#How They Robbed Us, Just Another Pity Party For The Cream Of Zimbabwe

So Zimbabweans on social media have started another hashtag #HowTheyRobbedUs initiated by Phil Chard. They are sharing their stories to the world describing how the government has robbed them. The trending stories are mostly about the political and economical situation of Zimbabwe. Personally I feel like the pity parties by Zimbabweans are rather getting out of hand. Please Zimbabweans just stop it! It’s nauseating. Why do you want to lament to the world about how you have been robbed by your own government? What is the world going to do? Listen people of Zimbabwe, the world doesn’t actually care about the Zimbabwean situation right now. Each country has their own problems to deal with. The UK is dealing with Brexit and the pound losing its value, on top of Scotland threatening to be an independent country. The USA has got the presidential elections to deal with. So please just stop the wailing, will you! If you have got the luxury to go online and tweet how you have been robbed, then you haven’t been robbed at all, the real people who are being robbed in life do not have the energy, time and money to be following trendy hash tags on social media. The fact that you are busy on social media means you are incredibly blessed and living the life, you are probably eating a crunchy chocolate bar whilst you are tweeting how you have been robbed by ‘ROB ert Mugabe’

Why not go to the  Zimbabwean hospitals and volunteer and help these people instead of using them as hashtags for Facebook likes 

Now before I really get into this article, if you want to unfriend me please go ahead. If you want to stop following me, stop immediately. I will not shed a tear drop over you unfriending me.  I haven’t got the time to be going out of my way to write what everyone wants to hear so that I get 5000 likes and 200 comments saying “Well done Jean!” I have enough love in my personal life to be running around on social media looking for likes and comments. I have children and a man who spoils me with so much love and appreciation that I don’t need to scavenge for approval and appreciation on Facebook and Twitter. May I also add that personally I have not been robbed by anyone at all. I am one Zimbabwean who has not been robbed at all, lol maybe I am one in a million. I consider myself very blessed to be where I am today. I left Zimbabwe when I was just a teenager and I would never change that for the world. Yes I miss Zimbabwe but I also love it out here. The bible I read teaches me that wherever I go, whichever land the the Lord has placed me, I will enjoy the fruit of that land and God will give me the best of that land.

I came here in the UK at 17, by the age of 20 I was a home owner, living in one of the best neighborhoods in modern Britain. For 10 years I lived in a brand new home that even when white British people walked in my house, they were in awe of how blessed I was. Yes I had my fair share of serious financial struggles in the UK, but haven’t we all. 10 years later I went through a divorce where I lost that beautiful house and became homeless. I lamented the house for a season, wiped my tears and picked myself up and moved on with my life. Today I live in  a much bigger house, with more love than I had in the nice house. I have gained life experience and I met the love of my life when I was in the valley. Every day of my life I laugh so hard that I fall on the floor and my ribs crack. When I was in the nice house, I don’t even remember one day I laughed to the point of  crying. God showed me the blessing that losing the beautiful house gave me. I learnt that most millionaires and successful people of this world have also been homeless, destitute and penniless at some point of their lives, Simon Cowell, Steve Harvey, Oprah Winfrey just to mention a few. My point is, stop crying over spilt milk Zimbabweans. Its ridiculous. Its stupid. The Zimbabwe we grew up in is no more, so get over it. I think we have all grieved enough. If you are in the diaspora, please just stop the hash tagging and enjoy your Mcdonalds double cheese burger in peace whilst you are driving your brand new cars.

I am very grateful to Zimbabwe, the government and Robert Mugabe for making me into the woman I am today. I have had a lot of life experience so for me to join the hashtag #HowTheyRobbedUs I will be the biggest hypocrite on planet earth. If truth be told I have been robbed more by white supremacy mentality than by Robert Mugabe. I have a Joseph and Esther mentality, if I am in Persia, I would rather be the Queen. If I am in Egypt I would rather be the Prime Minister. Joseph did not moan that he had been sold by his own brothers into slavery. Instead he said what was meant for evil, God meant it for good. I see so much positivity in the Zimbabweans scattered all over the world today. Some of you have opportunities which you would have never got in Zimbabwe. Instead of turning the whole situation into a pity party and crying for world sympathy, do something positive wherever you damn are. Live life, enjoy it, laugh out loud. Take a walk in the park. You only have one life. The bible says remember your creator in the days of your youth, soon we will be old. One day we will all die. I have no time to waste lamenting over what Zimbabwe was 30 years ago. I live in the UK now, and I don’t plan to waste any hour crying over what was.

For those of you who want to lament, maybe stop doing it on twitter and just pack your bags and go to Zimbabwe! Be like Nehemiah who instead of lamenting, he packed his bags and went to build the walls of Jerusalem. Please do not waste our time by organizing concerts in the UK or USA so you can lecture us on how bad Zimbabwe is. We already know. No wonder why some of you are being denied visas to come here for pointless demonstrations. There is nothing stopping anyone from boarding a flight to Zimbabwe. And when you go there, you do not need to put your life in danger so you can be hailed as an “activist”, we have enough of those on social media. Sorry to be so brutally honest but for those who feel so strongly about how they have been robbed by Mugabe, please for crying out loud, go and be the change! By being the change I don’t mean doing what Patson Dzamara, Evan Mawarire, Linda Masarira and the rest of them are doing. I  mean be the real change, not just by saying “Fuck You” to Robert Mugabe or by posting countless videos on Facebook. I also don’t mean protesting in the streets then deliberately getting yourself arrested so you can take a selfie and say “ABDUCTION ALERT!” so you can get 5000 likes and “you are so brave” comments.. Be the real change, go and help the sick and poor. Go and volunteer in the hospitals, set up charities like what white people do in your own country. Feed the orphans. Change even one life. Take all your clothes and give to the poor. Fill a drum with food, choose an orphanage of your choice and spend just two days feeding the children. Buy some pain killers from here and go home and distribute them to the people in need. Do you know that love can heal? If just 10 000 Zimbabweans in the diaspora did this, Zimbabwe will never be the same again.

How have you been robbed if you are living the life abroad? We are the people who have benefited from the negative situation of Zimbabwe. I personally never claimed asylum to get stay in the UK but I know hundreds of people who blatantly lied that Mugabe was going to kill them. They got asylum in the UK through lies with fake MDC cards. To prove their lies they go to Zimbabwe soon after they get their asylum so they can celebrate their papers. So don’t be hypocrites ya’ll. Mugabe has actually helped you all, you falsely used his name to claim papers, making up stories for personal gain so you could enjoy the benefits of UK. Other people from Africa actually wish they were from Zimbabwe so they can claim asylum in the UK. They see Zimbabweans as blessed people because they can easily get papers through lies. Some South Africans have even changed their identity to Zimbabwean just to get asylum. Is Evan Mawarire not living a better life in the USA today? How on earth has he been robbed? Instead he has used the Zimbabwe  situation for personal gain. The real people suffering in Zimbabwe will never follow such useless trendy hashtags. The hashtags are for the upper class and cream of Zimbabwe who are trying to quench their guilt and flatter their egos. Maybe this is the reason why the rest of Africa see Robert Mugabe as a hero whilst we see him as evil because we are the biggest hypocrites and no better than him.  Why not learn something from Strive Musiyiwa and be a blessing not just to Zimbabwe but the world. There is a lot of good that always comes from a bad situation.

I remember Morgan Tsvangirai coming to London and asking Zimbabweans to go back home to build the country, and he was almost stoned to death. These are the same people hash tagging how they were robbed yet they don’t want to go back home to build Zimbabwe because they are enjoying the luxuries of diaspora. These are the same people who lied to get asylum. How hypocritical. I saw a video yesterday where Acie Lumumba was shouting at people who criticize Evan Mawarire, Patson Dzamara and company.  Isn’t it ironic that these are the same people who claim to want a democratic Zimbabwe, yet no opposing views are allowed. For Lumumba to say these activists are doing this for us….please count me out of that”us”. How can any person who thrusts themselves in the public eye not be criticized? Is that even normal? You claim to hate Mugabe yet you are all worse than him. Why should Evan Mawarire not be criticized? Is he a god? Why on earth is he stopping investors from investing in Zimbabwe? Is that not daylight wickedness. He has to be criticized. Here in the UK, people are actually paid to criticize political parties and their policies. That is democracy. Patson Dzamara can not be loved by everyone, otherwise that is the very dictatorship you are claiming to fight.

Zimbabwe will never be one big happy family. No country is. People should be allowed to criticize whoever they want. A lot of people out there feel these current activists are attention seeking time wasters, doing more harm for Zimbabwe than good. As for Linda Masarira, I supported this woman once upon a time, but not anymore. If she was in the UK today, all I can say is her 5 children would have been taken into care by now and she would have been deemed an unfit mother, probably taken to court a few times. At least 100 calls would have been made to social services by now by people who are genuinely concerned about the welfare of her children. Now if you want a perfect example of children who are genuinely being robbed, Linda’s 5 children are. They are being robbed in broad daylight by their own mother in the name of “activism”. But you know what, they don’t even know there is a trend on twitter that says #HowTheyRobbedUs. I will just leave it there.

35 thoughts on “#How They Robbed Us, Just Another Pity Party For The Cream Of Zimbabwe

  1. Firstly, I really don’t want to come off as a troll. I really am concerned because most diasporans seem to think the same. I don’t know how you’re allowed an opinion when you bailed out. It’s easy not to see the point when you’re not here being robbed every single day . We’re living in a country whose misgovernment has reached epic proportions and the system has blatant disrespect for the electorate. Maybe you should come home for a while, live the struggle we go through everyday and perhaps you’ll rethink your stance. Most of the people tweeting under the hashtag have legitimate issues. If you don’t then you’re a lucky one because lots of people have personal qualms.

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    1. I do sympathize with Zim situation. I want nothing more than a better Zimbabwe. My point is the moaning on social media is not changing anything or helping anyone.


      1. You were 17 when you left, your parents are the ones to blame for your misguided ignorance. I bet your family didn’t leave Zimbabwe because of hardships but on a financial sponsored trip by Mugabe himself. So please respect us we were forced by the financial and economic constraints. No one enjoys leaving in a foreign land. By the looks of it you have no obligation to help any relative because they are being feed by the corrupt ZANU system that butchered tens of thousands of my relatives. Keep your small mind to yourself. Tired of you ZANU thugs. It’s a pity you a waste of chromosomes. Only God can redeem you. #HowTheyRobbedUs and you benefited from our robbery.


      2. What are you doing with this article?? You are moaning…and its not changing anything…I’d say get off your high horse , but I think you are both high and the horse in this situation.


      3. I concur. In the big picture it really solves nothing but I think on the individual level it’s a way of sharing your stories and commiserating together. People just need somewhere and some way to vent and maybe it helps to see others’ stories.


    2. The robbing has gone off the scale, what other country in the world would have $15 billion being looted from under everyone’s nose, especially with a GPD of $14 billion. The State President himself admits the looting and yet no one is ever arrested? This has happened because Zimbabweans fast asleep and only occasionally wake up to say they being robbed.

      What my sister Jean is saying here is that we must up our game and demand that something is done to end the corruption!

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      1. Thank you Wilbert. What a voice of reason you are. One thing I have learnt is when everyone is going a certain way, it doesn’t always mean it’s the right way. Right now the hash tags are hobbies for a lot of people. It’s their guilty pleasures. But I still have hope for Zimbabwe, hence I wrote this article hoping those with ears will hear.


      2. What a refreshing and honest article. We all know it’s true. Some of us have never had it so good by the chance we had to claim asylum and settle here but you hear people trying to pretend they would go back to their old lives in Zimbabwe. Remind me why we are not respected?. We have no pride. We wash our dirty laundry in public. We are not the centre of the world and the targeted audience just sees us as stupid and misguided to think the world would stop and start focusing on Zimbabwe. How much coverage does Syria have right now and how much has been said about your beloved country in the past year. To make it worse, have you seen how our problems are reported?. They interview clueless people with the most basic understanding of the
        issue at hand. . Why is it that we don’t see such chaotic and meaningless interviews from other countries. They do so to reaffirm that we are clueless. Wake up, have pride, Be the change you want. As for these “messiahs” I said it from day one that that a certain activist was virtue signalling. Fake and self serving to the core. Real heroes are trying their best to survive without hashtags. I would have listened to him if at any one time had gone and listened to or engaged with villagers with no cameras or Twitter hashtags but what does he do?, he targets the audience that will make a change to HIS life style not to his “beloved” Zimbabwe with its wonderful flag.

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      3. I hear what she’s saying but who’s willing to “up the game”? And what exactly is upping our game? Who will suffer due to the repercussions? The rich? We’ve demanded an end to corruption to no avail. Sometimes it helps to vent together and share our stories…


    3. Nonsense, are you saying only those who are still in Zimbabwe have an opinion on what is happening in Zimbabwe? It is gratifying that people like Jean who have escaped the daily torment of living in Zimbabwe should be concerned about those who are caught up in this hell-on-earth.

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      1. I’m don’t have a problem with people who’ve left having an opinion about Zimbabwe. In fact, I welcome the opinionos of those outside looking in. I do however have a bit of a problem with people outside having a negative opinion about the way those struggling everyday choose to vent and express their consternation at the situation that is their lives. Please, reread my initial comment. I was not expressly attacking her right to an opinion, only the right to downplay the expression that is #howtheyrobbedus. It’s easy to not see the point of such a thing when torment at the hands of your own isn’t your daily bread.


  2. Could not agree with you more Jean. Zimbabwe are in this hell-on-earth because they love complaining but will do nothing.

    President Mugabe admitted the nation is being fleeced of $15 billion in February and today eight months later not even one person has been arrested. Not one. All Zimbabweans have done is complain of corruption.

    The world wants to help Zimbabwe but how can anyone help people who will not lift a finger to help themselves?

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  3. How very insensitive. If people have a story to tell, why shouldn’t they be heard? I live a great life here in the diaspora as well, but I mourn for friends and family that weren’t blessed with the opportunities I had. Yes, sitting around and complaining is bad, but what do you do as a graduate who has sent thousands of job applications only to be rejected over and over again? Governments around the world are held accountable for their actions. Why can’t Zimbabweans have the same?

    I’m blessed that I don’t face the daily struggles of the average Zimbabwean, but never would I write an article so heartless that tries to disregard and diminish other people’s experiences and suffering.

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    1. I would rather have people who tell me how to get out of the mess I am in than have the crowd shouting how sorry they are for me. Acknowledging that Zanu PF is corrupt is not enough to stop the corruption and if that is all you can say then shout up!

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      1. There really is no need for you to tell me to shut up. No one is forcing you to follow the hash tag on Twitter, so why try to silence others? Sometimes solutions to problems come in many different forms. Have you ever stopped to consider that talking about our problems on social media is a way to voice our frustrations and generate ideas for change? I am very aware that acknowledging that Zanu PF is corrupt doesn’t change the situation, but that doesn’t mean I can’t speak up. If I have a problem with something, I will say it and I will do something about it. Just because I have tweeted something doesn’t mean I’m sitting around and doing nothing. It is possible to do two things at once, if you didn’t know. So please, let me tweet as much as I want, while I also move forward with my agenda to better my life and the lives of others.

        There really is no need to be so short sighted and angry about a hash tag. Relax…


      2. Zimbo Babe

        You have the right to say and do as you please but what you say or do on the public stage has a bearing on others. Corruption is a serious problem in Zimbabwe and the need to find a solution is a duty that we must all shoulder. If what you say or do is not helping the nation move forward, as it is clearly doing in this case, then it is the duty of those who can see how unhelpful your endless chattering has become to explain and then tell you to shut up.

        With rights comes responsibility and you cannot enjoy the one and forget the other!


  4. You have this one right, Zimbabweans are good at crying foul when they teeing themselves off to be cheated time and time again. The same people now crying that they are being robbed, yet many of them voted yes in the March 2013 referendum confident the next elections will be free and fair. Tsvangirai told them the new constitution was an “MDC child!” and before noon on voting date he was leading the “Election was stolen!” chorus!

    As for the chorus of Zimbabweans denouncing you, that is to be expected. Tell these idiots the truth and you are public enemy number one! I salute you for having the courage to say what needs to be said regardless of all the stick from the nincompoops!

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  5. My sister thank you for an interesting read. Judging from your writing you left Zimbabwe some time back, this can be a challenge for you to appreciate the depth and severity of the challenges we are facing in Zimbabwe and if you are on the ground you will understand the everyday challenges. One thing you should do is visit Zimbabwe my sister. Most of us want wanted to own a house at 20 we couldnt they are no jobs the system has been capped by corrupt looters who sell stands at exorbitant prices . I want you to take note of a certain things, in as much we want to go and volunteer at a hospital for a few hours what happens when you leave that place…the struggle which Zimbabwean are facing is against a system of looting, corruption, greed and violence which needs any form of weapon to expose it. You say pastor Evan is not God yes i agree with 100% he is not BUT i believe he is the Moses there must be Joshuas to carry forward the fire he started of bringing this government into account surely he can’t fight it alone . The reason why Zimbabweans (by that i mean from across the world) are turning to social media its because it is the only platform that they can openly express themselves. Whether its the Zim cream as you say it or diasporans any effort made to expose the rot of the government should not be condemned or undermined. You should research how people Syrian refugees are using social media as a survival strategy google that you will see the power of social media. In zimbabwe social media is the only place to expose without fear of being beaten or water cannoned. I believe that social media is a powerful tool that is at the disposal of us as Zimbabweans whether in the diaspora or locals and as of now it is the best weapon, how far it can reach i don’t know but the start it’s all we need. One example is how social media has brought about the ZIMDEF issue into light surely we can’t be naive to ignore its significance. We are a non- violent country and surely that “action” that is likely is war of which we are not prepared to pay that price. Its not just a pity party its a platform to speak out and its time we speak about these things whether the world hears us or not…only if you face the challenges in Zim that’s when you will appreciate the power behind that hashtag……

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    1. I hear you my brother. I just believe that the hash tags are not working so it’s better to have another plan that actually brings about change.


      1. Love builds. And God is love so he builds. The people who have helped build me in life are not the ones who told me what my weaknesses were (which I already knew). It is people who have walked with me when I was weak to make me strong. May I suggest as you have seen a weakness in Zimbabweans give them the solution. Then walk with them to that solution. God sent His Son Jesus to earth to save us. Then gave us the Holy Spirit to empower us to live as He taught us. To help Zimbabweans don’t criticise them – show them what is beyond the #.


  6. Well done Jean, this is one of the few articles I have read that has dared get to the heart and soul of why Zimbabwe is stuck in this mess – our knack to complain and never do anything of substance. You have nailed this weakness and called a spade a bloody shovel!

    There is no doubt that your criticism will draw a lot of fire from many quarters, that is to be expected given that Zimbabweans are a shortsighted lot who cannot distinguish constructive criticism from destructive criticism. These people are trying to hide their inferiority complex; we all make mistakes but because of their stupidity make many more mistakes than everyone else and worst of all they are paranoid about admitting to making mistakes.

    Stupid people do not have the luxury of admitting even to themselves that they have made a mistake, they are already in denial that they are stupid and so admitting to making a mistake in a hopeless attempt to silence the inner voice in each one of us. Conscience is a pretty stubborn gene, the harder one tries to silence it the more it nags and rub it in. In this case “Another mistake!” “Here we go again!” driving the stupid people up the wall!

    In pointing out these stupid people’s mistakes in your article, you are siding with their conscience and for once these stupid people have a human being they can direct their life-time anger and frustration at. But you should not have to worry because the little green troll will continue the fight. “Jean is right!” Defending the indefensible, even for a season idiot, is the hardest thing to do!

    Corruption in Zimbabwe has going on since independence, 36 years ago. We have complained about it and how it was holding back the nation’s economic growth but, other than that, have done nothing to end it. Today corruption has grown into this Tsunami wave that is destroying everything. President Mugabe admitted in February that $15 billion was being swindled in Marange, no nation on earth can sustain this level of corruption.

    #Wearebeingrobbed is a good idea but in the circumstance it is willfully inadequate, of that there can be no doubt! It is right and proper that someone has stepped up on the plate and told Zimbabweans that if they are serious about getting out of the economic hell we find ourselves in then we must do a lot more that exchange messages of how bad corruption has become! Thank you Jean for taking up the challenge!

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    1. Thank you Nomusa for such an encouraging insightful comment. It’s hard to see people so disabled mentally and refuse to even just see the other point of view. But needless to say the truth has to be said in or out of season. For only those who have ears can hear.


  7. Yes actions are better words in these cases , but what if complaining on facebook is a very small but much needed release of pent up frustration and at the very least a way of provoking debate about the problem.In what world can your average Zimbabwean leave and live in the UK? Get a grip , you are too far from the problem to have an opinion on the matter , you pampered bitch.I bet you got to live overseas , and made a very successful life for yourself ALL on your own , with no help from you parents or husband.I bet it was ALL just YOU because YOU are amazing and every one else who hasn’t managed to do the same is just silly and lazy and wont help themselves.Holy shit this article is pathetic.


  8. You are a piece of Shitty shite! If you think everyone likes staying in a foreign country so that they can show off to white people, you need a brain transplant. We are out here because it is better than Zimbabwe, not inherently but because Robert made it so. Because we cannot live the life we want in our own country. It’s not like we like it here either….it’s just the lesser of two evils. Not because we like Europe AT ALL! Most people seek asylum as a last resort unless like you theit goal in life is to show off to white people. Shame! Obviously some lie for economic reasons because they are being terrorised economically by Bob. Do you know 2008!!! Do you know Bearwr cheques?! Don’t write nonsese that Mugabe did people a favour by making life so unbearable they had to seek asylum! That level of ridiculousness is utterly foolish. I am not surprised Nehanda Radio gave you a platform to publush shit just for clicks. This is an utter piece of garbage. If my country worked I would be a tourist in Europe…not an immigrant being stared down by racist people in their country…I don’t blame them…we are coming in droves…because Mugabe!!! I wouldn’t need to explain myself as to why I’m here. If you really like it in England, let that be your prerogative and don’t crap over people who genuinely feel like they are robbed by this regime. Robbed of the warmth of their extended family. Robbed of the chance to be invisible in the crowds and not always be targeted by police for being black…I could go on. In short, you really wasted my time with your silly article and you need to go and suck a fat one!!! Even if you decide to delete this comment…message has been delivered to the intended recipient…you!


      1. Because this is an embarrassing piece of insenotice trash that you wrote to provoke a reaction. Your silly assumption and generalisation that every one in who is participating in this hashtag is in a position of comfort like you are. The assumption that the grass is greener for everyone in the diaspora because of the perceived material comfort. Not everyone is that shallow and materialistic. People left their homes and families because of the conditions in the country and that is a painful reality. You left at 17 with your family presumably meaning you were either well off to begin with or your family also left for the same reasons that countless other have left and yet you come out and make it seem like other people who left are cowards. I am so disappointed.


  9. Oh Zimbabwe…it is well with us. Jean expressed her opinion and everyone else can either agree or disagree with her. I left Zim for SA in 2008 out of frustration of being an unemployed university graduate but SA has been a challenge for me as I started from the bottom up (maid, nanny, housekeeper, admin, etc…) till I found a job in my field of study in 2013. I applaud those who stayed in Zim and those who left. We all have our reasons and in the end, it all depends on opportunity, drive and everything else in between. My message to all Zimbabweans is to just live, love, play and if you want to vent through hashtags, that’s fine too but just live and help those who helped you get to where you are now. Start a cause, an NGO or whatever you can to help the helpless and hopeless back home. Zimbabwean problems can be solved by us the Zimbabweans, one problem at a time.


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