Welcome To The Re-Birth Of Black British Royals

Its the Genesis of the Revelation.  The Beginning of a New Era. The Re-birth of a New Nation. The Restoration of the Lost Kingdom of the Chosen People. It’s time for Black British Royals.

The Vision will be led by Lord Kofi Nino and Lady Mary-Tamar was Jean Gasho, along with their 6 children, King Kwaku Chaka, Lady Charo-Destiny, Lady Fadzai-May, King Kunashe-Mornie, King Shinga-Dave and Lady Nakai-Tamara

DSC_0619 (2)
Lady Charo-Destiny 

What we believe.

We believe in the restoration of the ROYAL Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven, Mathew  6:10.

We believe in the Holy Bible according to the prophets of Israel, Luke 24:44.

We believe in God the Father (masculine), who is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of King David.

We believe in God the Lord Jesus Christ who is the firstborn of the Church of God, the Son of God born of the Virgin Mary.

We believe in God the Holy Spirit, who is the revealer of truth, the comforter, the teacher, the helper, who is the feminine side of God.

We believe that we pray to God the Father, through God the Son Jesus Christ, by the power of God the Holy Spirit.

We believe in the literal second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ as the King of Israel, the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings.

The Sabbath Day

We believe that Saturday, the seventh day is the day of rest and worship, therefore the Sabbath day, not Sunday.

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The Gentlemen of Black British Royals are to dress formally in full-length trousers, collared shirts and ties with jackets or blazers.

No African print materials, animal print, shirts with images of animals or dashiki print are to be worn during church services or meetings



The ladies of Black British Royals are to dress modestly and elegantly in church.

Ladies are to wear dresses or skirts of modest length which fall below knee level or just above the knee.

Blouses or dresses should not expose the back or top part of the arms. No cleavage should be shown during church services or meetings.

Dresses or tops with spaghetti straps, halter necks, strapless, sheer and/or halter neck are not permitted during church services.

Plainclothes without patterns are encouraged.

Stockings are encouraged to keep the legs covered and modest.

Ladies are to cover their hair during church services with either headscarves, hats or appropriate fascinators with a solid base of at least 20 centimetres.

Animal prints, animal images, African prints, and dashiki prints are not allowed to be worn during church services or meetings.

Flat shoes or small heels are encouraged.


Women are to embrace their natural God-given hair in its glory.

Dreadlocks are permitted.

Women are discouraged from shaving off their hair (bold look). Her hair is given to her as her crown, covering and glory.

No artificial hair, wigs, weaves or braids are to be worn during church services or meetings.

Ladies are not to colour their natural hair in blonde, red, green or other unnatural colours.


Small round earrings, pearls or studs are allowed. No dangling earrings are to be worn during church services or meetings.

No necklaces are to be worn during church services or meetings.

No ethnic African inspired jewellery or symbolic jewellery is to be worn during church services or meetings.

Wristwatches are allowed.

No colour nail polish or artificial nails are to be worn during church services or meetings.

No heavy make-up, bright colourful lipsticks, shaven eyebrows or false eyelashes are to be worn during church services or meeting.


The worship music for Black British Royals will be Symphony music and classical hymns.

Worship during Black British Royal Church Service is to glorify God alone.

Black British Royal choir from Black British Entertainment (BBE) will lead the worship during church services and meetings.

Musical instruments to be used during worship to include piano, harp, flute, saxophone, violin, trumpet and tambourine.

African instruments like hosho, drums or mbira are not to be played during church services or meetings.


Black British Royals is a none profit organization.

We do not believe that any members should fund the lifestyle of anyone in the organization.

We do not believe that the teachings of tithes are applicable to the church today.

We do not believe that any church member is required to pay money into the church in order to be blessed by God.

Black British Royals do not believe in miracle money, we believe that if a man does not work he will not eat.

We believe that parents are supposed to cater to the needs of their children first before they donate large sums of money to the church.

The church only accepts money donated freely not by obligation or threats.

Who can be a member of Black British Royals?

DSC_0588 (2)
The Time Has Come

The organization is there to restore the lost identity, lost pride, lost power and the lost dignity of the black race. The organization is there to reverse the curses placed upon the people of Israel for their disobedience to God.

However all races and nationalities are welcome to the church, there is no discrimination for the bible says anyone, Jew or Gentile who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Anyone willing to join the Black British Royals has to adhere to the protocols of the vision and will be interviewed. Upon passing the interview they will be welcomed into the church and baptized and given a membership card.

For more information about joining Black British Royals contact info@blackbritishentertainment.com

The Genesis Of The Revelation

By Mary-Tamar


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