My Open Letter To Zimbaweans

As a blogger I have written about my abuse journey in the hands of my fellow Zimbabweans, (false prophet, church members, online community). It has been a lot to do with the oppressive Zimbabwean culture. So when I see you Zimbabweans “mourning” that Mugabe is evil and has robbed you, sadly I can not resonate. I have suffered more evil in the hands of my own people.  Zimbabweans tried to destroy my life, but being in the UK saved me as I had the freedom to express myself.

Before blogging, I was unknown in Zimbabwe. However 4 years ago, I can honestly testify that Zimbabweans across the world started to know who I was. My Facebook and inbox would be flooded with messages from people. I would walk in the UK streets and Zimbabweans would recognize me. I would have phone calls from Zimbabwe and British journalists asking to interview me, which I mostly declined for personal reasons.

But if I was the giving up kind, I would have stopped writing/blogging because of the online abuse I have received and continue to receive from Zimbabwean people.

In fact, I will take it further, I want to let you know my dear Zimbabweans, that with or without your support, my articles and work are/have been featured on major international media platforms including BBC, Huffington Post, Nigerian News, Ghana Web, Cameroon, South Africa and many more…I do appreciate the support from Nehanda Radio and Zim Eye.

On 1 January 2017, this year started with a delight for me, I was woken up with calls and messages from my few Zimbabwean friends because my News Year’s Article on Zimbabwean/African false prophets Eubert Angel, Walter Magaya, Emmanuel Makandiwa, TB Joshua and Eugene Makore had gone viral. People were telling me that this was one of the best articles I had ever written.

But even though I have a few good Zimbabwean supporters of my work, When the majority realized that the written piece was just too good not to be shared, they decided to remove my name from the article and shared it widely on Facebook and Whatsapp. I always write my articles from a personal perspective, all my articles are my opinion.  So in this article that was going viral, it was so obvious that this was an opinion of a Zimbabwean who has walked with “false prophets” before. I even put in a bit of what I had been through and at the end, I wrote “Happy New Year My Dear Readers”, yet Zimbabweans chose to remove my name from such a personal article.

One Zimbabwean who was even my Facebook Friend chose to share my article today as “copied”.

You see Zimbabweans when I write, I just don’t write for the sake of it. Writing has changed my life. Writing saved me. Writing is in my bones. The first blog I wrote that made you all know me as blogger, I was crying as I wrote, sitting alone in a women’s refuge, having lost everything I had ever worked for in the hands of a false prophet and his flock. So when you steal my work, and remove my name from my toil and blood, you are stealing my birthright.

I will use this word for the first time as a writer, I have put up with so much abuse and “bullshit” from you Zimbabweans. But this is 2017, I have new year resolutions too. If it is my writing, I will claim it. Don’t think it’s only Papa’s Uebert Angel children who can claim “angel visitations” in 2017. I am also claiming my birthright visitations. It’s about time you Zimbabweans understand what intellectual property is.

Before I started blogging, I had less than 100 friends on facebook. When my blog went viral, I received Facebook friend requests and inboxes from all sorts of prominent people in Zimbabwe, as well as Facebook Celebrities or Socialites of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwean Facebook socialite Mike Tashaya did not just send me a Facebook request, he reached out to me on a personal level and I developed great respect for him. However as time went on, he realized I was very unpopular among his 20 000 followers, often being abused on his wall by his followers, and he chose to distance himself from my writings and what I do.

So at the beginning of the year, Mike Tashaya received my New Year article from a number of people via his WhatsApp. He went on to publish it to his followers where he called it a great piece which he had just “picked up” and off course my name had been exclusively removed. His followers who knew it was my work started to ask him to acknowledge me as the writer, where after about an hour of knowing I was the writer and I had spoken out over the stolen article, he then chose to drop my name right at the very bottom. He could not even have the decency to put the name on top, like what all normal journalists with good etiquettes do.  The name of the writer always introduces the article.  An example is my featured Article today in Modern Ghana News which starts by introducing me as the writer.

I hope Zimbabweans will learn that articles should always be introduced by the name of the writer


For the record Mike Tashaya has since apologized for publishing the article without acknowledging the writer, but because the article is still being shared widely on Facebook with my name removed but titled “just picked this”.  I had to emphasize on this for the benefit of all Zimbabweans.

Another Facebook socialite Acie Lumumba who is a leader of a Zimbabwe political party came into my inbox when I wrote about Evan Mawarire and called me “Zimbabwe’s National Sensation” praising me for the article. This was at a time where the majority of Zimbabweans were castigating me for writing about their hero Mawarire. Acie Lumumba chose to be a secret supporter, he would not come out and declare that he supported me in writing about Mawarire in case people turned on him. He later on went on to scold anyone who was speaking against Mawarire which I found extremely hypocritical. Again that’s Zimbabweans for you.

Acie Lumumba praised me in private for writing about Evan Mawarire. He even denounced This Flag by hashtagging #ThisCountry, but in public he scolded people for speaking against Mawarire.


When I wrote about Evan Mawarire, as my article went viral, another prominent Zimbabwean lawyer chose to even release her own article on the same day to counter mine. She released her article supporting This Flag movement trying to debunk my article. But a few months later she started echoing my sentiments about This Flag movement, saying in order for change to happen, Zimbabwe did not need a social movement without a leader. You see I had first written that, and she bitterly opposed me, but when she changed her mind to agree with me, she could not bring herself to acknowledge that Jean Gasho had been right.

So Zimbabwe, I’m fine with not being recognized as one of your bloggers. But do not ever steal my work and remove my name from it. That I will fight for, for it is my birthright.

Yours sincerely

Jean Gasho

PS: I do not have any problems with Zimbabwean writers penning articles criticizing me, I have seen quite a number of articles online addressed at me. Zimbabwe female writer Felicity Sibindi wrote a critic article of me, which is perfectly fine and within her rights.  I do not expect to be “liked” by the majority for my opinions. But I will not have you steal my work or attempt to publish my written work in deceit.

9 thoughts on “My Open Letter To Zimbaweans

  1. Just stumbled upon your blog. l will say so far so good. I will venture to say this is the greatest site Zimbabwe ever had and every Zimbabwean should read these blogs like they read the bible. This site should be a Zimbabwean bible. I support you sister please keep on writing these wonderful master pieces I will spread this site on my end. Thank you!

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  2. Hallo Jean, l too didn’t know about this blog until today when l received yr blog about ‘the madness of black people ‘ on whats upp, thank goodness yr name was still on it hence l googled and found your blog.Thank you for writing this post, people need to hear the truth. I too am perturbed at what people are doing these days, it’s like their minds have been brainwashed. I know someone who stopped taking her HIV medications thinking that she has been cured by these so called prophets Pastor Chris of Nigeria. Now she is sick again and you will cry if you see her.
    Don’t be discouraged at what people do or say, people are generally fearful of anyone different, so that is how they become haters because they are fearful. .

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    1. Thank you so much Hope. It’s disturbing I know. In the church I used to go to a lady died she was HIV and had been told to stop taking her medication. It’s so bad. I hope your friend survives this.

      There is HOPE and yes I will continue to write. Thank you


  3. I must say your articles are refreshing and bluntly honest, a trait most of us Zimbos have no resonance with. We love to be pampered and to take credit where it has not been earned. I salute you. We really need this. Honest and from the heart. Roll on Sister!

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  4. Hey Jean I googled your name and came across your blog. I read your article on New Years Crossover service and what you said resonates so much with me because I too used to go to one of these Prosperity Gospel churches until I figured out the truth. I read your article over and over all the while nodding and smiling that someone has dared say what I thought all along. It is very sad what goes on in these churches . Continue to write girl. I am glad I found your site and will be coming back for more articles.

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    1. Finally someone who speaks their own mind , how refreshing. I don’t normally read zim blogs because it starts out with a good topic then a whole lot of insults. I have enjoyed reading your articles you really know how to express yourself . Wish you the best.

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  5. Hi Jean, I am in the UK but I am originally from Zambia. I got to know about your writing by following the Crossover madness article some Zambian shared on a wall of a false prophet stealing money from gullible Zambians. His name is Prophet Anointed CFM. Please Jean, visit this Scan bug’s Facebook page and see see what you can include about him in your future articles. Zambia is following Zimbabwe closely in this prophet madness.

    People are so scared to talk against these fraudsters because the false prophets in Zambia and their cadres often threaten that those opposing will be killed by God or have some very bad things happen to them “for touching God’s anointed”. So I am so happy that I have found an African who speaks against these worst of thieves who steal on the name of God with an open Bible.

    Jean, continue what you are doing, continue exposing these evil men and women who are milking the gullible and encouraging LAZINESS.

    If you must know, in Zambia, we now have national prayers which are called when the country is facing serious economic problems like a volatile currency and debilitating power cuts. Many people even say, only God can solve Zambia’s problems, making me wonder whether Zambia is an exception, since other countries are using what God gave them to fix their country’s economies.

    I will be happy to share your articles on these fake Prophets to Zambians, because in my opinion, they have become a cancer to the whole nation.

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  6. Jean Acie is out here having girls deep throat on cam, don’t think he’s the guy you showing that you rock with, also imo don’t show that you have heard conversations with politicians… It hurts your brand


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