Why Meghan Markle Is LYING That She Is PREGNANT When She Is NOT

I did give this woman of perdition the chance to redeem herself before the funeral of the Duke, but she clearly refused my offer of redemption on behalf of Great Britain. Her audacity to write a hand written letter and have it placed on the Duke’s wreath, her lack of shame, her lack of fear of God, and her lack of integrity and moral sense has driven me to write this essay with the sole intention of exposing her even more. I believe I have the spiritual, moral and ethical obligation to do so.

I do not believe Meghan Markle is pregnant as we speak, there I’ve said it. In fact, it’s not even about what I believe, though my beliefs are valid, but this is a scientific fact and a public declaration I am making, that Harry’s wife is NOT with child, not in her womb anyway. How do I know this, one may ask, well I am a priestess of Dreams and a prophetess of my Lord husband, so I stand more on my spiritual authority as I release this information into the air, which is also released to me by the little birds of the air. I am able to back my spiritual knowledge of Meghan’s damning lies with the psychology of human behaviour and my own experience of carrying 7 children in my womb whom I birthed naturally. In a court of law, my evidence would be very valid in convicting Meghan as the Mother of all liars.

Unlike Meghan, I do carry and birth my own children naturally, with just gas and air as my pain relief, so it does bother me a great deal when women with fame, power and money claim to be carrying children in their wombs when they are not.

As for the psychological evidence of my allegations, well Meghan is not behaving like a woman who currently has a child in her womb, and I can boldly say this as a woman who gave birth 8 months ago. If she really had any maternal instinct, and there was really a seed growing in her womb, she would have not done the Oprah interview for the love of her unborn child. She would have owed it to her child to give birth peacefully, without the public speculation and outcry. Her behaviour is abnormal for a woman carrying a child. Her supporters will argue that all women deal with pregnancy differently, and will say it’s her right to do such an interview whilst pregnant. But that’s like defending a mother who throws a party after she loses her child, then say it’s okay for her not to cry but party instead because “all mothers deal with grief differently.” When all is said and done, we are all human, and science and nature says human beings behave in a certain way.

On Saturday, we all saw the Queen wipe her tears, as she grieved for her husband. It didn’t matter that she was the Queen. It didn’t matter that she was British with a tradition of not showing emotion, underneath it all she is just human, and once faced with human calamity, she behaved like a normal wife would do, when widowed. She cried. She became vulnerable. She showed us all that she was grieving.

The Queen on Saturday sitting alone mourning her husband.
Underneath it all, she was just a loving wife to her husband.

Then you have Meghan on the other hand behaving in the very opposite way of what pregnant women do, and somehow we are all supposed to overlook her strange behaviour because she is “The Duchess of Sussex”.

The bump even looked way bigger before the sit down interview.
By the time she sat down with Oprah, the bump had miraculously SHRUNK….

What justifies a nearly 40 year old supposedly intelligent feminist, debuting her ‘pregnancy’ on a global platform, knowing that she will say the most controversial statements and accusations which will very much anger the people who love her so called “oppressors”. It’s obvious that Meghan, who is claiming to be with child when she is not, knew the amount of BACKLASH the interview would generate. Why would a woman who is carrying a precious innocent child, deliberately throw herself into such a fire? A woman who in the same interview claimed during her last pregnancy she was so depressed she wanted to kill herself….If she really is with child, which she is not, but if she really is pregnant, then she’s the worst mother on earth and that child once born should be removed from her care. If she really is with child, then she is not only a danger to herself, but to the child too. She cannot protect the child from negative energy, in fact she deliberately causes negative energy to surround her unborn child, so much one would think she wants another “miscarriage” or she wants to really KILL HERSELF and her UNBORN BABY this time.

If Oprah had chosen to treat her so called chat with Meghan as an interview rather than a back yard hot gossip session, the first question she would have asked Meghan would have been, “Hold up! You are pregnant. Is this the right time to do this considering you were suicidal with your last pregnancy? As a person who just had a miscarriage as well, don’t you think you should wait till your child is born? There is no urgency to do this now, more so with Prince Philip being in hospital. Don’t you think we should wait?”

If Oprah had any ounce of integrity left in her, she was supposed to wait till the baby “was born”, and once Prince Philip was out of hospital and better, then do the shameful interview.

Four years ago, as I was heavily pregnant with my husband’s first child, I had to deactivate my Facebook after I was bullied mercilessly by a powerful Zimbabwean social media personality called Mike Tashaya. Behind closed doors, the negative attention I was getting on Facebook through Mike Tashaya became so heavy on my spirit and well being, I was already so fragile and emotional because I was with child, I found myself crying because of what this man was doing to me on Facebook. My husband wrote a message to Mike Tashaya and warned him to be careful. I wrote a blog, and explained why I was quitting Facebook. It was one of the best decisions I ever took when carrying a child, and I learnt so much from the experience. I ended up giving birth peacefully in such tranquility, away from the cruelty of social media.

I am one person who accepts and understands the fact that because of my writings, so many people hate me, especially Zimbabweans and black people. When I fell pregnant with my 7th baby, at that time there was a thread about me on one of the biggest Black American gossip forums, where Black American women dedicated their time to digging every little information about me, even calling the police on my husband for running a serviced apartments business, they felt like he was too black and African to own properties in the UK, so they reported him to Booking.com and the police, but thankfully none of their attacks yielded the result they wanted. My husband continues to prosper as a property developer in the land of the living, so much yesterday he signed a contract and secured his 7th property in the heart of the North, so much his peers who have been in the property business for years call him “King of the North” because his territory continues to expand despite the black haters.

And yes, Harry can take life notes from my Lord husband, a man who was not born in any privilege, a man who came to the UK 6 years ago, a man who was made homeless by the system, a man whose his first son and heir was born homeless during Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding month, but he took whatever life threw at him like a man, and became the best version of himself on British soil, vowing to me that once he got his British citizenship, he would work hard and become a landlord in his own right. So I boast on a rooftop about my husband’s achievements.

But you can never be too boastful or careful especially where life is concerned, so as a mother hen, when I fell pregnant with Chaniya, I was sceptical of these hateful people on Lipstick Alley finding out that I was with child, because some of them are into sorcery and fortune telling, I did not want anyone having the privilege of wishing my unborn child any harm. So I chose to keep my pregnancy private, and no one on social media knew of my pregnancy until I had given birth to a healthy bouncy baby girl. The journey of carrying life inside the womb is SACRED.

As a mother hen, I chose the welfare of my unborn child over social media speculation and kept my 7th pregnancy private.
I was only able to share my joy with the world after I had successfully delivered a healthy baby girl.
And today baby Chaniya is thriving and so happy because I protected her from unnecessary negative energy, she is the happiest baby I have ever had.

Sorry my readers for being a little conceited here, but my life story, everything about me proves what a LIAR and a fake human being Meghan is. My husband always told me that she is but a fake version of me. In her wickedness, she is even able to make a joke of miscarriage, pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.

Talking of miscarriage, for someone who claims to have had a ‘miscarriage’, how is it possible that when she conceives again, after suffering a ‘loss’ she then literally throws herself onto the largest public platform, and goes on to lie like a psychopath whilst at it, generating even more negative energy than normal. At least when Princess Diana did an interview, she was being honest for starters, and she was not claiming to be carrying a child whilst at it.

I am all for mothers being the custodians of their children, but I believe sometimes children should be removed from their own mothers for their own well being’s sake, something that should have happened to me as a child. I believe that Meghan Markle should not be allowed to nurse and look after children, whether she birthes them herself or uses a surrogate, that’s not even the point, the woman is too much of a psychopath to be trusted with children. If there is any justice in the world, Archie should be here in the UK in the safe care of the royal family.

Anyway, I believe there are two main reasons why she told this damning pregnancy lie, to gain global public sympathy and not be held accountable for her psychopathy and lies. And rightly so Zimbabweans are always telling me to lay off Meghan because she is apparently “pregnant”. Well she may be able to fool a lot of people with her spirit of perdition, but she will not fool me.

I refuse to be FOOLED by the woman of perdition.

She will also not fool the people who have their physical and spiritual eyes open. Even the “evidence” of her first pregnancy had so many discrepancies to say the least …

And remember if she can lie about not googling Prince Harry, if she can lie about having a secret marriage ceremony in her back garden then she can LIE about ANYTHING…

The Genesis of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

20 thoughts on “Why Meghan Markle Is LYING That She Is PREGNANT When She Is NOT

  1. Jean cc, I am subscribed to you, your writings are so thought provoking and sometimes I don’t agree with you, sometimes I am enlightened. I hope this is the last writing of MM. You are now giving her a platform she doesn’t deserve, she is supposed to shut up and fade into oblivion, she is not worth our time.

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    1. Bonjour Jean.
      Votre article est ” la vérité”. Vous respectez vos lecteurs avec votre honnêteté, je suis une de vos lectrices je vous respecte à mon tour.
      J’apprécie votre personnalité et votre travail ne changez pas Jean vous êtes magnifique et je suis comme vous, je suis sincère. A bientôt


    2. Thank you for the thoughtful writing, as I have been watching MeAgain, since the time I saw the video of her in a black/white splotched dress and her “baby belly” was swaying from side to side. Boom, that’s when it hit me, (I’ve carried 3 babies) that is not how a pregnant belly works, and I started researching. You are over the target!
      One other thing, for her to use a fake miscarriage like she did, was heartless. Who in their right mind, goes public with a statement, when they have LOST A BABY. The last thing I wanted to do, was talk about my miscarriage. I went dark for a few days, and let me family do the talking. If only she had any shame.
      It’s hard to believe the media won’t cover her fake pregnancies, but there you have it. I hope the truth comes out.

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  2. I read that she as a moteje befare Harry, she has a son but no with her, is this si true she is a very Badillo morder… In fa y, the te are a picture of her being young where she looks pregnant.


  3. I read that she was a mother befare Harry, she has a son but no with her, if this si true she is a very bad mother… In fact, there are a picture of her being young where she looks pregnant.


  4. Bonjour Jean.
    Votre article est ” la vérité”. Vous respectez vos lecteurs avec votre honnêteté, je suis une de vos lectrices je vous respecte à mon tour.
    J’apprécie votre personnalité et votre travail ne changez pas Jean vous êtes magnifique et je suis comme vous, je suis sincère. A bientôt


  5. What a beautiful little cherub you have!

    I agree with you that she’s using a surrogate & did the the child called Archie too. But just like her “virgin bride” marriage costume, she wanted to play “pregnant woman” too. Her next acting role will be “working mother”. I also agree that she is not emotionally or mentally stable enough to be around children.

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    1. Question: My name is Linda and I have stumbled upon your chatting by accident. Don’t really mean to pry but what’s this with Megan NOT being pregnant. and with ARCHIE? can she not have children? Its hard to believe that Harry ( I have been watching the royals long before Diana ever entered the picture. Why would Harry put up with such bunk? He knows better. Watching her lie every day. He was a loved child by his mother, but to put up with what she does is crazy for the whole family. I have enjoyed reading about her through all of you. God Bless. I thought something was up. Move here, Move there, HIDE.
      Have at it.
      This reply goes to all of you ladies, I just jumped in. Linda


  6. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on what a large amount of people knew. We have had our own share of nasty people attacking us. Yes we knew she is not pregnant both times. Take care and enjoy your family as I do mine. xxxx Kindest regards


    1. Hello again! Another well written spot-on post! Your baby is so PRECIOUS! She looks like a baby doll❤oh so sweet!! Thank you for writing what we all are thinking! I will sit and patiently wait for your next post! xoxo

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  7. Another well written piece definitely accurate and covers every miserable aspect of her ignoble self. She fools some but not quite as many these days. One article published a few days ago that actually went to print was a fight back piece. A backlash from interview she will be furious. Yes there is a whisper surrounding an early child pregnancy and more than one. Her brother Thomas said to keep her away from children. Strange thing to say maybe but no smoke without fire. The problem is proof always need proof that’s why she remains standing one day she may be toppled the queue is long. She states b’day 4/8/1981 Leo not true it’s 31/8/1981 Virgo look at date 31/8 Diana died not 81 but nonetheless she couldn’t tell Harry that for obv reasons so 4/8/1981 why that date just happens to be Obama’s b’day see the pattern. Samanthas books states this but again not many believe her even then as only her word. This is how she gets away with all wiped her past. Royals and Harry warned about her murky past pre marriage Harry wouldn’t listen. that’s the friction.That interview big fail showing her to be what she is. Only hope soon someone somewhere will tell all one day soon.


  8. Leave the Royal family alone. Enough already. They are in mourning and don’t need anyone attacking a member of their family. If you can’t say anything nice. Don’t say anything at all.


  9. Isn’t awful when people tell you to leave her alone just because she is pregnant. She probably did that interview whilst people believed her to be pregnant because she likely knew, people would defend her just because of it.
    Congratulations on your husbands success, it is refreshing to hear that not everyone who comes here hates us.

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  10. What a perfect baby! Congratulations to you and your family for your success and prosperity.

    I agree with your thoughts about Meghan. I was so overjoyed when she came into the royal family, that when my own mother warned me that Meghan was the one creating drama, I spoke back at her to defend Meghan.

    It took a little time before I saw her for who she was. In this, she does a service to others. Wherever a discussion of her is, a discussion of what destructive narcissist behaviour looks like follows.

    You and your family seem to have calmness and nurturing as your foundation. With that, doubtless you will always be blessed.

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  11. I totally 💯 % agree with you about Meghan, liar, and sick in the head, she should be locked up or charged. I would almost say she is evil 👿 but I like to hope maybe not evil, just a very mixed up person. I personally think everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie, a compulsive liar and a fake.

    Beautiful little baby girl you gave birth to, one of the prettiest babies I have ever witnessed. Beautiful family:)

    Thank you for your amazing posts.

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  12. Jean, not sure I agree. The certificate of Live birth which was printed by the DM showed a signature by witnesses in a hospital. Also, the birth certificate of Archie was signed by a physician in the UK. All of these people are in on the conspiracy? Also, just viewed the video of Samantha’s daughter Nicole accusing her of emotional and physical abuse. Why doesn’t she have a relationship with her two other children? The two she gave up. No fan of MM but the hypocrisy is glaring.


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