Why Selfish Self-Serving Meghan Markle Will Always Be Part Of My Testimony

My dear readers, now that I have your attention, can I tell you a bit about my story on this blessed Passover weekend. As I write, I ask you to bear with me. I am a perfectionist, so there is nothing I hate more than grammar and spelling errors in my work. But I have a 8 month old baby I am nursing. I have a 6 year old I am homeschooling. I have a 2 year old son and a 4 year old daughter who are always being mischievous and saying “mummy look” every two minutes. I have three older children who so loves to talk to me about tik toc videos and life, they like to go to the park with me with the dog or watch movies with me. I have two of my husband’s wives that I mentor and teach about all things Northern Palace.

So when I sit down to pen an essay, I normally have an hour at the most. Sometimes I do not have the luxury to perfect my work, because if I do, it will take me hours or days before I can hit the publish button. So my dear readers, if you see any error in my work, pardon your Lady.

I am nursing my baby Chaniya.
I have teenagers who need my attention and time.

But even with my 7 children running around me, I am a ready writer and when the word comes into my spirit, whatever time, I must pen it quickly before it disappears into the air…

Because today is a special day, it’s Passover Sabbath, I like to write testimonial essays on Sabbath. So let me tell you a little bit about my story, and why selfish, self-centred, self-serving, self-indulgent Meghan Markle will always be part of my testimony. Even though the Meghanites are mocking my homeless story, it is a testimony I was given by the Lord and I am not ashamed to share it…

Remember I told you about the season of Meghan and Harry’s royal wedding, where I gave birth to my son whilst homeless. Well, I left that story where I said three days after the birth of my husband’s first son, we found a house.

The Lord gave us a house, after the homeless birth of Kwaku CHAKA.

Well, the thing is, it wasn’t exactly a house, it was actually a 2 bed flat, a brand new luxury 3rd floor apartment that had no lift. So it wasn’t a joke moving in with a new born baby and small children. The lady who gave us the house was a white woman who ran her own estate agency, and my husband had found favour in her eyes.

She understood that my husband liked the finer things of life, that even though he was homeless, he had told her that, “Hey I have a standard in life and my wife is particular about bathrooms, I can not put her in a place where the bathroom is minging. My children are fussy too, they would find it hard to live in a place that is not up to standard, so just get me a nice place for my family.”

This was after she had gone out of her way to offer us a 4 bedroom house just before the baby was born, but it had moulds, it was smelling, rat infested, the bathroom was gross and honestly not fit for human habitation, there was no way I could bring a new born baby in there.

And Natalia would say to my husband, “Kofi you are homeless, you don’t exactly have a choice, just take whatever I give you, I’m trying my best to help you here, Ive spoken to the landlord and he’s ready to let you guys move in.”

But my husband would be like “No.”

So Natalia grew to respect my husband, she saw that even in a desperate situation, he was still a man who maintained his principles, so she kept us going during the wilderness, putting us in different Air BnBs, and would tease me and say, “Yes, the bathroom is up-to standard, your Highness.”

She is the one who had put us in the luxury one bed Air BnB, where we watched the royal wedding from. She had said to my husband, “It’s a brand new apartment, no one has ever lived in it. It screams luxury and I know Jean will like it. You will be fine in there, I will get you a nice air bed for the children, everything is new, the shower, the kitchen….yes it’s a one bed, but I know you guys will be fine in there.” Oh Natalia she was an angel to us during the wilderness experience. My husband would pay her by doing PR and branding work for her company. She liked my husband’s work so much she begged him to come and work with her, she even offered him half of her shares in the company, and told him that they would be partners. But my husband couldn’t accept the offer, because legally he was not allowed to work in the UK.

So when I gave birth to Chaka, she was moved that we were homeless, and went out of her way, and found us the two bedroom brand new apartment, and spoke to the landlord on our behalf. She furnished the flat for us, and told my husband that “At least this time the children would have their own bedroom, and you have your own en-suite bathroom that Jean will like.”

We moved in, it felt good to have a fixed address, for that we were eternally grateful. It felt good not to keep our stuff in the car, moving from one Air BnB to another. We celebrated the two bed flat. We bought bunk beds for the children’s bedroom, and our teenage daughter was forced to share a bedroom with her brothers. It was so hard for her, but we taught her to appreciate to good things in life, that at times you have to take the bad of life as well as the good, and make the most of it.

We watched our oldest teenage daughter humbly share a bedroom with her brothers. We watched her blossom into a damsel with so much character and substance, as she bonded with her brothers in a way she had never done before. She had always asked me for a dog, but when we moved into the 2 bed flat, she saw the dream of ever having a dog vanish.

“I will never have a dog will I mum?” She said to me once, in the flat. “You will have a dog darling, in God’s time.” I told her.

But as a mother, my heart was grieved, and I prayed day a night for a change of situation. I prayed for one thing, just a decent 3 or 4 bedroom house, so that my oldest daughter would at least have her own bedroom and a dog.

Because during the wilderness, my husband had taught me that in life you use your gifts to make room for you, so for our first rent whilst in the apartment, I drew a portrait of Natalia and she was so moved, and loved it, saying no one had ever drawn her. And it bought us time, and she didn’t ask for rent, because of the portrait.

So I had seen with my own eyes, the power of using our gifts.

At that time, as I was praying for a bigger house, I read somewhere in the news that a young Nigerian boy drew a portrait of Kevin Hart, and Kevin saw it on Twitter and paid him. So during that time, my inspiration was Donald Trump, “yes I never hated Trump, I liked him a lot.” So that time Trump was coming to the UK, so I took my pencil and sketched him. I planned to post the drawing on Twitter and tag him, praying that Trump would somehow see the portrait, and maybe he would do what Kevin Hart did, and he would buy it, and I would buy a 3 bed house and a dog for my children.

When Donald Trump came to the UK in 2019, I drew him.

However, because I faced so much backlash from black people when I posted the drawing of Trump on my Facebook, I quickly deleted it. Zimbabweans and black people said me drawing Donald Trump was some sort of mental illness, so I was never brave enough to post the Trump drawing on Twitter, in fear of being mocked.

But you may wonder my dear readers, where does all this fit in with Meghan Markle.

Well when I couldn’t post Trump’s drawing on my Twitter in fear of backlash, I felt like, “Oh Meghan, black people love her.” I felt so strongly that Meghan could change my life for the better. My understand of royalty has always been that somehow they also serve the people. Like how King Solomon sat down everyday to hear the cries and disputes of the people, and brought change to their situations. I felt so strongly that Meghan being a mixed race woman, also a foreigner in the royal family, she would act as a bridge between black and white people. I felt like she would somehow bring about change for women like me, and highlight the struggle black women go through in the UK. So at that time, my eyes shifted from Donald Trump, I put the drawing away, and I looked up to Meghan for change.

Whilst Meghan enjoyed the fatness of the land of England.
I was heavily pregnant and homeless.

I wanted to meet Meghan, and tell her my homelessness ordeal, that I was chucked out of a council accommodation weeks before I gave birth, even though I offered to pay the rent which I would ask from my wealthy father in Zimbabwe. I wanted a chance to tell Meghan that I too am of royal blood, even though my life is not currently testifying of that in the UK.

At that time, I liked Meghan very much, but she had started to receive bad media coverage in the UK, so I took it upon myself to write about her, defending her. But at that time I couldn’t do as much writing as I wanted, because my computer was broken, sometimes it switched off as I was writing. My dream was to have a Macbook, but I couldn’t afford it. I had asked my husband if he could buy me a nice laptop for my birthday so I could write more, but I knew he would never be able to afford it.

Then I had an idea, and braced myself, and went to tell my husband…

“Baby, we live in a two bedroom flat with 6 children. Meghan has had her house renovated by the taxpayer for millions of pounds. Life is so unfair. But I know Meghan’s presence in the royal family is not in vain. I feel like she can change things for people like us. I want to draw her Nino, it will be the best drawing I have ever done. Then I will pray, and maybe she will see it, and she will buy it like what Kevin Hart did to that boy, and we will buy a house for our children, and a dog, and I will buy a laptop for my writing…her wedding dress alone was over 200k, that money can buy us a house. Let me draw her, and she will change our life…” I always seek my husband’s blessing in everything I do.

But my husband looked at me, I had never seen such pain in his eyes, he normally encourages me to draw, but he didn’t say anything, he was lost for words…

“Don’t you think I should draw her…” I asked him…a little upset by his reaction. “I drew you didn’t I, and today you are here, don’t you think God can turn our situation around if I draw Meghan. Where is your faith? I drew Natalia and it paid a month’s rent. I can do this Nino!”

“Sweetheart, of course you can draw Meghan, I always support everything you do, you know that. But darling, even if she sees your drawing, which I doubt she will, you can’t have hope that she will certainly give you money for it. I don’t want you to be crushed that’s all, so just do the drawing because you support her, but don’t expect anything in return. It’s not wise for you to draw Meghan with the drive that she will see it and change your life. Not many famous people will do what Kevin Hart did.”

I remember the words of my husband crushing my soul, I was so upset with him and told him to leave me alone. I told him that his words were discouraging, and he just didn’t understand the depth of my pain as a mother. He tried to console me but I told him to go. As he left the room, I burst out crying, I felt sorry for myself for a good while, I felt pathetic, then I said to God, “Why is life so unfair,” as I lay on the bed.

Inside Frogmore Cottage at the time I wanted to draw a portrait of Meghan Markle.
At that time all my children slept in one bedroom.

After I had a good cry, I slept, feeling helpless, but then as a Priestess of Dreams, one of my spiritual gifts as a royal daughter of Zimbabwe, I then dreamt a dream that would change everything…

The Genesis of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

3 thoughts on “Why Selfish Self-Serving Meghan Markle Will Always Be Part Of My Testimony

  1. I am happy you did not waste your amazing talent on drawing MM ( Megain ) always remember you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. I am sure you are aware of that but seems you are so sweet and kind that you try to give everyone a chance which is lovely. MM doesn’t deserve anymore chances. Please know when I say I am glad you did not and can’t make a silk purse out of sow’s ear it is she does not deserve your beauty. Know that it is not because I don’t think your are talented beyond words as you are, again she does not deserve your talent or your time wasted on such amazing talent. Megain doesn’t deserve anything beautiful from a beautiful person. Don’t worry what the people say about Trump because he would be happy to have a supporter like you. I love him, not because I think he is perfect, I love him because he cares about his country and people first. I know it good to think of all, I feel for many but firm believer you have to help your own first then you can help others. Stronger the nation the country, the stronger the people which make it so people are happy and proud and want to help others more. I also firm believer in let the right one in. Trump could see through Megain a million miles away. A dime a dozen is what MM is. Have a great weekend 🙂


  2. I am also embarrassed re: my spelling and punctuation compared to you. Hate to think what you think of my horrible writing skills. Although if you need a mortgage in Canada, I am very good in that department 🙂

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