The Reason Why Meghan Is Hated, And It’s Not Because Of Her Color

When I wrote my article about baby Archie not being a black Prince, I also mentioned some of the reasons why Meghan Markle is despised so much by the British public.

Because I have written about Meghan quite a lot, people who search about her online often end up on my blog, and obviously I get to see what it is they search about through my stats feed, and often I see these words come up quite a lot…

“Why is Meghan Markle disliked so much?”

In regards to that, one of my readers left this comment on my blog explaining why Meghan is hated so much…

“Truthfully, there is much to dislike about her and it has nothing to do with one drop or her entire bloody supply. She is not a good person, full stop. Just because she has one drop she should be excused for her shitty behavior? I think that is racist. People of any color can be shitty human beings and not calling them out for it because of their bloodline is absolutely racist.”

Well, Meghan Markle fans (BLACK PEOPLE) are quick to say she is hated because she is apparently black, even though we know the woman is not even black. If anything, she is but one of them, she looks nothing like us, she doesn’t even look mixed race. So for her to be a victim of racism is rather odd.

When she first got married, the British press loved this woman and were kind to her. She did not even have any negative press for months soon after her royal wedding. So where was the racism then?

Meghan has had white privilege all her life. I refuse to believe that suddenly Meghan Markle is hated because she is apparently now “black.”.

I believe there is more to the negative publicity. It could be because of her mother’s race, but I strongly believe that Meghan Markle is hated because of her own behavior. There I said it.  Now before black people start cursing me and accusing me of apparently “self-hatred”, you have to take a deep breath and think for a minute. Yes I know its hard to think this way, because for black people Meghan Markle has became our JESUS. She is now some sort of savior, even though she is not even one of our kind.

Meghan Markle has become a symbol of Hope for the black race
Meghan in South Africa today

Today in the Daily Mail, the headline reads that South African University Chancellor Tshilidzi Marwala said that Meghan will inspire a lot of black women, because she is black. Talk about a being in a deep SUNKEN PLACE. In South Africa, they may worship her all they want, but back here in Britain, the British public has refused her as their Princess so much that the people of Sussex signed a petition to their council to have Meghan stripped off the title “Duchess of Sussex” because they believe her title is ruining the reputation of Sussex.

As I said before, you can not be royalty and be loathed by the people you are royalty to. Your job as a Princess is to be loved and adored by the people. Meghan can not be compared to Princess Diana because Diana was absolutely adored by her own people back her in Britain.

As I mentioned before, Meghan was indeed loved by the British press for about 6 months into her marriage. In fact, she had so much positive press, Kate Middleton’s became irrelevant. At one point, she was way ahead of the game and overshadowed Kate, but somehow she got too excited and ruined it all for herself.

The negative publicity only started when SHE did something, and they turned on her. At that time, it had nothing to do with her having black blood. I think she behaved very badly, black or white.

It was soon after Princess Eugenie’s wedding that the media turned on her.

After she announced her pregnancy at Princess’s Eugenie’s wedding, I was like, “Why would she do that?”

Meghan allegedly made Princess Eugenie cry on her wedding day

I saw a side to her that was calculating and vindictive.

I get that Meghan is an intelligent strong willed woman, so her being calculating is part of her nature. It’s okay to exhibit this behavior if you are a politician, or running for Prime Minister or something, but you can’t behave like that when you have married into the British Royal Family, and you are a foreigner. It’s not like she didn’t know what she was getting into. She hasn’t got the power and position to do her own thing or set her own rules in the British Monarchy. It is better for her to be graceful and obey.

Ruining Princess Eugene’s wedding was not a wise move on her part, she ruffled so many feathers especially by making the Princess cry, so the negative press began.

I remember she lost a lot of fans when she did that. I don’t understand why she chose to do that.

Then as if it wasn’t bad enough to announce her pregnancy at Eugenie’s wedding, she went to the wedding wearing an oversize maternity coat when she was still flat, talk about a drama queen.

Meghan chose to appear as though she was covering a bigger bump

Then the real drama queen in her was unleashed, the belly cradling in public when she knew the whole world was talking was quite over the top. She just lacked that aura, self control and grace of a royal Princess. Yes we all handle our pregnancies differently but constantly rubbing of the belly was a bit unnecessary.

Meghan constantly cradled her bump in public when she was pregnant

Then it came to the birth, oh the drama that she created. I want to celebrate my baby in secret. I am not going to show you the baby pictures. I am not going to tell where the baby is born. I mean, that drama during Archie’s birth was almost a circus.

Then the baby was born, she wouldn’t show the pictures…Is this not supposed to be a Prince of England? Just show the people the pictures, what was so hard about that? Does she not enjoy the money and privilege of marrying a British Prince, so why refuse to show people the baby?

Dear black people, sorry but she can’t have her cake and eat it too.

Then to top the baby drama up, she goes to South Africa and unveils the British Prince there. Obviously this was to provoke the people back home, maybe she was also saying you already hate me, so up yours too. But hey, when all is said and done, she can not win on this one. The negative publicity will never be good for her or her marriage. Unfortunately this is no Game Of Thrones for Meghan.

Now everything she does she gets attacked, she cant even fly on a private jet anymore without starting a world war, when other royals have always used private planes.

Meghan having black blood may be a contributing factor to the hostility she receives, but that has never been the main reason why she is hated. At some point, the British press loved her, until she started playing Game Of Thrones, and with Game of Thrones, it’s either you sit on the throne, or you get eaten up.

Now sadly, her presence in the Royal Family and her calculating behavior has secured Kate Middleton her Throne as the most loved young Royal, future Queen of England. Imagine when William and Kate take the Throne, and Meghan has to bow to Kate, how unbearable will that be for her?

Oh it’s also interesting that in her BBC interview after her engagement to Prince Harry, she claimed to not have known anything about the British royal family, yet she used to be a blogger, and wrote articles about Kate Middleton.

If there is such a thing called playing the RACE CARD, it can be truthfully applied to the situation with Meghan Markle.

I am sorry black people, but Meghan’s so called “blackness” has nothing to do with why she has become the most hated woman in Britain, her apparent behavior is.

However it’s sad that the negative press has affected her so much, though she has said she does not read the tabloids.

Today Meghan and Harry announced that they have begun a legal bid to sue one of the UK tabloids over the publication of one of her private letters.

In a lengthy and highly personal statement published on the royal couple’s official website, Prince Harry said they had been driven to take legal action after the “painful” impact of “relentless propaganda” against his wife from the British tabloid press.

Anyway, that said, I am sorry to see Meghan suffer so much in the hands of the world’s most powerful media. Love her or hate her, Meghan is a fantastic personality, this woman is a proper go getter, that’s why I like writing about her, its either she loves drama or drama just follows her. I think her presence in the British Royal Family is spiritually symbolic, at some point Edom has to give the throne back to Jacob.

The Genesis Of The Revelation

By Mary-Tamar was Jean




27 thoughts on “The Reason Why Meghan Is Hated, And It’s Not Because Of Her Color

  1. I am appalled at your dislike, you read to many negative comments you also make negative comments, you don’t mention the many and there are many good things Meghan has done, harry is so fortunate to have married such a beautiful woman. By the way I started to read the crap you wrote and decided it wasn’t worthwhile.

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  2. I find it odd that you go on and on and on about her race. Yes, I understand that a point could have been made but the manner in which you wrote this article is childish. How old are you, clearly you have never lived enough life to know what constitutes bad behavior. Wow, she wore a maternity gown let’s cut her head off. Moreover, why do you say her fans are Black people in bold letters, this is very telling of the kind of person your mother shat out. Please do us all a favor and kill yourself with fire. I hope your whore mother watches the shit she spew out when you were born


    1. wow, looks like you are a person of virtue and kind spirit. I guess if you are representative of fans Markle has, well, good luck to her. Funny enough she is advocating against “hate speech” right now in the USA.


      1. This commenter never stated whether or not he or she was a Meghan Markle supporter. Either way, I find her comment to be in poor taste and disgusting myself. And I am a supporter of Meghan Markle.


  3. Lady you got some nerve! You clearly jealous of Meaghan. And how dare you speak to us (black people) like you can speak FOR us? Know your place girl!!!! If it wasn’t for Meaghan or any other black woman, who happens to be the mother of humanity, your racists, ignorant, bland, less than pretty self would not even exist. You act like Queen Charlotte, Queen Elizabeth 2 Great great great great grandmother wasn’t black. Oh yes she was. You will not slander Duchess Meaghan on my watch. We sick of your jealousy. Just accept the fact, you could never be us.

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  4. I find your article rather distasteful and attention seeking and so I will give you a little bit of the attention you want. Please be aware that the Duchess of Sussex did not choose to make the announcement when she did but Kensington Palace did. If you have been following the reportage of the Duchess you will note that there has been and continues to be a systematic plan to discredit her. I will not bother go into detail but suggest you read about this woman before she became a royal. She is a self made millionaire and you are like all the others jumping on the bandwagon without foundation. Read about her achievements and tell me what you have achieved in your mediocre life to think you can write such distasteful article. Shame on you.

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  5. I totally agree with everything this writer said. I live in the U.S. and believe me there are many who do not want her back. Please stay anywhere but the U.S.

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  6. Thanks for this post. Interesting perspective. Oh and one of the reactionary commenters above mentioned your speaking for black people which is incorrect. You had used the phrase “dear black people” not something like ‘we black people’ etc.
    I’d say you’ve got some obsessive fans there or professional trolls.
    Btw killing yourself with fire is a bit of an excessive suggestion for a consequence of merely writing a blog post.
    Tell the trolls not to quit their day jobs to become writers lol.
    Best of luck. Keep writing. Use comment moderator, its wonderful.

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  7. For your information there are many light skinned black young woman who resemble Meghan Markle. The things that I agree with is that Meghan is not black, which she isn’t, because her father is white and a person is genetically whatever their father is. And yes she has white privilege.

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  8. You must be 100% African to state that Meghan doesn’t look like black people, what you really mean is that Meghan doesn’t look like you and that angers you to the core. Black people come in all shades, features and hair types and you will clearly see this If you get out and travel the world. When I look at Meghan I see some beautiful black features and type 3 hair and melanin, which she inherited from her black side. You obviously have low self esteem, being jealousy of this beautiful young gracious woman. Get a life.


  9. I do agree that she was wrong to share her pregnancy during the princess’s wedding. But, the other things that you called her wrong for were situations or things that Kate also did. Yet she wasn’t seen as being disrespectful. To be honest no one can judge her because we don’t know her. But I can say that there is a big problem with racism in Europe and Britain because I live there. Furthermore, black people come in ALL COLORS. So stop the colorism. Also here is an example of how Megan and Kate are treated differently even when their actions were the same:

    Kate: “Bumping along nicely! The Duchess was seen placing a protective hand on her tummy as she exited the event.” Daily Mail: March 22, 2018

    Meghan: “Personally, I find the cradling a bit like those signs in the back of cars: Baby on Board. Virtue signaling, as though the rest of us barren harridans deserve to burn alive in our cars.” Daily Mail: Jan. 26, 2019

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  10. Oh boy. If my english grandma was alive she’d probably have a stroke over this. Personally i think megan shouldnt have married into a royal family unless she understood the history and traditions. If didnt like it do not marry into it. Then she pulls harry to her side and typical man sucked in by scheming woman. Im a woman saying this. She knew what she was doing. Meanwhile back in Hollyweird where there are NO morals their marriage will die like all the rest. Harry will get his heart broken. Now what does he do. In America with that woman and a son (and hopefully not a second or third child) and realizes he misses his british family. Enter all the lawyers. Theyre drooling at the door. Poor Harry and Archie. Megan can go… i wont say it. Karma baby karma. God bless you baby Archie and Harry and long live the Queen. Shes one heck of a lady. Bet shes glad shes 93 and doesnt have to live to see this unfold.

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  11. If this is correct that people started disliking Meghan Markle cause she ruined Princess Euginies wedding with her pregnancy announcement, then that is school yard childish behaviour. And how on earth did she ruin the wedding? Did she get drunk and make a bad speech, or did she heavily flirt with anyone? Did she have a fight with anyone at the wedding? Nope didn’t hear anything like that happen at the wedding.

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  12. Meghan knew what she was getting into when she married Harry. I think her behavior during the pregnancy and birth was ridiculous! Speaking out to the reporter when she was in Africa was also classless. I feel Harry should have talked out the situation before they were married. No references to skin color here. I don’t really think about it

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  13. She is 1/2 black … her father is as black as they come and sooner or later it will show in her kids and heaven forbid, the queen doesn’t want black grandbabies or heirs to the throne.


    1. Meghan’s mother is Black American. Her father is White American. Her son, Archie came out White as snow with red hair like his father, Prince Harry. I think his sister, Lilibeth will be similar in appearance as well. Contrary to what One Droppers like you think, the African gene can be washed away. In this case, Meghan Markle’s mother’s African genes have been washed out within a generation or so. I’d expect Archie and Lilibeth to mate with White Americans to even further dilute the African bloodline from the gene pool.


  14. she’s an attention seeker a spilt brat a drama queen and wasn’t getting enough attention she wanted to be important but protocol of the succession is not there she needs to move on bully bully poor thing sits in a castle why marry into the family if you don’t accept there way of life sooner or later harry and Meagan will split why try and ruin the royal family they were good to you


  15. As a mixed person myself, being half Irish and half AA, I can tell you with certainty that, there are only TWO groups of people who see me as “black”, and that’s TWO single groups out of the ENTIRE human race I think, and those sole TWO groups are: American whites who harbor old-fashioned racist ideals, and nearly all black Americans. The whiter you are it seems the more that some black people are adamant to defend your blackness or insist you are black, even if you assure them you are not, they say you are confused and “self-hating”. Odd, hownis it self-hating to know that you are mixed and not just one race? Very strange, these people’s need for you to identify as one of them – very strange to me. I claim no race and am happy to just be me, to just be a human being.

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  16. If Meghan is hated for her own behavior then why isn’t Prince Andrew hated for his having been best pals and party pal of billionaire deceased child molester Jeffrey Epstein? The accusations against Andrew are worst and there were female accusers in his case but he is not hated or vilified like Meghan.

    And did you say Meghan does not look Black therefore has had white privilege and people cannot hate or dislike her based on being black? That is not reality!

    Singer turned actress Vanessa Williams was hated and said she endure death threats after being chosen in the 80’s as the first Miss America and she hardly looked black with her light skin and green eyes either. It is what they represent that causes the Klan types to hate them. You totally missed that point.

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    1. Meghan Markle does benefit from colorism and privileges that the average monoracial Black woman isn’t privy to. She is biracial and can pass for White. However, she did face a lot of racists backlash and scrutiny from the British press and people due to the fact that she has an African American mother. Just because she is White presenting and has more privileges than an actual Black woman doesn’t mean that Meghan Markle was exempt from facing racism.

      As for Vanessa Williams, she isn’t White presenting like Meghan Markle is. Both of her parents are African American. She looks like a light-skinned African American woman to me. I wasn’t born yet when Vanessa Williams was crowned Miss America in the 1980s. I heard about the whole incident from my mother. But she faced a lot of backlash from racists and even some in her own community. They felt that she wasn’t deserving of the title. To make things worse, her title was taken from her due to the fact that she had nude pictures taken of her in Penthouse Magazine. Either way, Vanessa William preserved and has created a career and legacy for herself.

      Though I am a monoracial Black woman of Jamaican heritage, I understand that there are women that are light-skinned, biracial, and non-Black (of color) who have their own experiences with racism and sexism to navigate through. They may have more privileges than I do due to their proximity to Whiteness, but they still have their own struggles to deal with.


  17. Just came across this post. Was it supposed to be satire? It came off like a joke. The reasons you brought up were absolutely laughable. The truth is, it doesn’t matter. The crown is irrelevant as is that entire pop poop fest. The end can’t come soon enough for them all.

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  18. All bullshit. Your jealousy and obsession with Meghan Markle are showing here. In almost all of your articles, you obsess over Meghan getting her karma and comeuppance, but you don’t realize that all of your hate and venom for another woman can fall back on you. Or even your children. I would tread lightly if I were you because all of your evilness and misdeeds towards Meghan can reap very negative karma for you and your family.


  19. I’m attaching my response to the Quora social media platform which clearly shows the bias of hatred that’s condoned and allowed on their social media platform. I was banned without notice because I reminded Meghan haters (mostly British) of the royal’s dirty laundry that exists in their own backyard. It appears slamming Meghan Markle is permissible but don’t you dare insult the royal family or you will be silenced. . Specifically the adultery of Charles and Camillla and the suspected pedophile, Andrew. I thought I might share with you how I responded to Quora as follows:

    QUORA abruptly banned me without warning nor cited a specific violation. I have seen the most vile, despicable, nasty, and lies posted about people like Meghan Markle and Oprah Winfrey. It appears all these hateful and racist comments are ignored by Quora. But say something negative about the royal family, then you are reported and banned. One time they were spreading a vicious lie that Meghan’s mother was imprisoned for not paying her taxes. This was a lie and I called out the poster on it. So guess what? This poster reported me to Quora for calling it a lie and I appealed my case,, yet Quora stood by this person who reported me. Meanwhile this vicious lie was embraced and spread by all the Meghan haters. So this leads me to the conclusion that Quora is a bias platform. It is also my understanding that the Quora moderators are mostly based in the UK. Which now make perfect sense why I was banned for speaking out against the royal family. This is so transparently obvious.

    Through my research I have also discovered Quora members who were banned and believe Quora is indeed bias. If a social media platform can’t be fair and consistent, then I for one don’t care if I have been banned. The only thing I will miss is the friendships I developed there but will try to find them on Facebook.

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  20. Hi
    Just read your post, love it, but sometimes factually incorrect as references to royal etticate and protocol, which is our British culture.
    That’s what that silly woman got so wrong. She wanted Kate’s job and never would be satisfied by being second best. She hated curteseying to our beloved queen, never mind Camilla or Kate. A woman such as her could never adhere to our culture and thousand year old Monaco. She has disgraced it just like Wallace Simpson.
    Nothing to do race, we all thought she was white, which itself is totally irrelevant. Harry needs to get help for his mental problems, wake up and smell the coffee as reguards to her.
    I hate her.


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