Why Donald Trump Will Make A Better President Than Hillary Clinton

I have always been drawn to American politics, and yesterday after watching the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton debate, I was stirred to put my thoughts on paper. I hate hypocrisy in all forms, and I have seen a lot of it during this presidential campaign. As a black woman who is very much against racism, racial inequalities and deeply troubled about what is happening in the US today, I am not ashamed to actually say I hope Donald Trump wins the presidential election this year. The situation for the black community in America seems worse than it has been in a very long time and Barack Obama has done nothing to change that. As a black woman I believe Trump will do a lot more for the black community than Barack Obama has ever done or Hillary Clinton will ever do.

If Barack Obama had put the same energy he put in legalizing same sex marriage on black rights, we would be talking a different story right now for the black American people. He changed history for gay rights but could not change anything for the suffering of the black race. All Obama does is upbraids black people whilst barely mentioning the flaws of white Americans. He does this because he does not want to upset white Americans. Yes Obama looks and sounds good for the black people, but that’s just about it. He is just an inspirational figure for us, but has done nothing for us.  Life for the black community has got worse under the Obama administration. Not to mention his trip to Kenya in July 2016 where he wanted to push for gay rights in Africa. Gay rights is luxury in Africa, the continent has more pressing issues like poverty and exploitation of its resources. It was good Kenyan president put him in his place and told him “gay rights” was a non issue for Africans.

That said I actually do like Donald Trump. I love his straight talk and honesty above everything else. He doesn’t do what all politicians running for presidents do to please everyone and tell them what they all want to hear. I do not agree with a number of Trump’s views neither do I condone the way he spoke about “white women” in his locker room banter 11 years ago. Yes the truth is what he said was utterly unacceptable only because it was white women he was speaking about. Had he been talking about black women, I know it wouldn’t have been much of an issue at all. I like Donald Trump because at least for such a time as this he is offending all peoples, all races. Isn’t that a change for once. At least everyone is feeling what the black race has felt for centuries, being offended and insulted by the people who are rising in power.

Donald Trump is just real. He is not afraid of being politically incorrect. He speaks exactly what hes thinking, something that the human mind has been conditioned against. I actually do not believe he hates black people, Hispanics or women. I tend to judge people by their hearts and how they conduct themselves on a day to day basis, especially privately rather than what they say alone. When it comes to politics, talk is cheap. Donald’s actions do speak way louder than his words, unlike his opponent.  Donald Trump who is supposed to loathe black people gave refuge to Grammy Award winner Jennifer Hudson after three of her family members where murdered. Donald gave her a place to stay and grieve, where he did not charge her a penny and also provided security for her and her family. Even billionaire Oprah Winfrey in all her glory could not do that for her black sister, but”racist” Trump did. He also offered his private his private jet for a very sick boy who could not be accommodated on normal airlines. And again “racist” Donald Trump gave £10 000 to a black man who saved a woman who was about to jump off a bridge to commit suicide. These are just some of the few things that Donald Trump does in his private life to make a difference in peoples lives. Hillary Clinton is very much aware of this side of Donald Trump, yet she could not even give him this honest complement in the debate last night when asked to say one positive thing about Donald. He is not the evil beast that the media tries to portray. And by the way Jennifer Hudson is supporting Donald Trump, as a black woman she has experienced Trump’s kindness face to face.  Why wouldn’t she support him, he has been like a father to her.

Donald Trump, Jennifer Hudson and Melania Trump

On top of the good deeds he does, I respect Donald Trump for being against abortion and for his desire to protect the religious freedom of Christians in America. I do respect him for that. I really hope this man becomes the next president because I believe for once, American people will actually know what they are voting for. No hypocrisy, no lies, no deception, just a real guy who is upfront and apologetically honest. I also don’t think he hates foreigners as much as we are being made to believe, sometimes common sense just has to prevail over what is written in the newspapers. His mother was a Scottish, his first wife was a foreigner, his current wife was an immigrant who got her American citizenship after marrying Donald Trump.  So why would he just randomly throw every immigrant out of the country?

Hillary Clinton Defended A Child Rapist In Court 

As for Hillary Clinton, she confessed to representing a child rapist in court. Why would a woman defend a child rapist?  She admitted that the crime lab threw away the evidence and she got the rapist to walk free. She laughed at the 12 year old victim and accused her of making the rape up because she fantasized about older men. She admitted that she knew he was guilty of raping a 12 year old, but she got him off.  It’s horrific. It’s disturbing. How can such a woman be fit to be a president? If you don’t believe it, listen to the tape here in her own voice.

As I said before I hate hypocrisy in all its forms. Yes its lovely for America to have a female president and all, but this one is full of corruption, deception, lies and hypocrisy. She may try to talk the talk, but a woman who abuses other women in the name of “saving her marriage” is a disgrace to womanhood. I personally have experienced women like that. Women who will attack you in the name of protecting the man who violated you. I hate sexual abuse in all it’s forms and I hate it more when its a woman who is attacking the victim to protect the offender. Instead of condemning her husband Bill Clinton, Hillary chose to attack Monica Lewinsky and called her a “narcissistic loony toon”. This is what Hillary has to say about a woman who was badly abused to keep her husband in power. On top of that isn’t it hypocritical that the democrats proclaimed that what Bill Clinton did to Monica Lewinsky was his “personal life” yet when Donald Trump’s private conversation tape was leaked, they cry he is not fit to be president. Oh I hate hypocrisy!

Hillary also terrorized three women who claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton.  I believe Bill Clinton is guilty of multiple sex assault because  was he not guilty he would not have paid one of the women almost a million dollars in an out of court settlement. Hillary never condemned his behavior. Based on that alone, never mind the email scandal and the corruption, I can not fathom how this woman is fit to be the next president of America. I can’t process it. She can not even protect the most vulnerable women in her country, and she has the nerve to say Donald Trump does not respect women. She has a spirit of Jezebel on her, no martenal instict, she has no regard for life and says new born babies have no constitutional rights. Her heart is wicked that is why a filthy fly landed on her face during the second live debate. It was a bad omen and a sign to the whole world that this woman’s heart is filthy.  I will just leave it there.

Trump was the winner in the second debate

And watching yesterday’s second debate, Donald Trump was clearly the winner to me, no matter how the media is twisting it. He did deflate the storm. I liked how Hillary could not grill Trump on the leaked tape because she knew she had more skeletons in her closet that Trump would unleash had she started. I thought Trump managed to control the damage the tape had done and handled himself well during the debate, considering the storm he was coming out of. This was Hillary’s chance to crucify her opponent and to finish him off but she failed miserably. The last question of the debate was to say at least one positive thing about Donald, not his wife, children or house, but about Donald Trump, yet she failed even to do that. That is how fake this woman is. She couldn’t even pay Donald a compliment considering she knows him so well on a personal level. Donald Trump ended the debate by simply being the man he is, honest. He was able to do what Hillary could not do, pay an honest compliment. And wasn’t it disgraceful how the debate moderators where unfair and against Trump. Telling the audience not to cheer Trump and cutting him off whilst giving Hillary more time.

This is why I believe between the two of them, the more deserving candidate is the honest one who wears his heart on the sleeve, Donald Trump. Believe me he is the least dangerous one. America is one of the most powerful countries in the world, and in this season we are in, the world could do with just having an honest man, with no history as a politician, no scandals, no deleted emails and no history of intimidating sexual assault victims. What is happening with Donald Trump running for president is rather inspirational, especially for me as a black woman who would love to go into politics in the future. Its not about being in politics for over 30 years, its not about being a wife of a President, its not about being a criminal defense lawyer but anyone who is a citizen of a country can rise up from nowhere and be a future president of a great nation.

3 thoughts on “Why Donald Trump Will Make A Better President Than Hillary Clinton

    1. Woman. Business acumen doesn’t run a fucking country, I say this with the at most respect…. Bet u don’t like his policies now huh…. Let know when you manage to get to LAX from Africa or wait even from Britain right… Backed the wrong guy


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