I Am A Black Woman And Today President Trump Is My Hero

I supported Donald Trump all the way, and yes I am a black woman. When I wrote the article on why I believed  Donald Trump would make a better president than Hillary Clinton, I received a lot of abuse from mostly black people who called me crazy among many other colorful names. But I had to be brave and stick to my gut instincts. I am not in America, but today I am celebrating that for once, the world assumed wrong.

I fell in love with Trump’s personality because of his moral principles. As a woman who loves children, to me any man who puts the life of unborn babies first has got a good heart. I can not even fathom that people can support partial birth abortions. Donald Trump condemns this evil practice, and for that alone, he won my heart.

The second reason I fell in love with his person was just his honesty.  He did one thing that no president candidate has ever done, he spoke his mind. He was just real. He did not tell people what they wanted to hear and for that he had the big media houses against him. CNN tried their best to destroy him. During the debates even the moderators were against him. But he stood his ground.

The third reason why I fell in love with his person was that he is not a politician. He was more of a family and businessman than politician. He has raised lovely children and he is a firm believer in the institution of marriage. For that he resonated with the people, especially the American Christians. I am not into politics  but I understood his language.

Donald Trump had his own party key figures against him. But he carried on. He had the whole world against him. The media was against him. But all he ever needed was his wife and children next to him.

A lot of black people are upset that Trump is now one of the most powerful men in the world. I am not upset, I was up all night dancing away. My dear black people, Barack Obama was the first Black president but he never did anything for black Americans or for Africa. He was never for you. Hillary was never going to do anything for you either. So stop crying and celebrate your new President. No president will ever set black people free. That’s our problem, we are still waiting for a savior. But it’s up to us to set ourselves free. Whoever is in power has nothing to do with black people’s freedom.

I do commend the few black people who supported Trump, they had no fear. To me they are free. They chose Trump because he was a better candidate than Clinton.

As for Hillary Clinton, I have nothing much to say about this woman that I haven’t already said here. I never liked her. My guts told me the world would be in trouble if she won. As for Jay Z and Beyonce, it’s sad you will never perform for the president now.

Nigerian “prophet” TB Joshua has at least made his mark as a false prophet today. It’s official. Just two days ago he announced that God told him that Hillary Clinton would be the next American president. Well at least we can now confirm that his god lied to him.

What I have learnt about this dramatic election is that social media doesn’t always reflect reality. Sometimes popularity on Facebook and Twitter doesn’t mean success. Social media likes and comments can be deceiving.

Mr President, you had the whole world against you, but you triumphed! I am one woman who has had to fight hard for what I believe in with masses against me, and for that alone you are my greatest inspiration. Sometimes you do not need the masses on your side, you just need to stay true to yourself. Well done Mr President Donald Trump, against all odds you did it. I write this blog on behalf of the few free black people who supported you, I am one happy Trumplet today, and I am sure all the unborn babies are leaping in their mothers wombs with joy!!! I will be honored to shake your hand one day.

You are an eagle! Eagles soar to greater heights alone. Eagles fly in the greatest storms. Long Live President Donald Trump!

19 thoughts on “I Am A Black Woman And Today President Trump Is My Hero

    1. I support Trump, because I hate all the rewards illegals get for breaking the law. I don’t understand how democrats help them more instead of the americans that are starving and leaving in the street, the mentally ill, the seniors and veterans. You illegal lovers should move to Mexico and help them over there. The mexican candidate speak more on how to help illegals stay in the USA than on how to help their citizens in Mexico. A bunch of losers. Trump needs to stop ALL Aid to Mexico and build the wall with that money instead!


    1. And you feel sorry for her. Her eyes are open. If I were you I would worry about myself, she is a strong woman and will do well in life because she has the ability to think for herself.

      And to you I say, There is none so blind as he who will not see.

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  1. On Donald Trump I totally disagree with all your points. He is not a true character but fake. Everything that you said ticks your boxes are actually false and very incorrect. Fake Donald Trump with ignorant Yankees who hated Obama despite taking them from abyss of economic destruction. Donald Trump got votes from ungrateful Yankees who think Obama was wrong in what he did. I recall these same ignorant people voting for George Bush jnr instead of All Gore. That just shows you who the Americans are, ignorant people. The abortion you are referring to is done legally. There are many genuine reasons. You are judging people for the situations they find themselves in. Soon you shall tell us men are not suppose to mastubate lest we lose good sperms which were likely to fertilize an egg which would result in the best scientist being born. Its just ridiculous your claims about ignorant and racist Trump.

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    1. So it’s legal to go inside and tear the babies legs off and arms off and crush its skull because someone ( both the man and the woman) had no forethought of birth control , so there for the baby just dies ? It’s legal murder. And how can the best scientist be born they could be aborted . You stand there after you were not aborted saying it’s ok to abort others. I’m not condemning but we can change this this horrible evil we allowed into our so- called Christian nation . I think you are not informed in facts of his accomplishments or just choose to ignore them and would rather think you are better than others so therefore casting the first stone if we do as we should we would pray for our leaders that we may live in peace upon this earth. Donald trump had to be tough , and he was and is America has millions praying for him for strength and we bind the powers of the evil coming against him in the media – prophesies say he will not be impeached and he will serve 2 terms . If you would watch Fox News like Hannity you will get facts not just opinions from people in a gossip club.

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  2. Your hero is talking about totally destroying a country just because of It’s leaders. Killing every innocent man , woman and child with nuclear weapons. Yet when Syria is accused of using nerve gasses which i can say is never proved to be true he accuses them of mass slaughter and bombs them. What is the better evil, nerve gas or nuclear holocaust?

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  3. Donald Trump is the breath of fresh air that not just America needs but the whole world . He’s not racist he just doesn’twant his ccountry full of freeloaders . All the money sent to Mexico by the illegal workers amounts to billions of dollars in unpaid taxes that America misses out on . If hillary Clinton had won America would already be at war with North Korea .


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