipulative narcissistic gold digger and that has nothing to do with race. The argument is discredited everytime people scream racism. Some of her critics are racist, absolutely but she’s an all round ungenuine bitch which is the main reason as to why people hate her


    1. You think she’s not getting more crap because she’s black? And y’all are so tiresome with this narrative you invented about her. You don’t know her, you seem like you’re trying to defend Harry but you think he’s weak and feeble minded and can’t think for himself. And you don’t know him either. It’s pathetic.


  4. Meghan’s manipulative tendencies brought her to where she is today. She does not deserve to be associated with the royal family. As a minority who actually looks like one, it breaks my heart to see her claim the racism card. Disgusting!


  5. As being a very light mixed race person myself I don’t think it matters if she is light or not, at the end of the day she is black, Mariah Carey looks whiter than her but she is also regarded black so no one is saying being lighter doesn’t make you blend in like me, but still you are still not fully white, we have rounder features etc colour doesn’t make you white. At the of the day it’s more jealousy from my own judgement but the fact that is mixed adds more fuel to the whole issue. So it doesn’t mean that you will come across people that are racist towards her and also very jealous e as we all know most young white people all want to look mixed these not white. So at the end of the day black people can pick on the racism that Was also part of the whole issue With Megan as they can relate to this but it was not the main issue, it’s a free world 🙂


    1. Mariah Carey was born in Huntington, New York.[10][11] Her father, Alfred Roy Carey, was of African American and Afro-Venezuelan descent, while her mother, Patricia (née Hickey), is of Irish American descent.

      Above is Mariah Carey heritage from. Wiki, where does it mention her father being mixed race???? And at no point has any America referred to her as being anything but black


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