Jean, Why Can’t You Be Your Husband’s PA, Why Does He Need Another Wife For That?

Ever-since I wrote about my husband’s quest for a third wife, who will also be his Personal Assistant in his business and will have her own house where my husband will work from during the day. I have had a few of my readers ask me this question. They can’t understand why I can’t just do the job myself, why invite a third woman into my husband’s life?

Jean, Why Can’t You Be Your Husband’s PA, Why Does He Need Another Wife For That?

Well, I am very happy to answer this question for my readers.

My husband is a musician and PR Consultant, his line of work requires he has a Personal Assistant. When he was based in Ghana, his cousin was his PR, she is very professional and good at her work, she continues to work for my husband from Ghana, but its not the same, he has always needed someone on the ground here in the UK.

When we got together 5 years ago, he asked me to play the role of his PR, and coached me on what to do in terms of organizing his work, responding and writing emails, writing PDF reports etc, and most importantly how to pick calls etc. I became extremely nervous, but took on the task. To cut the long story short, I did lose my husband a few jobs along the process, my telephone skills are pitiful really, I am bold in writing but I am a very quiet and shy person, which explains why I was abused so much in real life.

I am introvert, I hate speaking on the phone, I hate being around people. Those who know me from my school days will testify of this. Before I found peace in my life, speaking on the phone was enough to make me stammer and trigger a panic attack. So becoming my husband’s PA was quite a challenge. Then when it comes to sending emails and writing reports, I am a story teller, I am not very good with academic writings etc, so most of the paperwork that my husband needs done, he has to send it to his PA in Ghana. I am good at going through the reports and emails correcting the grammar and English, but that is not my field.

But this one time, I thought okay, I can do this, I can work with my husband and overcome my shortcomings! So I took a call from an Event Company organizing a Commonwealth Event, they wanted my husband to open the ceremony. So the woman calls me, and she starts asking me about my husband’s history and background, the next thing she is praying for my husband and his mother who is back in Ghana. She was like, “Oh Lord, bless the woman who conceived this gifted man.” We spoke for over an hour.

As a very spiritual person, I thought this was the doing of the Lord, a sign from above that I can do this.  I was so happy with myself, I thought this was victory when it came to my journey to become my husband’s PA. So when I told my husband how the phone call had gone, he put his hands on his head and he was like, “What the! Why did you speak to the woman for over an hour? Why did the conversation turn into a prayer meeting? Did you discuss payment, the most important thing?”

Then I realized I had actually signed my husband to perform for free. So I lost him the job because of my poor communication skills, being unprofessional and being over spiritual. And that was the last time I ever tried to be my husband’s PA.

So he said he needed to find a UK based PA, and off course he was justified. It didn’t take him long, a lot of women are ready for these types of jobs actually. He found this mixed race woman, more on the white side than black, very westernized and knew her PA job very well. She had experience. I am going to be actually bold and mention her first name, her name was Rachel.

To cut the Rachel story short, she became extremely possessive of my husband, inviting him to her flat and pretending to be ill, and when my Boaz would decline her advances, things got nasty very quickly. She turned crazy and started not only harassing my husband, but me as well, she even came to comment on my blog, saying why is my Boaz with a mother of four, I had 4 children then. During that time, we attended the Screen Nation Awards where my husband was performing, and this Rachel woman followed us there! And as we sat there, she texted my husband and said, “I can see you, your performance was not the best by the way! You should have sung Nessun Dorma.” It was freaky.

My husband’s estranged PA stalked us and followed us to this event, where she started texting him during the event!

A lot of women out there who look normal and even act normal can turn crazy when they fall for their bosses, and when they are rejected, things do get pretty nasty. It is a fantasy of many women to sleep with their bosses. So for us, the experience with Rachael was quite scary, both my husband and I decided the PA thing was actually a very bad idea.

My husband and I knows that things always gets complicated with PA’s, well not all the time, but mostly.

Well now, years later, things have changed for us. My husband has started his PR Company, he has gotten into properties. He needs a woman to manage his properties. I admit that this is not my domain at all. I don’t even want to do it, I am not interested.  I am the one to whisper ideas to him in bed, I am the one to advise him on what works and what doesn’t, I am good at that. Sometimes when things go wrong, he comes to me and I tell him how to go about things, I am his behind the scenes PA.  But I do not want to be on the ground. I am working on becoming a more established author, that’s all I want to be. And since my husband and I have received the revelation of plural marriage, it makes so much sense that his PA should be his wife. I know the  role of his third wife will be very important in expanding my husband’s Empire.

My husband’s PR Company

Talking about my husband being also musician, this week he was invited to a University to work with the students in the music and performing arts department. Forget Properties and PR, music and arts is my husband’s first love. When he was based in Ghana, he used to work with students, he formed bands and choirs and all. So its truly amazing that this University wants him to teach the students music and arts. So I accompanied him for support, I was supposed to go in with him to the meeting, take minutes and all, but because I am so crap at that sort of thing, and have a sore throat, I just sat in the car and waited for him, praying that all goes well. I was sitting there thinking, I really can’t wait for my husband to get his third wife, I know God will bring this woman to him. The only thing I have to admit will get me jealous will be the trips away with him, and sleeping in hotels and all, what woman doesn’t want that? But apart from that, this woman will have my blessing.  And yes, my husband was right, she has to be proper eloquent, professional, classy, and black… This is what Black Love And Power is all about.

That said, when my husband finished his University meeting, I thought I might as well make something of myself and have a few pictures taken. In the near future, it will be my husband’s third wife posing for pictures with him and all when he attends meetings. Maybe, maybe not.  But I will be at home writing away, being a mother to my babies.

DSC_0019 (2)
Well, it was freezing cold but it was just for a minute, lol

So yes my husband does really need a third wife, it will be foolish of me to deny something which will expand my children’s empire and inheritance. Sadly a lot of black women do this, without even realizing it.

The Genesis Of The Revelation by

Mary-Tamar was Jean


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