Top 10 Most Beautiful African Women

Rating women’s beauty can be very difficult, especially African black beauty. Black women’s beauty is already a controversial and rather political subject for they are often a subject of mockery for hiding their own hair under European women’s hair. Black women’s beauty is probably the most underrated in the world, mainly because for centuries, black women have been made to feel they are just not beautiful enough, compared to European and Western’s standards of beauty, the long straight hair, the pale skin and the blue eyes. For me as a black woman, it pains me to see how millions of black women are not comfortable in their own beauty. I hate weaves, I really do. I just think straight flowing hair just looks wrong on a black indigenous African woman.

So my top 10 most beautiful African women can only be women who are comfortable in their own skin and hair. Black African women who refuse to imitate European or White beauty. Black women who are not only fearless but bold. Black women who are proud and confident to be black and do not have a hint of apology in their melanin or hair. For me, this is what it means to be black and beautiful. No weaves, No bleached Skin and preferably no fake nails too. Just raw beauty enhanced with minimal natural looking cosmetics.

So according to Just Jean, these are without a doubt the most beautiful women in Africa, and I will surely tell you why.

  1. Ajuma Nasenyana (KENYA)


    I absolutely love Ajuma. I love her spirit and everything that she represents. Her indigenous beauty resembles everything beautiful about being black and African. She is one woman whom when I look at her pictures, I see her speaking for all of us, the misunderstood black African women. I see a picture of suffering yet strong and resilient.  Her beauty sparks certain deeps emotions in me pertaining my race. When I look at Ajuma I feel sadness, anger, love then pride. I love the color of her eyes, the full dark lips, the beautiful short natural hair and her perfect skin. Her beauty is unapologetic and undiluted. 17362645_1603913032971431_3457213141563256737_n

Sadly AJuma said her beauty is celebrated more in the USA and Europe than it is in her native Kenya or Africa. In Kenya, because of her dark skin, she was not seen as attractive. But Ajuma’s international success as a fashion model changed the perception of black African beauty. Whats not to love about this inspiring empowering melanin goddess. A powerful force to reckon with not just in black beauty, but in black women empowerment. “I have never attempted to change my skin. I am natural”, Ajuma once said. Well, that is why I rate her the most beautiful woman in Africa. I just love her.

2. Lilian Uwanyuze (RWANDA)




Ethnic beauty at its best. Rwanda’s Lilian is an absolute melanin stunner. I love her tribal warrior look. She wears her hair in edgy styles that ooze sophistication. Oh and that Africa tattoo on her back, eccentric. I am not a fan of tattoos but hers is the only tattoo I absolutely admire. She’s proud to be African and wears that pride on her sleeve, literally. Melanin cuteness overload. That’s why she is my number 2 most beautiful African woman, or should I say warrior Queen.



3. Nyakim Gatwech (SOUTH SUDAN)



How can one look at Nyakim and not be mesmerized by such enchanting beauty? Oh she is one of my favorite African beauties. Her shiny dark skin has earned her the nick name ‘Queen Of The Dark’. She grew up being told if she ever wanted to make it as a fashion model, she had to bleach her skin. But Nyakim always embraced her dark skin with pride and boldness and she dared to make it as a successful model in her own right. Her confidence is so refreshing, especially at such a time where black women are resorting to more skin bleaching. I love her more because she often wears my favorite color orange, and it complements her skin perfectly. I consider Nyakim the 3rd most beautiful African Goddess.

4. Lharley Lhartey (GHANA)




Lharley Lhartey’s Instagram pictures speak sophistication and true African beauty. The presenter, Instagramer, and fashionista is one of Ghana’s emerging faces of authentic beauty. I love her confidence and how she embraces her full figure and her beautiful short hair brings out the African Queen in her. I think she represents what it means to be an African woman who is proud of her hair, her skin and full figure. I rate her as the 4th most beautiful African woman. Maybe she could have been number 1, because whilst writing this article she is the only melanin beauty I felt jealous of, honestly. I mean seriously, she is in her own league.

5.Nandi Mngoma (SOUTH AFRICA) 





I don’t think we can talk about African beauty without mentioning South Africa’s Nandi. I consider her the perfect Africa’s sweetheart. Africa’s oil painting. To me, she looks like a fairy tale princess. Too pretty. Too perfect. God certainly took his time when he was fashioning her. The songstress and social media personality is not only blessed with enchanting beauty, but she also has a beautiful soul and speaks her mind out unapologetically. That’s why I rate Nandi as the 5th most beautiful African woman, or should I say, princess.

6. Destiny Owusu (GHANA)



When we mention melanin on social media, Destiny also known as Ohwawa comes to mind. She is known for her signature hashtag #IsYourMelaninOnFleek and she certainly knows how to work that melanin. She is now considered as one of the new emerging faces of ethnic beauty. She is empowering to the black woman, not only is her melanin on fleek, but her hair too. She wears her own hair. She wears her own skin. She is so on fleek so I rate her the 6th most beautiful African goddess.



7. Kaone Kario (BOTSWANA)




Kaone is Botswana’s most successful model who has made her mark as a top model in Botswana and on the International scene. Her radiant natural beauty is mesmerizing. I am captivated by the naive and vulnerable look in her eyes. I see a woman who is just herself, doesn’t even try to be beautiful, yet she is absolutely gorgeous and stands out. Kaone is my number 7 most beautiful African woman.

8.Nomazamo Mbatha (SOUTH AFRICA)



I love everything about this talented South African actress and model. I love her creativity with her hair. She keeps her beauty so African and ethnic. She wears the most stunning dreadlocks and afro hair. And how beautiful is her golden skin? I consider the award winning actress the cream of Southern African beauty and one of the finest women South Africa has to offer. She had to be my number 8.

9. Thando Hopa (SOUTH AFRICA)





Oh beautiful Thando. Pretty pretty pretty. Her beauty is not only enchanting but it’s angelic. She looks like she has just stepped down from the heavenly realm to us mere mortals. She radiates purity and innocence. But she is not only beautiful, she is a powerful activist too. Thando fought the stigma of albinism in South Africa. She has remained true to herself. I love how she wears her hair too, just beautiful. That is why she is my number 9 beauty. She’s an angel.

10. Mayowa Nicholas  (NIGERIA)



I could not leave such a fresh faced teenager out of my top 10 list. That would be criminal. Whats not to love about Mayowa. She’s the new face of Calvin Klein among other major international achievements as a top model and it looks like she hasn’t even begun. The Nigerian born beauty is a free spirit who is fun loving, young and true to herself. In her most recent interview, she said her wish is for all women to feel beautiful and empowered. Well with such wisdom like that, this melanin beauty had to make my final 10.

Mayowa’s wish is for every woman to feel beautiful and empowered.

Well, writing this article made me look at my pictures a few times, yep looking at professional pictures of super photogenic beautiful women can be quite intimidating and daunting. More so being a woman who is rating the whole of Africa’s most beautiful women. I had to question the sanity of my own beauty a few times. Oh, I felt so average! I felt not worthy to even stand next to these melanin beauties. So Mayowa’s inspiring words were actually very encouraging to me. It’s every woman’s birth right to feel eternally beautiful. More so African women. We are all beautiful, yes even those who wear weaves, but these top 10 just happen to professionally carry themselves so well, and represent true African beauty at its best!

So I dared myself, that no matter how intimidated I felt by these top 10 beauties, I dared myself to end this article with a picture of myself. And to my readers, if you are a black woman reading this, in your mind just place your best picture at the bottom of this article, or even the very top, and rate yourself as one of the 10 most beautiful women of Africa! Be empowered.










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