Women Have No Right To Be Upset About Sex Dolls

Most of us women are not happy with the way we were created. We call it beauty enhancement and make-up, but we would rather look like silicone dolls. On social media, all I see is women looking nothing like themselves. The breasts are fake, the buttocks are fake, the nails are fake, the lips are fake, the eye lashes are fake, the hair is fake and for a lot of black women, even the skin color is fake. This is the picture I constantly see of the modern day woman, walking silicone dolls.

On that note, when it comes to the image we are trying so hard to project, I do not understand why women are now getting upset that men can now have sex with the original silicone dolls that they are trying so hard to imitate? The irony of it all…

Over the past week, my timeline on social media has been flooded with the latest phenomenon that seems to have taken over the world. The sex dolls. A lot of men on social media can’t hide their excitement. I am hearing and reading phrases like ‘God has answered our prayers’, ‘we don’t need women anymore’ and, ‘now women won’t have power over us’.

Sadly, a lot of us women are getting quite upset about these frighteningly human-like dolls. These dolls, as lifeless as they are, are bringing out some deep emotions in us. I watched a live video where a woman was calling men who use sex dolls, ‘sick in the head’ and ‘twisted’. And sadly she could not rationalize her argument other than saying the whole thing is just ‘sick’. Women feel jealous and almost terrified. They feel like they are about to be replaced by something that is more perfect than them.

The dolls have no stretchmarks, no cellulite, no skin problems, no weight issues, no tummy issues and no sagging breasts. All their assets are perfectly intact. They don’t go through the aging process, no body odor, they don’t secrete any body fluids and never have to freshen up. They are perfect just as they are.

In a nutshell, the sex dolls are everything we women are not and want to be. A certain degree of power is being taken from us, whether we like it or not.

I honestly think men are entitled to feel excited about the dolls. Women getting all upset about this is rather hypocritical.

Women have had dildos and vibrators for centuries. And I have never seen men having a meltdown because women have sexual substitutes. A lot of single women resort to sex toys, and even married ones too because they want ‘variety’.

I think the largest group of females that are feeling threatened by the sex dolls are feminists, especially the ‘independent I don’t need a man’ feminists.

How many women out there proudly claim that they don’t need men to be happy. I have seen a number of threads online where feminists will taunt men saying they have dildos so they don’t need men to sexually satisfy them. I know a number of women on my social media feed who put on that ‘ I don’t need a man’ persona. It’s all written all over their little ‘motivational’ quotes and photos. If a man comes into their inbox to chat them up, they broadcast it on their timeline as if it’s some sort of crime.

These women will turn down men who are not good looking enough, not wealthy enough or not well groomed enough. These are the women who will have dildos and vibrators stashed in their closets.

These are the women who are making so much noise about why men should not have sex dolls, coming up with stupid arguments like, ‘sex dolls won’t cook for you, sex dolls won’t wash your clothes, sex dolls won’t have babies, blah blah blah.’ Do vibrators and dildos produce life? Do they cuddle you at night and make you feel safe? Do they talk to you or make you breakfast in bed? Do vibrators protect you? Do they make you feel loved? Are vibrators fathers for your children? So the whole ‘sex dolls don’t cook for you’ argument should just be shut down. It’s baseless.

How many men out there are lonely and want women, but the women are too ‘independent and too beautiful’ to even look at them. How many women out there feel that most men who ask them out are ‘out of their league’? Why can’t those men have lifeless sex dolls to satisfy their need that real life women deny them?

I personally feel these sex dolls are downright satanic. I would be really freaked out having such a life-like thing in my house staring at me. These are robots with artificial human intelligence. There is something not quite right about that.

But on the other side of the coin, there is nothing new under the sun. It was just a matter of time before men also caught up with their own sex toys, and sadly theirs override women’s. The sex dolls are here to stay, and women we better get used to our new rivals.

Well, judging by the anger of women I am seeing online, it looks like we all need men after all, feminist or not.

I think sex dolls are rather a wake-up call for us, especially the independent women. We can’t have our cake and eat it too.

Maybe we all need men after all

As women, we have created a world where if we are not happy with what God gave us, we simply fix it. Sexually, we fix it. Don’t we boast about dildos? Physically, we fix it. Most of us can’t even leave the house without layers of make-up and wigs. Women, especially black women, don’t even feel beautiful in their God-given hair and natural beauty.

But now men having sex dolls has suddenly become some satanic sick abomination. Oh, the irony of it all.

I think my highest honor as a woman is bearing children. And yes, I need a man to complete my happiness and purpose and I am not ashamed to say it.

Men want to feel needed. Their primary need is to feel respected. They want women to need them. The modern day woman has made it impossible for the average man to have this primary need fulfilled. Women are now also earning more than men, in a lot of relationships, so a lot of men have been feeling rather powerless for quite a while now.

If we get off our high horses and get back to being ‘just women’ we will realize that the sex dolls are not threats to us at all. They are exactly what they are, dolls. If we get back to innocence, and be simple and not try too hard to be like dolls, men will throw away those silicone things and will not even dare compare us to ‘dolls’. Or rather we will not have to compare ourselves to dolls just like men don’t compare themselves to dildos.

At this stage of technology and civilization, where women take desperate measures to look so unnatural and unreal, women have no right to feel upset that men now have silicone dolls that we imitate so much. The outrage from women exposes our highest level of hypocrisy.

Allow the men who need the sex dolls to be, let them enjoy their dolls without being scolded, judged or intimidated by women. Let them find themselves the real fake humans we are trying to create each day with silicone and make-up. If we don’t want them to resort to dolls, maybe it’s about time we make these men know how natural we are and the need of them in our lives.

21 thoughts on “Women Have No Right To Be Upset About Sex Dolls

  1. You have a pretty good point
    here jean, and a balanced rational. But i think there is something not
    quiet right in having a sex doll that’s supposed to assuage your libido, emotional and other basic human needs which need be met by our better halves as, in all our sinful and flawed self, we develop and grow best with our partners, male or female. With a society that does not have God as the focal point of it’s life, of course we had to get to where we are with time, and I’m sorry to say, things might just get worse. We’ve even forgotten our purpose on God’s earth. As good,bad or flawed as men and women might be, they still need each other. Vibrators and sex dolls are a manifestation of a very very sick society jean, Be good!

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  2. Unless women are willing to date these men they called “losers”, then they have no right to judge or deny these men sex doll.

    Does it occur to women that there are men so socially awkward, ugly, and/or poor that they will never experience love or intimacy. How cruel, narcissistic, and selfish some women are to deny these lonely men their only comfort in this world.

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  3. Love that you showed the double standard but there’s no born again virgin, the damage is done. Men will not be coming back. There’s nothing women can offer a man she didn’t give to a hundred other men. No benefits to marriage for men. You women used feminism to bring Satan’s promise to make women like “God’s.” While men chose God. You have made your bed and women will lay in it.

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    1. You are nothing more then an actual misanthropic asshole who wants half of the population to be extinct out of feelings. Pathetic.


  4. The male pill is on it’s way too. And VR is only getting better.

    The female contraceptive pill and the vibrator accompanied the rise of feminism. When men soon control their fertility, and their sexuality, it’s not at all unwise to be aware of the implications.

    I’d like to think we can live in a world, where the sexes try to work as partners and understand each other. I’d like to think there’s a path from this world, to that one. I mean there’s amazing people of both genders in this world, but our culture has taken a nasty antagonistic turn.

    Humans don’t just need sex, or babies. They need love. The sort of love you can’t find on tinder or from social media likes.


  5. They only talk about looks. Forgot to mention dolls don’t talk, don’t divorce rape the owner and take his house and kids, and don’t make false allegations.

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  6. Relationships require a balance in power to be mutually beneficial, for both partners to give as much as they take.

    The problem for modern men is women have had a interest group called feminism lobbying on their behalf for decades, were as they do not. MRAs are a recent occurrence, a reaction to out of control feminism, one that is being treated with great hostility as feminists don’t tolerate the competition. Their voice and only their voice is to be heard.

    As a consequence, the power balance in relationships is completely skewed. Women have pretty much all the rights in a relationship, all the power, and are able to destroy the man’s life at a whim.

    If she cheats on him, she’s rewarded in the divorce settlement. Her word is “listen and believed”, any accusation treated as fact. Men are having their careers ended on accusation alone. If they sleep together and for whatever reason she regrets it later, consent can be withdrawn after the fact and now it’s rape. The definition of rape has been so expanded by feminism, that comically actual sexual intercourse doesn’t have to occur, everything is rape.

    Men have none of these privileges, they just suffer the consequences of when a women chooses to hurt them. They’ve made attempts to protect themselves with prenups, courts negated them. They thought if they avoided marrying they would be safe, the definition of marriage was expanded to include cohabitation. Men started drawing up consent forms, so they had signed evidence consent was given, they got thrown out of court.

    We’re seeing this arms race play out were men try to engage in self defence, but feminism engages in whatever mental gymnastics is necessary to get around it, using their female privilege to get the government to pass one sided laws. The latest I heard, there was talks of considering walking away from relationships a form of rape…

    This, has consequences. To win this arms race is to lose it, because it is to make male and female relations so toxic as to make the only rational decision of self defence being to not engage in relationships at all.

    Hence, the rapidly growing sex doll industry.

    Men cannot fix this, they’ve been too dis-empowered, any attempt to solve it (MRAs) is responded to with extreme hostility. Women have to solve this themselves, within their own groups.

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  7. Kill the judicial “system” and you end all the BS men have endured in the last 60 years. Shakespear said it best. “Kill all the Lawyers”. No, I don’t mean that. Just start clipping their wings!


  8. … ‘sex dolls won’t cook for you, sex dolls won’t wash your clothes, …’

    Neither will a lot of wives or girlfriends, and on top of that they won’t have sex with you either. Sex dolls 1, women 0.


  9. This analysis is ignorant and falls quite short of complete.

    Women participate in a culture of beautification because the culture juxtaposes women with sex, re: sexual objectification. “Fuck that fat whore” it’s possessive, derogatory, and controlling. If you aren’t of a certain aesthetic standard you are treated ‘less-than’ your more beautiful/sexy counterparts. We see this with both sexes, but it’s extreme for women, as an ugly man can still excel in acting, sales, and much more.

    The dolls: the dolls are the ultimate objectification. They are turning humans into an object to ‘use.’ Toys don’t replace humans on the same level; there are men (notably in Japan) who spend all their lives with their dolls & parade them around town, while neglecting and ignoring their own wives. Why? Because it’s a cop out: you don’t have to ‘deal’ with a person, you don’t have to be a good husband/boyfriend/partner because your significant other is silicone. You don’t have to value human beings in any real way: loving someone as they age, if they get sick, in their good and bad and honest forms. This is a step backwards.

    By the way author: the obsession with perfection and superficiality is a toxic behavior. It’s not simply some stupid thing women engage in, its self-hate packaged in patriarchy and marketed as fun. You didn’t seem to have any sort of understanding of when writing this piece.


    1. And if I choose to keep my sex doll at home to get my nut off whenever I want without having to pay some sort of ‘toll’ for the pleasure with a woman, what is the harm in that? Oh I know, it takes away your sense of power. Well, boohoo.


  10. I don’t need to delve into some long diatribe about the social power dynamic. Men are just plain tired of the bullshit when it comes to sex.


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