Dear Harry, Become The ‘Best Version Of Yourself’, And Denounce Your Royal Titles And Social Privilege

Harry, or should I say Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, because I am not sure which is which, yesterday we heard on TV that you like to be addressed as Harry, yet today you released a motivational message with all your titles on, you love to eat your cake and have it too isn’t it?

So you have urged people to cope with “whatever life throws at them”, and become the “best version” of themselves in your first motivational message for the mental health company that gave you a job, –Daily Mail.

First of all Harry, you are not in any position to give people advice on “coping with whatever life throws at them”, neither are you qualified to tell people to become the best version of themselves. Your life is proof that you have failed miserably at BOTH. This motivational message is very insensitive to say the least, especially coming from you. Your message does not apply to the people in this world with real struggles, people suffering poverty in Africa for example. Your message can not even apply to a victim of sexual assault, or a child who is living in a household full of abuse. There are millions of people who are not able to cope with whatever life throws at them, neither are they in a position to become the “best versions” of themselves simply because life circumstances wont all them.

You, Harry are without a doubt one of the most privileged human beings on earth, you are in the 1% of those born with a silver spoon permanently glued to their tongues, for life.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not against the rich and privileged, it’s not a crime to be born privileged, it’s called “favour”, after all God causes the rain to fall on both the rich and poor, he is the maker of them all. My favourite TV shows of all time is Downton Abbey, in fact I am so obsessed with it, nothing on screen has ever fascinated me more. I understand the dynamics in life, that some people are born to serve, and others are born to rule. Someone has to clean the streets, and someone has to sit on a golden throne. The balance of the two worlds is what makes life.

So I understand your life Harry, I get it, you were born a white Prince in the first world, you have always had servants, I think millions of people in this world accept that, they even adored you for it, but what boggles my mind is that with all your luxuries and privilege, you have refused over and over to cope with the few “negatives” life has thrown at you, so much that right now you are throwing a tantrum that has caused a global unrest, and a fight between races that has not been seen on this earth in over 400 years, and your tantrum is now about to threaten the existence of the real life Downton Abbey, and change history. All this just because Harry could not get what he wanted.

Two weeks ago, you and your wife sat down with one of the richest human beings on earth, and used that opportunity to lie and lie and lie, as your wife culturally appropriated the black struggle, whilst you sat there as a 36 year old grown man, crying like a spoiled brat that your Daddy stopped giving you money after you had told him to eff off basically, that you didn’t want to be a royal anymore. Then you humiliate your father and brother by saying they are “trapped”. You lack the basic principle of life, to accept that which you cannot change.

Like I said, I am not against the privileged, the least you can do when born with such a silver spoon is just to enjoy it, and do your bit to help the poor here and there, that’s decent enough. But to now lecture the world that they have to cope with whatever life throws at them when you and your wife have constantly failed to even do that is not acceptable.

If you could “cope with whatever life threw at you”, you wouldn’t even have sued the tabloids, because that comes with being in the public eye, and more so being a ROYAL. If you coped with whatever life threw at you, you would still be living in England and accepting that you will never be KING, and that your brother would be. How about starting with coping with that reality. Because when all is said and done Harry, you know in your hearts of hearts that this is the ONLY reason you are this angry at your family, so much you are willing to become a TRAITOR to your own kind and destroy where you came from, whilst being a hypocrite and clinging to the very privilege and titles your own people have given you. That makes you totally abhorrent, and today, your Family “in all their evil and shortcomings” are way more righteous than you.

Why not start by “coping” with the fact that your older brother is your senior and King, and you always have to be behind him.

If you could “cope with whatever life threw at you”, you would have told your spoilt entitled wife to accept and respect the fact that Kate would eventually be her Queen, whom she would have to curtsey to. How about starting with coping with that reality. Why didn’t you tell your wife to “become the best version of herself” with what “life had threw at her” when she was throwing tantrums because the Queen would not give her her choice of Tiara which she was not entitled to, but instead you encouraged your wife to disrespect your family and said, “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets!” How dare you tell the world to cope when clearly you never did?

Why didn’t you tell your wife to cope with the reality of always standing behind her Queen.

Now Harry, let me school you on what it means to leave a toxic institution which trapped you. You leave, and don’t look back. You do not go back there with “emotional blackmails” demanding the institution gives you money, titles and privileges, if not then you threaten you will destroy them. You are not even loyal to your own cause you are claiming to represent.

I came from Zimbabwe, where I was truly trapped if you want to talk about being “trapped”, even though my father is a direct descendant of the royal bloodline of the founders of the Great Zimbabwe, he is a spirit of Zimbabwe of which the ancestral spirits speaks through for the betterment of Zimbabwe, and has constantly asked me to became his successor, because I possess the “GIFTS” needed to take on the role. My father is always telling me that I am a torch bearer of the Zimbabwe Kingdom by birthright, and calls me the granddaughter of Gadziguru, a Zimbabwean ancestral spirit medium, which is actually a title of Muzvare, which means Princess in shona, but never in my life will I ever call myself Muzvare, because I detest the abusive cultures and religions of Zimbabwe, and what I suffered in the country. So I refuse to even enjoy the few privileges which I could have had from being a royal daughter of Zimbabwean soil, because I had to come out from them completely to enjoy the fruits of my FREEDOM as Mary Tamar was Jean.

I would rather be a “peasant” in the UK, than a Princess in Zimbabwe, surrounded by cultures and traditions my very conscience goes against. My father lives in a mansion in Zimbabwe, with servants, he has wealth according to Zimbabwean standards, he is always asking me to come back to Zimbabwe, saying he will give me anything I desire there.

When I was still a part of Zimbabwe, before I left and denounced it, my father would give me the phone numbers of anyone I wanted for my blogs and journalism, including Zimbabwe millionaire Philip Chiyangwa, or even the most famous Zimbabwean artist Thomas Mapfumo, these are people I have spoken to on the phone, simply through their connections to my father. But no, to me those superficial privileges of being a daughter of a Zimbabwean chief means nothing to me, because still Zimbabwe made me bleed and never truly treated me like it’s daughter.

My father is a direct descendant of this Empire which is one of the most sacred and greatest civilisations of Africa.
My husband is also of royal lineage, so I rightfully refer to him as King, because he fully embraces his heritage and history. Still my black and Zimbabwean critics mock me, that why should I be with a dark skinned man like my husband.
These are screenshots from a gossip website called lipstick alley where black people there dedicate their lives to mocking me and being very vile towards my husband, our lifestyle and our family.

So even though I am of royal lineage of which my own haters testify, and have had to face utter disdain and persecution from Zimbabweans and also black people for denouncing my birth country, still to me, England is my promised land, the land of milk and honey, my home where I belong, even when I was a little girl in Zimbabwe, the only thing which gave me hope in life was to imagine how life would be like in England. I love everything here, the culture, the language, the food, the freedom. Of course there are things in the UK which are not good for black women like me even, but goodness, I can so “cope” with it, it’s HEAVEN here, compared to being a royal in Zimbabwe, and I have actually became the best version of myself, even with things life throws at me here in England.

In the UK, I’ve become the best version of myself despite what life threw at me.

So if there is any ounce of integrity left in you Harry, If you have truly left the royal family, take your own advice, and DENOUNCE your BRITISH royal titles immediately, since the titles and privileges “Trapped You”. Denounce them and stop trying to make a living through your TIES to the British Royal Family whilst giving lectures to people who have real life struggles. Stop spitting in our faces Harry. You want the life of an ordinary person whilst you reap the benefits of a royal and your social privilege. Have you no shame? You have failed to “cope” with the reality of your status that you will never be King in the most privileged family in this world, so now the least you can do is shut up, and spare us the hypocritical offensive lectures.

The Genesis of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

4 thoughts on “Dear Harry, Become The ‘Best Version Of Yourself’, And Denounce Your Royal Titles And Social Privilege

  1. Yes who knows, one day he this, one day he that.. Exactly like you said has his cake and eats it too just like his wife. Nobody can tell me that the Queen and Charles are still not helping these two. Open doors for them, Harry can cry all he likes, he is nothing but an entitled, spoiled loser, in my option a welfare recipient. I seriously can’t stand him or his wife. His wife is a greasy pole climber/gold digger and would likely be on unemployment by now as SUITS ended long ago which nobody even heard of or married to some other dim wit sucker. His new job, what a joke, sickening a company would hire him, he is not educated in that field, he is a clown and has huge issues. Harry the GOOF. Company should see his past behaviour dressing up like a Nazi. I think sickening that the company would hire someone like Harry when many people out there have went to school, worked hard and would qualify for this job. Must be nice to have the life Harry does and the one OLD Megain so quickly became accustomed to. I can’t even really bare to watch anything about these two anymore. Tired of the privileged and the rich getting breaks that nobody else receives. I could care less what happens to these two LOSERS. Company that hired him can’t be all that good, seriously throwing away money on a person that has no education in the field but because a prince he receives a position.

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  2. I am so happy you are getting your story out, I saw it on one of my fb sites this morning and it made my day. You are an amazing, bright lady, I have nothing but respect for you.


  3. Wow just shows yes what jumped up little prick both of them are blackmailing the royal family yes I take my hat of to you admire your courage to be the best person in your own life and world god bless you 💖💖


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