Welcome To The UK President Trump

When I was a little girl, back in Zimbabwe, if anyone inspired me, I took my pencil out and drew them.  My pencil was my only way of connecting with anyone who touched my heart. Call me weird, but I have no intention of reverting to ‘normal’ anytime soon. As a grown black woman, I continue to sketch people who inspire me from time to time.

When I saw the offensive controversial giant balloon of Donald Trump which is floating over London this weekend, I was appalled at the lack of respect by the United Kingdom for the man who sits in the office of President of the United States of America. I was even more appalled that the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan was the one who approved the ballon.

Well, frankly I don’t care that it’s fashionable and acceptable to hate Donald Trump, I don’t hate him and I am not afraid or ashamed to say it. I absolutely admire this man because he is the only president of USA who has inspired me on a personal level. I have found myself having certain boldness because his story of becoming the US President against all odds made me realize that when you have a destiny, no man can stop you. The world had written him off but he went on and proved everyone wrong.

But that’s not the main reason why I am drawn to President Trump. My love for him is mainly because he loves life, especially that of unborn defenceless babies.

Donald Trump is the only American President I know who has fought for the rights of unborn babies. That alone is a big enough reason for me to admire this man.

I like him more because people who hate Donald Trump are hypocrites. So people say Donald Trump hates immigrants, funny enough he married one.

According to statistics more people were deported from America during Obama’s administration than during that of any US president in history.

I do not in any way support the separation of families that happened under the Trump administration at the Mexican border, but it’s also important to put everything in perspective. Obama separated more families than Donald Trump will ever do during his term. Obama was loved by the media, so we never heard of how his administration deported millions of illegal immigrants without mercy. With Trump, we will hear about every detail of his foreign policy on the headlines of every paper.

The double standards and hypocrisy of this world does shock me.

If you are ‘moral’ enough to hate Donald Trump, then you should be moral enough to hate Theresa May and put up derogatory giant balloons of her in a nappy. Recently thousands of British people were mercilessly deported from the UK just because they were black, but even the Windrush scandal is not enough for Theresa May to get half the hate and abuse that Donal Trump gets.  Her office as the Prime Minister of UK is still very much respected.

Under the Trump administration, the unemployment rate for black people now the lowest ever recorded in the US. But sadly it doesn’t mean anything to black people that there seem to be significant progress towards closing the large gap of unemployment between black people and white people.

On a world scale, Trump is making effort to get North Korea to give up it’s nuclear weapons. Surely he is doing more good in the world than harm.

After Brexit, Britain will need America.

But sadly, British people and the world at large are not able to see past their personal hatred for Donald Trump and see the good he has to offer to this world, especially the good he is doing for black Americans.

Whether we like it or not, he is the one sitting on the throne of one of the most powerful countries in the world, and a significant level of respect should be attributed to him for that. The giant baby ballon of Trump floating over London during his visit is very inappropriate and wrong.

DSC_4221The Queen met President Donald Trump on Friday. She did so because she respects the office that Donald Trumps sit in.

Even in the Bible, the greatest characters of that book had the utmost respect for the leaders who were in power in whatever country they resided. Joseph and Esther are the best examples of that. Joseph honoured and respected Pharaoh and Esther honoured the King of Persia.

I am all for free speech and democracy, but the hatred and animosity towards President Trump has gone beyond free speech and democracy, and what is being done is undermining the office of US President. It’s shameful really.

Donald Trump said the protests and the horrible giant balloon made him feel unwelcome. He said he used to love London, but now feels little reason to go there because of the animosity directed towards him.

When I was drawing him, I was inspired because his eyes have the determination and focus of an eagle. He is a man who has a spirit of an eagle and uses the storm to fly high against all odds.


That’s why for me, whilst London welcomes the President of USA with a giant balloon in order to humiliate him, I welcome him with a portrait I drew. Long live President Trump, in the UK you may be hated by many, but you are loved too.




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