Mama, I Am Now A Giant, But I Can’t Breathe

Ever since I was a child

I was only taught one message of survival

The only message of revival that applies to me

I was told the answer to the pain they cause lies in forgiveness

The words came from Baba Mandela

Forgiveness is more powerful than bitterness he said

For you can not fight fire with fire

Always be the bigger person

Two wrongs don’t make a right


But the message of my survival only made me weak

They suffocated me because they knew I could never fight them back

The message only applies to me, not them

They fight me with fire, but I am not allowed to do that

They wrong me, but I am not allowed to wrong them back

They can’t forgive me for the way I was made by my maker

But I have to forgive them for disagreeing with my creator


Whilst I work on being a better person

Their strength and power grows bigger and bigger

They have the power to take my breathe away

I lie there helpless and I cry out to them for mercy

Please I can’t breathe

Please let me live

Physically unable to fight fire with fire

Forgiving even in my moment of death, I still say to them “please”

A word they have never deserved to come from my lips

Yet my forgiveness and calmness cannot save my life



So I call out for my Mama

And say, but Mama, as you taught me even now I still comply

I do as I am told, for I am but a gentle giant

I have never fought them back with fire even though I could

So why have I never been the bigger person

They still label me a thug and barbaric

But they are the ones who are thugs and barbaric

Even as I lie here still, unable to breathe

My only reward for my calmness is death

Oh, Mama help me, I  am now a giant but I can’t breathe


The Genesis Of The Revelation

By Mary-Tamar was Jean 










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