John Lewis Genderless Agenda Is Child Abuse

Yesterday I woke up to the horrifying news that John Lewis had become the first major UK retailer to remove ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ labels from its children’s clothing range. Apparently, this is to avoid ‘reinforcing gender stereotypes’.

Instead, new genderless labels that say either ‘Boys & Girls’ or ‘Girls & Boys’, are on all own-brand clothing from newborn to 14 years. Now even floral dresses and skirts have unisex labels.

It scares me as a parent.  As a mother of 5 children ranging from 7 months to 13 years, I found this not only scary but sickening and somewhat twisted. I feel like this is some sort of gender child abuse to my children if this is to be the norm in Britain.

What is the world coming to? I pray that other major retailers don’t follow this madness. Now it’s politically wrong for girls to wear clothes designed specifically for girls. And it’s politically wrong for boys to wear clothes designed specifically for boys.

Now children will be asked, ‘Do you want to be a girl, or do you want to be a boy?’

This to me is sick and almost evil. This questions the core morality and existence of the human race. Why then we are even born as either male or female? In other words according to John Lewis, there is no such thing as ‘gender’. People are just born, and they have to decide what gender they prefer even as 1-year-olds.

Why target children? Are they not vulnerable? Are the adults not the ones who guard children and direct them? Children are unaccountable and under the age of consent. So why should a little child be told they can choose to deny their God given gender. If John Lewis is right that children should be given the right to be genderless, then they might as well say children are no longer under the age of consent. They might as well allow children to be allowed to choose to watch 18 certificate movies. They might as well say children have the right and freedom to engage in sexual activities if thats what they want.

If we as parents can’t decide that our children should stay in the gender they were born in until they are at the age of consent, they children might as well be allowed to do ‘anything’ they want.

That is how absurd the John Lewis genderless propaganda is. All this just to cater for a very few people in this world who are born not sure and confused about their gender.

According to my 13-year-old daughter, she said, ‘This is really bad. If a boy wants to dress as a girl, can’t he just go and pick a ‘girls’ dress. Why make children’s clothes genderless?’ She went to say that it’s now going to be even more confusing for the majority of girls who actually want to be girls.

I certainly agree with my daughter. This is not even doing any justice for the minority that John Lewis is supposedly catering for. For the few children who feel they are born in the wrong gender, the whole point is they want to be the opposite gender they were born in, not genderless. If they are boys who are born feeling like they are girls, they should actually go to the girls’ section and choose girls clothing. They should wear pink flowers and pink dresses and feel like a girl! Is that not the whole point of being transgender, switching to the other gender! If anything John Lewis is further ‘reinforcing the gender stereotypes’ they are claiming to do away with. All they are doing is bringing confusion to our children.

Talk about utter madness and taking political correctness too far. I hope that other stores do not follow this craze. For the sake of sanity and order of the human race, I really hope this madness ends with John Lewis.

Now our own children who were correctly born in their genders have to be forced to ascribe to this utter confusion in the name of political correctness. Even animals know the difference between male and female and act accordingly. Why deny our children that God given right?

What about the majority of us who have traditional values? Why are we now being dragged into this?  I read somewhere a while ago that Britain wants to remove gender from even school toilets, that they will no longer be ‘girls’ or ‘boys’ toilets. I read that children will be taught that there is no such thing as gender. I thought it would never happen but I am horrified that John Lewis may have just kick started this horror to befall our innocent children.

As a mother, I am a traditional woman with traditional values. I never dress my little girls even in trousers. They only wear dresses.  It is a strict moral tradition I adhere to. That is how I raise my girls. I want them to be ladies, cultured not only in manners but  in apparel as well.  I have never liked the idea of trousers on little girls.

My daughter who is almost 3 years old has never worn trousers since she was born. Even now her favorite color is pink, I never taught her that, but she is just a girl who wants to be a girl.


My girls will be girls

I also have two boys who are 9 and 10. They dress as boys and have never worn anything feminine. I have never had a child who has ever come to me asking if they can wear clothing of the opposite gender. That is what is normal to them



My boys will be boys


All my children identify with the genders they were born in. They don’t only identify with the gender they were born in, they take pride in their genders. It’s their identity. It’s who they are. And I as a mother am here to reinforce, encourage and admonish their genders and I am here to help them be who they were born to be.


I will teach my children to be who they were born to be



I do not want to live in a world that takes away my children’s innocence and identities. I don’t want to live in a world that teaches my children that taking pride in their God given gender is politically wrong. None of my children were mistakenly born in the wrong gender so why should they be subjected or exposed to such an idea.

What John Lewis is doing to children is nothing other than child abuse falsely packaged as ‘gender equality’. There is no such thing as ‘genderless’. Every child is either born a boy or a girl. I agree with Piers Morgan that Britain has officially gone mad. This is so wrong on so many levels. Shame on you John Lewis.

Child abuse is not only beating children or ill-treating them, child abuse is also taking away the innocence of children and bringing them into confusion which John Lewis has done.

I hope millions of parents like me will boycott John Lewis lest they corrupt our beautiful innocent children with this utter madness which is child abuse.




2 thoughts on “John Lewis Genderless Agenda Is Child Abuse

  1. I know thats right! Truth be told pesticides in air, water, vegetation, CIA/military has been doing it for decades on amphibians could turn them what they referred to as Gay, also known as chemical warfare. These kids are drinking the kool-aid and it is a sad reality if the parents from our generation don’t stand up and educate themselves on more than just the latest iPhone.. Somebody gotta be the the Adult. Take accountability to talk with your children, and discuss matter of facts, this world is not an MTV reality show, hard work is required best by using their brains. Children become what they are exposed to, give them truth, lies, reality and struggle, ask them why they are doing what they are doing, don’t assume they know anything.

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