Why Meghan Owes Britain An Apology For Mocking Royal Wedding They Paid For As ‘A Spectacle’

As the army of Meghan, the Meghanites (as one of my Twitter followers called them) are insulting me and begging me to stop writing about their Queen, I can not stop because her Oprah car crush interview opened a pandora’s box that I can not close until all her evil is exposed.

I am not afraid of the Meghanites, I will not cap my pen for their sake. I thank God for those who have supported my pen thus far.

Now let me direct this to Meghan, because something tells me she’s reading my online diary from her secret chambers, especially my last essay narrating how she bullied Kate and made her cry, which has generated over 200 000 views so far, my most read blog post to date. On my Facebook page, the post has almost 10k reactions, almost 2k comments, and over 1k shares.

So dear Meghan, can I just say, listening to you tell Oprah that your 2018 royal wedding was a SPECTACLE, as you LIED that you had an intimate marriage ceremony in your back garden instead was like a kick to my face. You reminded me of the saying, “Do not bite the hand that feeds you.” As a matter of fact, the only reason you were granted that interview by Oprah was because of the wedding which you now shun, a wedding that cost the tax-payer, the people of Britain 35 million pounds.

You lack basic etiquette Meghan. You lack grace. You behave like the villains of Disney fairy tales. You do not understand what it means to be royal, or to SERVE your people, in this case your husband’s people. Royal weddings bring jubilation to the people. Royal weddings unite people. Royal weddings make people forget their troubles for just that one day.

Meghan, I want to take you through the journey of my LIFE during the month of your wedding.

When you first came into the royal family, I was one of the first people to be very excited that you were moving to England. I loved the diversity you brought to the British Monarchy. At the time of your wedding, believe it or not, I couldn’t wait for the wedding, because it was the only thing exciting to look forward to, besides the fact that I was heavily pregnant.

Your royal wedding gave me HOPE at a very dark time in my life. The night before your wedding, I posted on my Facebook, wishing you the best of luck, and couldn’t wait to see your dress. I sympathised with you, and could relate with you because I was also a divorcee when I met my husband, and I came from a very toxic family. On the day of your wedding, I played your wedding over and over, it was a ray of sunshine in my difficult life at that time.

Even though I was so disappointed with your dress, it was too white and did not fit, but because I liked you, I focused on the positives. I liked your natural makeup look, and praised you, because I wanted to be part of the people who blessed you, and wished you happiness, as we welcomed you into the Kingdom.

So Meghan, if you have a little bit of a heart, you will know how offensive your heartless words were to people like me, who were genuinely happy for you, people who derived hope through your wedding.

I watched your royal wedding with my 5 children, in a one bed Air BnB, where my 5 children slept in the living room on an air mattress, and my husband and I slept in a tiny bedroom, as I waited to deliver my baby, without a fixed home address, because the council had kicked me out for moving my husband into my house, when he was still applying for his citizenship. Because he wasn’t allowed to work and I wasn’t allowed to house him, basically he was supposed to stay in the streets, technically, but I begged the council to let me stay in the house till I gave birth at least. I was planning of asking money from my Father in Zimbabwe to cover the rent, but the council still kicked me out, when I was only weeks away from my due date. They wrote a letter to social services that my children be put in care as I was homeless.

Now you may wonder, why was I homeless whilst about to give birth? Well, the housing system can be rather unkind and unsympathetic to people like us. I am in no way a “benefit scrounger”, because I came to the UK at 17, and studied and qualified as a nurse, whilst I worked endless long shifts to survive. Sometimes I would work for 3-5 days in a row without going home. When I qualified as a nurse, I used to hold down two to three jobs, working nights and day shifts just to pay the mortgage. So I have worked and toiled, and paid my taxes in the UK. Somehow life was cruel to me, so I had to flee my matrimonial home to a women’s refuge with my young children, whilst there my ex-husband made sure the family home was repossessed to punish me. I became officially homeless, with a bad credit history, and that was the beginning of a very hard life in the UK when it came to housing. The system, when I was at my lowest chucked me into the street, just before I gave birth.

Well, you told Gayle King that you kept receipts of your “suffering” in the hands of the royal family, oh well, below are my receipts of my homelessness, heavily pregnant as well, during the month of your royal wedding. The funny thing is, this is not something I would have ever shared publicly, because Zimbabweans would have mocked and laughed at me senseless, saying I was CURSED, but since you came out to share your own ordeal, you are now their role model as they call you “Brave” and a “Survivor”, so surely I am justified to publicly display my “Bravery” too.

So dear Meghan, I know the above “receipts” prove a certain type of life struggle you have never had to walk. Lucky for me, with this pregnancy when I was homeless, I wasn’t a single mother going through divorce or custody battle, so I was not suicidal, my Husband kept me going and held my hand through it all.

But whilst you have the privilege to tell your life struggles on International TV and be hailed as a HERO and BRAVE, the life struggles of people like us are way too degrading and embarrassing to shout from roof tops like you did, so we become BRAVE and our own HERO’s by smiling through it all, and never saying a word, lest our fellow black sisters and brothers mock us even more, in fact my mother rejoiced that I was homeless, and prayed that my children be taken away from me and even given to my ex-husband.

When life throws challenges at people with a skin like us, we smile and compose ourselves, and become the better version of ourselves as we take pictures, that’s our BRAVERY. There is no Oprah or Gayle for us.

Social services told me that if I do not house myself, the children would be removed, and I would give birth homeless. My greatest fear was for my mother’s curses to come true. So my husband stepped up, and through his communication skills, being very good at PR, Branding and Marketing, he would book us in luxury Air bnbs, and even convince the landlords to let us stay without paying, and would do branding , designing logos and giving marketing advice for their companies for free. And because he’s such a charmer, the landlords would just love him. I saw the brilliance in my KING, what a smart and gifted man he was. As a man of pride and honour, he told me not to ask my father for money, even though his hands were so tied by the system. I learnt from my husband, and helped him, using my talents to draw portraits, and somehow that paid for our accommodation, well at least for one month.

So Meghan, even though I worked in the UK as a nurse, and paid my taxes, I did not complain that I was kicked out of a house with 5 young children, weeks before giving birth. Even during that time, there was so much tears, but life was so beautiful, because my husband and I had each other, and we bonded so much. Even in our darkest moments, still England was the Promised Land to us, so much today we miss those good old days of living in air BnBs, as hard as it was, even our children miss those days, because life became an adventure they would later dub the “wilderness” were God taught them life lessons and fed them with manna from Heaven.

Whilst homeless, the children’s greatest strength was each other.
Even when homeless, we celebrated birthdays with so much joy
Even when homeless, it was one of the best summers the children ever had.
Even when homeless, my joy came from seeing them happy.
Even when homeless, there was so much peace and beauty in my world.

The wedding you called a spectacle for people like us gave me so much hope during the wilderness, that one day I too would have a house and everything would be okay. I played the royal rendition of “STAND BY ME” on repeat for days, telling myself that when the night has come, and the land is dark, when the moon is the only light we see, I would be afraid nor cry, as long as my husband stood by me. So for days I refused to cry, because of YOUR ROYAL wedding.

My husband stood by me.

When I gave birth, my husband booked me my own Air BnB to bring the baby ‘home’ to, and he went back to the children in the one bed flat, and left me alone for the night, because he wanted me not to be crowded in a one bed apartment with 5 children and a new baby. I loved the little apartment so much, I set my camera up and did my thing with my new PRINCE. In that apartment, I had the most beautiful pictures to announce my baby to the world. No one ever knew I was homeless.

I so loved it in there, I begged my husband to allow me to stay another night, because that little apartment was what I needed as it was so calm and serene for me and the baby. But my husband told me, “no baby, I can’t afford it now, we are going back to the one bed flat.” I packed my things so sad, and took the “baby boy” balloon my daughter had bought me as my husband carried the baby. As I tried to get into the car, I lost hold of the ballon, and it went up to the sky. I couldn’t believe it, because the balloon meant so much to me, so I started to cry.

“It’s okay, don’t cry baby, let the balloon go. It’s your prayer to God okay. Our son will open doors for us, and we will get a house very soon. And listen baby, I promise you this, once I get my papers, I will own loads of houses in the UK.”

And my husband was so right, within 3 days, we were in our own rented house, with deposit and rent paid for. So Meghan, as you now suddenly identify with your black side, I am telling you all this, so you know what it feels like to be a black woman in the UK. But still, even with everything that happened to me here, I love my country so much, this is the only place I would rather be.

So you may wonder, that if I once admired you so much, and I derived hope from your wedding, what changed for me to become your biggest critic. It was the little but no so little things you did Meghan, like going to Africa and telling a TV reporter that “no one asked if you were okay.” You stood on African soil, the poorest continent in the world, and said, “No one checked on you”, whilst you had travelled with an entourage and a husband, and was surrounded by poor hungry black people who were worshipping you, I could not believe how ungrateful and wicked that was of you. I tried to understand why you chose Africa do that, but I couldn’t.

You came into a Kingdom which gave you global fame and fortune you were never going to ever taste in your life. We, the people of United Kingdom, welcomed you with open arms into our country, yet we did not know who you were before Harry, even though you claim you are the one who did not know who Harry was.

If you had any ounce of integrity left in you, you would apologise to the British people, for trying to destroy their Kingdom when all they did for you was pay for your dream wedding, which you turned round and claimed you never wanted it as it was a spectacle.

Like Vashiti, may the Lord God remove the crown from your head and give it to an Esther, for you are unworthy Meghan. May you be written in history as the woman you truly are, a fallen royal who was never grateful for a world many women can only dream of.

The Genesis of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

20 thoughts on “Why Meghan Owes Britain An Apology For Mocking Royal Wedding They Paid For As ‘A Spectacle’

  1. We have had to tolerate all the people who love Meghan especially since that damned interview – I was so delighted when she first appeared on the scene & Harry seemed totally in love but sadly I like so many others I know, now question her true motives. The Queen & the Royal Family opened the doors for her & yet she has attacked the monarchy in such a way which (as you said in an earlier article) if reputed will only sound like sour grapes & yet, they do have the right to respond to all her claims. In addition, so many of the stories seem biased to her favour only but without evidence to back it up

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    1. I have read many stories from yourself and others and as a Christian my heart goes out to you. I have had hard and bad times myself but not as bad as you have experienced. I genuinely hope things go well for you in the future.

      I admire how uou gave held your head up and told your story, it will give others the strength to continue with their own problems.

      But to the point, I do not think megan markle has had racism from the British people in general ( I can not say all) but the woman has come across not at first (when we adored her) but later on as disingenuous, untruthful, unbelievable and generally unlikeable.

      We don’t need newspapers to tell us what to think, we can find things out ourselves, we have eyes and ears to hear and watch what she says, present and past, telling us not all what she portrays is the the real megan.

      We britidh wanted Harry to be happy, we are disappointed, having it all thrown back in our faces has angered us, to continually being told we are racist to explain a person’s bad behaviour is not on. This is the fact of the matter

      I do not wish to sound ignorant but can any one tell me, what comments made by the British media were racist, I genuinely must have missed them.

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      1. This is their game, I think MM has done it all her life, doesn’t get what she wants, she plays a game. I truly believe MM would do anything for money and fame and I thinks she has. I believe the stories, the videos re: porn. I believe the stories of her doing some entertainment on the side. I think she did not get her way and didn’t like the protocol, the rules, she wanted things her way. I watched some video’s of her when little with her dad and I can see she always had to be the shining star, she did not like it when her dad said no, she gave him nasty looks. Seems to me she always needed things her way, acted like a sweet child but really I don’t think she was. I think MM has huge issues, I think she did get the best of both worlds growing up, her dad put her on a pedestal because likely she made it so he felt sorry for her. Her mom of course the absent mom would just come home and say okay and everything MM said or asked was okay. I think her mom is a big LOSER! I think MM is an evil, controlling person that do anything to get what she wants. I don’t think she gives a crap about anyone but hey in saying that she should fit in right with most of Hollywood. I think she hates the fact that she is not Kim K or one of the sisters because she doesn’t want a man around, she doesn’t want rules. MM was on her way out, she was a washed up actress so all she really had going for herself was she was half decent looking due to all surgery. She hung with some people that knew a few people and she latched on to a rich prince only because I don’t think there was a lot more on the table to choose from. She did not think about what went with it, she got a taste while dating Harry how much money she could make as I don’t think she made that much before. She went from an unknown Z rate actress to a star over night. NOBODY was going to tell her what to do, she figures she did it all on her own. SHE IS AN EVIL-EVIL person and Harry is grosser, taking everything and more, he is nobody without his family or their money. He is receiving a visa because of his family, he is receiving offers for jobs because of his family, using their ideas. I think it is gross, I actually hate this couple and don’t wish one ounce of good for them. TWO OF the BIGGEST PUKES IN the world.


  2. Your writing articulates my thoughts and feelings.

    I was so so happy that Prince Harry had found happiness and like many found joy in that…UNTIL THAT INTERVIEW!

    Thank you for continuing to use your pen and also sharing your story. You are a true survivor and an incredible person.

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  3. As a black African I was so happy when Meghan met and married Prince Harry. I was her strong defender even when she behaved badly and broke protocol. My turning point came when she announced her pregnancy at Princess Eugenie’s wedding. I just said wait a minute, this is not RIGHT. I can’t do that to my worse enemy let alone a family member.

    I started to do proper research on Meghan and realized something was not right with her. She is the most ungrateful human being on earth and very disrespectful. I can’t believe she told the Queen she does not own the right to the word ROYAL and that service is UNIVERSAL. I hope the Queen will do the right thing by taking away their titles.

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    1. I agree. The turning point for me was also when she announced her pregnancy at another person’s big day. It was an arrogant move and made me think more about her character.


      1. MM does not know what the word thank you means. She has no grace, never has said sorry or takes blame for anything. Harry as well, he such an entitled yuck, no substance. Both point fingers, jealousy and want everything their own way. I am sick of the two of them, her old mother as well hanging on. I think it is actually gross, MM and her mother two peas on a pod. The RF gave the dirty little tramp a chance and she turns around and treats all like crap. USES her race card, his mental illness card. They don’t understand why people don’t like them, I will tell you why they don’t like them because good/smart people see through evil devils.


  4. Please don’t listen to those idiots that love OLD Megain, we all know they are about the same speed as Megain, greedy, needy, using, lying, parasites. Please keep writing, please continue doing what you are doing. I read all your posts or all that I can. The truth hurts Megain’s lying, loser sugars who think bad behaviour should be rewarded.

    I think you are the most perfect lady to write and not because you are black. I think you are very bright, articulate, beautiful a lady, a mother, a princess & a great mother who is kind and compassionate, as well you speak the truth which in this world is very rare these days πŸ™‚ Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you. I am not on twitter nor any other social media except facebook and this site. I know a group I belong to on F/B has come across your posts as they are posting them so we can all come to this site and read your posts. They all love you, they all post how brilliant you are, you are my hero.

    I honestly hate Megain Markle and Clown Harry, they used Canada my country, took from my people. H & M never did a thing here but cause some problems after Megain set up a media op in a public park. Harry with his yellow buck teeth yelling I will sue, I will sue. Both demanding more paid security while here as said not enough. Left their child in Canada while both went to UK so double security, Canada and UK and then again when Harry went back to UK and left his loser wife here, again double the paid security.

    Megain pretended to go down to the Women’s shelter on the Lower East side in Vancouver when Harry was away in UK. We all know why, she wanted attention and wasn’t getting any, she pretended she went to the shelter which she never did. She went and enjoyed a lovely pro bono lunch with the staff and some want to be’s in Vancouver trying to make a name for themselves by giving her lovely gifts. Megain excepted a bunch of lovely free gifts which I did not think at time she was allowed to do that. . Megain never donated a dime, never did anything for the ladies in need. All for a photo op and attention to get her ugly mug on TV and media attention.

    H & M squatted, used, took from Canadians for 6 months because of Harry’s privilege in life. No thank you, just took off like w thieves in the night a day before paid security and borders closed. Likely our PM paid for a lot more but of course I haven’t received a run down as I requested.

    I bring this up because when Harry or media first announced Harry was engaged I thought oh good for the poor thing. I caught the interview as my mom had it on in her room while I popped by to visit. I thought MM was phoney re: the five minutes of the engagement interview that I watched. I actually though yikes but did not even give another thought. I never watched the Royal wedding they had because in all honesty never had any idea of who MM was even though she apparently likes to tell the world everyone knew of her as a big actress. I never really cared much for Harry as thought a spoiled weirdo but thought fine, he was just the spare & spoiled. Nobody knew MM in Canada, nobody even knew about SUITS. I never paid much more attention until I SAW THAT SICK display in Africa her crying, using pity card, pointing fingers, then him re: his sickening speech spewing BS. TOP it all of they came and used Canada.

    I hate them both and will never change my mind. Hate is a strong word and I don’t hate anyone usually but these two lying, using hypocrites who are jealous and point fingers, think they are special & deserving is enough for me. Use my country and my people and think that is okay, use UK and RF and think that okay, run around on private jets squatting, using peoples ideas that they call down re: the RF and UK. Pit people against each other, countries, and families, and not that I think these two losers have that power but they use hate to do it, they use race card, pity card, mental illness card, miscarriage card, Dianna card, suicide card. Use people for their own gain. LOSERS is what they are and the people that follow them. Oprah should be ashamed of herself, Gayle King and any other star that sticks up for them or politician. They can all go F themselves !!

    Please, please keep up the good work and ignore her LOSER followers. Birds of a feather flock together, crows fly with crows (losers). My dear you are an Eagle, fly above and leaders have to teach people and show them the truth and good.

    By the way your family is gorgeous, your 14 year old is drop dead gorgeous just like her mommy. Sending you lots of prayers, and love to your and your family.

    Sorry so long winded. I would bore you even more if I told you everything I felt. I wish I had your penmanship.


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      1. Have a wonderful weekend, and I love you too πŸ™‚ amazing good people like you are harder and harder to find these days. I am just happy that people can see through these two and especially through MM. Harry I think is just lost, I really do. I don’t think he has ever had to really worry in his life or not like many that is for sure.


      2. With so much going on in your life and five children why are you obsessed with another woman.
        If you were homeless why have 5 children?
        Meghan Markle is focused on her children, I highly recommend you do the same.


      3. Hello : Trust you had a great week, hope you have even a better weekend. I am sure you know this but a lot of your posts are really getting out there which is great and feed back is amazing, everyone goes on about how wonderful you are, how honest and how well you describe MM and her actions. I belong to a f/b group and they all love you and sing your praise weekly. I feel that we all feel you are so refreshing and honest. I love that you call out OLD Megain and Bozo the clown Harry. Please keep up the good work. I know I tell you this quite a bit but I want your writing and comments to get out there. I would never copy your post and put on another site but seems someone is on our private site on F/B but again it all positive feed back. We don’t allow any MM sugars on our site so it is refreshing that we don’t have to hear other crows that support the shameful MM and Harry. I wonder if OLD Megain has read any of your posts, I am sure she has and it must just bother her so much as it is spot on.

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  5. Do you follow Candace Owens ? I really like her, I am sure you know of her but if by chance you don’t, read what she has to say. Very bright, beautiful woman like you.


  6. What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing. Your “wilderness” conversation resonates with me on many levels.

    God bless you and your wonderful family.

    From one mother who has struggled and yet never lost sight of their blessings to the other, thank you

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  7. My goodness gracious me! Although having 6 children must be hard, I can’t imagine a better Mother than you Jean. You have walked tall with the weight of the world on your shoulders, I admire you so so much. I’ve also been homeless in UK, 3 times. I walked for miles and lived on sausage and chips, I look back and wonder where we get the strength from. But we do. And that’s what makes you one of the chosen few. I’m looking forward to your next blog. Kind regards, yankeewally


    1. Trini chick above must be cut from the same cloth as OLD Megain and totally does miss the point or better yet just doesn’t get it, too thick.


  8. I would like more comments on this site but I can’t seem to hit like and save it. Takes me to another page. Anyone give me any advice on how to like something.


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