Mary-Tamar’s 2018 In Pictures, Thank You Readers And Happy New Year

Mary -Tamar was Jean is a writer, that’s where her strength is, but in real life, she is Just A Woman, she doesn’t talk as much as she writes, lol. It explains why she has been abused so much…she has been way too quiet for her own good…

But anyway, she is in a very happy place now. Mary-Tamar lives like she is on an Island, with her Boaz and 6 children, who are her world. She doesn’t let people into her house, she is quite an introvert and a very private person, that’s the irony of it all, considering her life is an open book, well on paper.

Dear readers, loved ones and haters, please enjoy Mary-Tamar’s 2018 in pictures, it was a year full of pleasant surprises, from having a baby boy Chaka, to finding her identity, Mary-Tamar and of course the pleasant surprise on Christmas Day of the fall of Walter Masocha, yes she had to mention him, if he had had his way with her, there would be no Mary-Tamar today.

So her pictures are her testimony, her life has been a long journey, and 2018 was really kind to her…so this is her 2018 story, in her own words…

January 2018 Boaz took us for a mini break at the Roman Baths, I was pregnant and it was magical
Spring was the best ever
I was spoilt
And got a wee nomination
My baby girl turned 14
I wore a lot of blue without realising, well we were praying for a boy
It really was the biggest surprise of 2018. We prayed for a boy, and he came out a King
Kwaku Chaka competed us
He made me very happy
I am a bathroom selfie addict, before and after Chaka
Boaz’s 6 children
Our first date night since Chaka
Every moment is special
I still had time to draw
We just adore him
Becoming Mary-Tamar
My Charo
My Fadzi
My Nakai
Wife duties
Work duties
Mother duties
Nino’s Queen Forever
Chaka’s first visit to Sabbath
My little ballerina
King Chaka Reigns
I am loved very very very much….
Mother of 6
Dont ask
Still a bathroom selfie addict
I prayed
And God answered, Walter Masocha made international headlines on Christmas Day
The year ended with a smile

Happy New Year dear readers, hope you enjoyed her 2018 journey. Mary-Tamar prays 2019 will be a year to remember, she has a funny feeling that more beautiful surprises are on the way.

6 thoughts on “Mary-Tamar’s 2018 In Pictures, Thank You Readers And Happy New Year

  1. Jean nzwirawo tsitsi ex wako Shingi shuwa anozvisungirira gore idzva rino achiona mapicture ako na Nino, if he’s it dead already kikiki


  2. Happy Years to you Mary Tamar may you and your family continue to thrive and prosper. Wishing you the very best year ever! Let the haters continue to hate, it just means you’re doing something


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