If Only I Had Kate Middleton’s Privilege

If only I had the privilege of Kate Middleton, today I would be on baby number 10.

Kate’s third pregnancy is such big news not only because she’s a royal, but because we now live in a society where just ‘three’ children are considered a lot for a young couple. There are already debates online about Kate and William not using contraception. Some are saying why do they keep breeding children at tax payers expense. Well, it’s called favor and privilege. And favor has never been fair. If I was in that position, I would not stop at 3, but 10.

For me as a young mother with 5 children, every time people ask me how many children I have, I get more reactions of shock, amazement, and fascination. We now live in an era where having a big family is no longer the norm.

My husband and I are always out and about more with our youngest girls because the older kids always prefer doing their own thing at home than hanging out with us. So people always assume the girls are our only children. They compliment us on how cute the girls are, and what a beautiful family we are. To them, we look like the perfect couple with two perfect little girls. So the moment we mention that actually, we have 3 more children at home, we ruin their perfect picture family and they are not even able to hide their shock and disappointment.


According to many Britons, our family would be more perfect if we just had these two cuties


So I am glad that the Duchess of Cambridge has decided to break that barrier. What a great example for Britain. I hope Prince William and Kate will have loads more babies and fill the royal palace with Princes and Princesses. Why not?

I only have 5, but if I was a multi millionaire with the privilege Kate Middleton has, I would be on baby number 10 today. If I had round the clock nannies, a personal assistant, a cleaner, a butler, a chef,  and all I had to do was attend ceremonies in designer frocks, why would I not have a house full of children?

As a woman, there is no other way to enlarge the tent of your territory other than having a quiver full of children.

Our main purpose on this earth is to be fruitful and multiply. That is actually the main reason we get married, to procreate and fill the earth. Children are a blessing and inheritance and I am glad and proud I have quite a share of that.


Being a young mother has been the best thing mother nature has given me



Yes they are all mine.


And they already understand the principles of ‘enlarging their territory’



One thought on “If Only I Had Kate Middleton’s Privilege

  1. You’re right, three children is seen as many children because in this world everyone is looking to the white family to show them what is right. Since white people don’t have many children, 3 children is seen as a grand number.


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