Being A Mother Is Not An Excuse To Let Yourself Go

Today marks exactly 8 weeks (2 months) since Charo was born and I am celebrating because I feel healthy, happy and blessed.

Yesterday my 8 year old son Kunashe who is my photographer, took some pictures of me, and some of my followers asked me what my beauty secrets where.

Beauty is a natural gift, but looking good takes time and effort. Even though Esther was one of the most beautiful women, she had to spend a year under strict regime to maintain and enhance her beauty before she could even meet the King.

If beauty is not maintained, unfortunately it will fade. Its like a beautiful house, no matter how nice your house is, if you do not clean and maintain it, it will lose its touch. The house may even mould and start to smell. Those who live in mansions spend millions of pounds just on maintenance. Even our simple humble houses needs maintaining. The walls may need repainting now and again. You have to renovate your house and update your decor. You may need to do little things like putting fresh flowers on your kitchen table to bring life into the home. You may need to buy new cushions for your sofas as the seasons change. Its called maintenance and upkeep, without that, your house will be cold and uninviting.

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Maintain your body

If you clean your house and maintain it, what more your body, which is much more precious than a house.

If you do not maintain yourself, your beauty will become a former shadow of yourself. Worse more when you have children, your body changes, and it’s hard for any woman to watch your once intact toned body lose shape. You lose that spark you once had before childbearing, no one is immune to that. Giving birth does take the toll on your body, not to mention the weight you put on whilst pregnant. If you do not take heed after childbearing, you will lose your spark. Yes I know, it’s hard being a woman!

One thing I have learnt to do over the years to maintain my natural beauty is to exercise. I exercise regularly, almost everyday if I must be honest. I waited for 6 weeks to start working out again after having Charo. So I have been working out for two weeks now, and already I can tell the massive difference. You have to be consistent. I spend at least 45 mins jogging daily and this has become part of my lifestyle and daily routine. I do not know how one can live without exercising, I do not do it just to look good, I exercise for a healthy body, spirit and mind.

Its been 2 weeks since I have started exercising again after giving birth

Exercise is one of the most beautiful time of my day. I use that time to meditate and reflect whilst I play music. Exercise is my me time.

I have never joined a gym in my life. I hate gyms and find them a little intimidating, lol. I am not a fan of working out in a crowded place. I love my own space and privacy. I love nature and animals.  I would rather look at the horses and sheep whilst I jog. I love to look at the skies and listen to the birds sing. So the only place where I can exercise freely is outdoors am I blessed to live in an area where there are stunning grounds with beautiful animals, my favourite being the sheep.

I believe being a mother of 5 should not control my body or dictate how I should look. I refuse to let myself go. God made me a steward of this beautiful body, why should I neglect it? I find no excuse as a woman, to let your body go. I know it sounds a little harsh, but as a woman, looking beautiful is a big part of your womanhood. Letting yourself go is simply being unkind to yourself.

Do not get me wrong, all women are beautiful in their own ways, but looking and staying fit is a virtue. Sadly these days there is so much pressure on us women to look super skinny in order to be called beautiful. I personally do not believe in being super skinny to look beautiful. I am a black woman who was born in Africa. Curves are part of our beauty and trademark. We have bigger hips and bigger buttocks. If we lose too much weight, we lose our amazing curves. So being a black woman, I do not believe being super skinny will suit me. We look better with a bit of flesh on, but I believe we ought to look after our bodies and be fit and healthy.

I love food but I try my best to eat healthy.  Drinking loads of water also helps with good skin. I do not eat pork and I do not eat too much junk food. Its true what they say, you are what you eat.

But I believe exercising is what really does it for me. I am addicted. Working out is also spiritual for me. That’s when I get most of my inspiration and motivation. In fact as I finish writing this article, whilst all the children are still in bed, I will get off and do my morning jog. Its spring, my favourite season of the year, so I love to spend as much time as I can outdoors doing what I love. I refuse to look like a woman who has had 5 children. I will not be unkind to myself.  I owe it to my health and to my children to be a fit mummy.  So yeah, that’s my beauty secret.

Be kind to yourself…

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