What I saw In ‘Jean’ That The World Failed To See- Boaz

I was in bed and my phone beeped with a notification that someone was looking for me. I could hear a sweet but weeping voice from afar.  She was asking the world where she could find the Opera Singer who performed last night. I smiled after seeing her comment. She sincerely poured her heart out, something a genuine person does…

I quickly asked my PR Adwoa to get in touch with her and find out exactly what she is looking for and let me know who she is because days before my performance, I had cried for her whilst I was in the street of Hackney London.

I was sent some images and links about her life and her story. 

She had drawn a picture of me because she said the way I had sung touched her heart. 

“Mum, she drew me…Can you imagine a lady in the UK has drawn me after my singing of Nessun Dorma?” I told my mother. 

“She might be special,” my mother said…

Her talent and passion won the heart of the King. A true affirmation that talents opens doors and bring people closer to the Kings and queens.

After reading ‘He Was My Daddy’ blog, I believed in her truth and we connected. I told her, I am no prophet but it feels like you are being misunderstood by many and people hate you for being different. She said yes, that’s the truth and since that day, I learnt a lot from her, her family journey, and her unique abilities.

I was not shocked when the world didn’t believe her story of being abused by the self-styled Prophet Masocha. I was not shocked to see her story about her abuse from her mother being used as a joke line by some personalities on Facebook. It wasn’t a surprise to know that her so-called ‘mother’ wanted her blood and was supporting her abusers; Ex Husband’s and his family, Walter Masocha and more… Her light exposes evil and the evil hates being exposed. Again, I would not be shocked if you hate her for her truth.

What actually shocked me was that I was living in a world which I had been reading thinking it was a fairy tale.  A Cinderella Story, A Stardust story, A Rapunzel Story and now a Jean Gasho Story?

Well, she is the true queen I have been thirsting for. She is the mother my children will be forever proud of and I am her King Boaz. 

I am proud of her for being strong and courageous. It only takes that special someone who has been called to receive such a crown. Let her tears break walls to expose all evil men who whispered curses on her and her joy repair women who have been broken/misled by the wrong people.

As for me and my household, we love and serve the true queen was JeanGasho, now Mary Tamar.

PS: As she is unaware I am using her computer to write today, can someone tell her that ‘I love her’

Happy new year to all readers and supporters.

Boaz’s first Blog Post.

3 thoughts on “What I saw In ‘Jean’ That The World Failed To See- Boaz

  1. Oh that is so sweet Boaz. Thank you so much for believing in her, loving her and for being there for her. She is a unique person indeed and I believe that darkness and light they don’t see eye to eye. Which is the reason why many people misunderstood was JeanGasho now Mary Tamar.

    I am glad I believed her, I didn’t judge her because I knew what she was talking about was true as I was also a victim of this Cult. We thank God for exposing the Paedophile a fake prophet, marriage wrecker a women abuser. Your Queen is very courageous she is a voice to the voiceless and this is the time to ask the Scottish Sheriff Court to reconsider the decision made when they dismissed the previous cases. We need your help to do so.


  2. Boaz, Out of the many men who were in Agape that time,I was one of the first man to go opposite from the so called Walter Masocha saga. I followed the blog he is my daddy from day one till the end. Thank you for believing in her and thank you for all you have done and still doing for her.


  3. Waaaal u are a man of integrity u stood by her even when the world was against her, ur love story is so beautiful it broughy tears to my eyes, u guys were meant to be and may the Lord keep blessing ur family and may the haters keep hating it gives us readers more to read about


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