Prayers Will Not Save Zimbabwe, Mugabe’s Removal Was The Seal Of The Curse

Last year I wrote a series of articles that the curses of Zimbabwe were just beginning. When foolish Zimbabweans celebrated the removal of Robert Mugabe, again I told them the worst was yet to come. Everything I say does come to pass, one way or another.

Zimbabweans now regret rejoicing over Mugabe’s downfall and see the spiritual implications of how they treated him


This week started with Zimbabweans taking to the streets to demonstrate against fuel and food shortages and prices, then for some strange reason, the protests against food and fuel prices turned into violence, vandalism and looting. The government retaliated by shutting down access to social media for the whole country, and reportedly deploying the armed soldiers and police force into the streets to abduct, beat and kill people whilst social media is down. Whilst all this is happening, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, also known to Zimbabweans as Mr EDiot, chose this time to fly to Russia in a private jet to get more help for his army.


Armed soldiers on the streets of Zimbabwe

Please keep in mind that Zimbabweans not long ago were crying tears of joy that Mnangagwa was now their President. Today they are crying tears of pain while praying and protesting that Mnangagwa must go. The level of stupidity of the average Zimbabwean beggers belief.

The stupidity and foolishness of Zimbabweans

20171118_112057 (1)

Zimbabweans saw Mugabe’s removal as a breakthrough and called it a new dawn
1122 zimbabwe_political_turmoil.4
The Animal Kingdom, Zimbabwe bizarrely celebrated Mnangagwa’s reign to power and called him the Crocodile
The Crocodile, Emmerson Mnangagwa was celebrated by Zimbabweans when Mugabe fell

Now the same people who celebrated and initiated Mnangagwa are on their knees asking ‘Where is God?’. The whole country is saying, ‘Mwari pindirai kani’, please God intervene. You couldn’t make it up, really. I always say to my husband, I have never seen such a people. That’s Zimbabwe for you.

The reality of the matter is, no amount of prayers will save Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. Just a few days ago, Zimbabweans hailed and celebrated their social media Queen and role model transexual Tatenda Karigambe as he defecated live on Facebook. Yes, this gives you a true picture of what average Zimbabwean functions like, they will celebrate a grown man defecating on live Facebook is call it being a ‘free spirit’. My Boaz always tells me that Zimbabweans love filth and dirt, and they hate light and purity. They call good evil and evil good. Yet today they are crying out, ‘PRAY FOR ZIMBABWE’.

ZIMBABWE Election 224251
Zimbabweans have since quickly changed their mind about Mnangagwa after violent brutality from the regime as well as food and fuel shortages

There is no redemption for Zimbabwe/Babylon. The country is cursed and doomed. The people’s behaviour is a reflection of that curse. They are degenerate.

The prayers are not even going to the Hebrew God. They are going to the Zimbabweans gods, “mwari” or “musikavanhu” to be precise. The prayers are going to the animal spirits the totems they worship. It’s impossible to worship the Hebrew God and ‘chivanhu’ at the same time. The Hebrew God hates paganism in all its forms. I have said this over and over, that even the gods of Zimbabwe are angry. The Nyaminyami snake river god is angry.

I did tell Zimbabwe that Babylon is falling. Zimbabwe is the root of paganism. Every Zimbabwean has an animal totem. Every Zimbabwean identifies with their spirit animal. Every Zimbabwean swears by their animal spirit. But crazily enough, the people are so degenerate that see no spiritual implications of their love for paganism. Zimbabwe is the Animal Kingdom, where animal worship is one of the main religions.

I see Zimbabweans on social media complaining that the ‘Prophets’ and ‘Pastors’ of Zimbabwe are silent on what’s going on in Zimbabwe right now. Of course, they have to be silent, they are false prophets. One of their prophets, Walter Masocha is already down, the fall of Babylon is also the fall of its prophets.

False prophets of Zimbabwe maintain a ‘dignified’ silence over the plagues facing the nation

The strangest thing is instead of calling on their animal spirits or vadzimu or the nyaminyami serpent for help, they are now calling on the biblical God.

That said, Zimbabwe has been forsaken by its own gods. When Mugabe went, that was just the beginning of the woes and plagues. When Zimbabweans insult and abuse me, I always know that their insults are a blessing on my part.

I really thank my God I left and followed my Boaz to Ghana, a country that the Hebrew God is reviving and blessing especially this year as the 400 years of slavery come to an end.

It is God who blesses Nations, and it is also God who curses Nations, and He does that according to the hearts of the people.

The Genesis Of The Revelation

By Mary-Tamar was Jean






16 thoughts on “Prayers Will Not Save Zimbabwe, Mugabe’s Removal Was The Seal Of The Curse

  1. Whoever wrote this shit needs to go jump of a fucken cliff. If u haven’t gat nothing to say just shutt the fuck up please. Or atleast talk about ur country instead you stupid bitch. How can u say shit like that when innocent pple and children are dying. Your heart is evil I dont know y u even talking about god when ur heart is just full of shit


  2. Whoever wrote this shit needs to go jump of a fucken cliff. If u haven’t gat nothing to say just shutt the fuck up please. Or atleast talk about ur country instead you stupid bitch. How can u say shit like that when innocent pple and children are dying. Your heart is evil I dont know y u even talking about god when ur heart is just full of shit


  3. Mary T, you forgot to add the drama they keep bringing to London every year with their drums. Just watched a video on Nehanda Website of today in London, police had to intervene they were disturbing peace.

    Interestingly the drama of this country Zimbabwe deserves a popcorn and coke.

    Every year you need masses disturbing peace in the UK. You were the same people disturbing London when Mugabe was in power. You went ahead to remove him and you celebrated your new president few months ago. And not even a year another Disturbing London drama.

    Can you all stop the noise and find a better way to sort your country out because you are not the only country with issues.

    If every African country is to carry their drums and play in London, then it might as well turn into African London carnival bash.

    Please stop making unnecessary noise in London!!! Smh


    1. They are an embarasment, no direction or strategy, just gang mentality and no solutions. Educated nation my foot, more of easy to instruct idiots who just follow instructions blindly


  4. Jean Gasho, you are an idiot! Getting married to a Ghanaian hazvireve kuti you have to demonise all Zimbos. Unotaura kuti no amount of prayer will save Zimbabwe kuti ndiwe Mwari? Idiot! You think because unogara nema spiritual father ana Makandiwa waaMwari? If you were molested/abused/whatever by a certain Zimbabwean hazvireve kuti you have to stereo type all Zimbos. Get a life! Kana usina zvekutaura about the Zim sichaz wadii kunyarara? Imbecile!


  5. I don’t know whether to be angry with you or be really sad for you Jean Gasho. You write what you know not about and declare it as facts yet you call yourself a writer/journalist HAHAHA.At least RESEARCH first before being hasty in copying individuals’ social media posts and spewing them around through your poisonous pen as facts or news.That’s some advice right there for your bitter soul.You will never be popular enough to discredit an entire nation with your small ramblings -a few people :YES you have upset by your being inhuman as usual,l mean talk about kicking them when they are down!But a nation-you are insignificant.You are no Opprah Winfrey and you will never be.You can write l give you that but it’s all just ramblings of a bitter and twisted soul.SHAME. Why don’t you study real journalism so you can learn to write objective,well researched pieces maybe you will become relevant?All you have done so far is to try and get a few hits and earn a few pennies by using first Masocha (deserving your wrath ),your mother (l pity her for producing you) and now the Nation of Zimbabwe and her people -who have sensibly UNFOLLOWED you since the Mtukudzi article.You are a bitter woman and l feel sorry for your new “family” , they will find out what you truly are soon for its impossible for a happy,fulfilled indiviual to produce so much poison.lts completely unhealthy to be so bitter. You don’t even know why Mnangagwa is nicknamed the “crocodile “/lacoste something a 2 minute perusal of credible journalists’ articles could have educated you about-but your hatred for totems (whatever they are) made you assume its his totem!!!You expect people to believe you write sense in the rest of this”article ” ; l don’t think so.You are hasty and shallow and lack reason and waste a lot of time that l suppose can be used productively with your children.lts no surprise after all your articles praising Ghana and Ghanaians that YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN THERE,MET THESE PEOPLE YOU PRAISE or even seen their culture you compare to Zimbabwean.Alas! What informs your poisonous comparisons?Let me guess,your partner you cohabit with😆😆😆?OH DEARY me!So you inform your unwavering praise of an entire nation based on sharing a house for what 4 years with a single citizen front that country👅.Sociologists and psychologists have several articles well researched on human behaviour in different settings and what influences it.Do a bit of reading on that, you might become smarter.
    As for paganism,if you haven’t already (l suspect you have) Google or YouTube Nana Kwaku Bonsam, he is from GHANA and a well known fetish priest who is responsible for the rise in many false prophets in Africa and the world,Zimbabwe included.He is PROUDLY GHANAIAN and very influencial in Kumasi and Nation of Ghana. In fact the nation of Ghana which relies on Coffee exports revere this gentleman for his contribution to their revenue through TOURISM.He brings in MILLIONS of Cedis (that’s Ghanian Currency) from visits to his shrine in Kumasi.He’s a celebrity and proudly GHANAIAN. You are Zimbabwean my dear and are naive to think of Ghana as some form of heaven. Let me know how the visit to Ghana goes .lf you want to know PAGANISM visit Kumasi while in Ghana,it will open your eyes (mine were) and l pray you will learn then to be slow to speak and actually RESEARCH to add substance to you thoughts before you go on a rampage.


  6. This is actually really sad. To generalise like this and call all Zimbabweans stupid is ungodly and very demonstrable of your unbelief in Him and His power to help his people according to his will. To let your husband speak ill of your tribe with your consent and seemingly ignorant contribution makes me question what your union is premised on if not on how your uniquely Zimbabwean upbringing and life experiences moulded you into being someone he would marry.
    If all Zimbabweans are degenerate, surely you can’t think you are the exception?. Your husband saying Zimbabweand love filth and dirt says more about him than it does about us…and what does that say about you?..
    So let’s say you were right and know everything, for arguments sake, and people shouldn’t have celebrated Mugabes fall like you claim to have had the foresight to know how badly things would become. ..Does it make it okay for them die? To be abused? And live in bad conditions?.
    I implore you to have a heart, changing your nationality through marriage is not a good enough reason to stop representing and feeling the plight of the people whose geneology you share.
    Being Zimbabwean is a difficult and very emotionally challenging calling but I remain Proud that God ordained that as my path, and nothing would ever make me find the death and pain of my fellow countrymen amusing..NOTHING, especially a Man.


    1. Dear Eve, my husband’s first experience with Zimbabweans in their numbers was hundreds of insults directed at his melanin rich skin. When I first got with him, I posted our first picture together, and even my Zimbabwean friends started asking me why I was with a dark skinned man. Ever since he was born, my husband had never seen people so barbaric and consumed in self hate. I don’t blame him for seeing Zimbabwean people for what they really are. He’s not the only one, my Ghanaian friends who read comments from Zimbabweans also think that Zimbabweans are very vile and hateful people by nature. One Kenyen described them as ‘brutal’. One Nigerian was shocked how they even ganged up on a dying woman, and he was left in awe of Zimbabweans s behaviour on social media. They behave like a pack of wolves. I believe it’s something in their DNA that’s not right, and I call it degenerate.


  7. You missed my point completely
    Sadly most people (not only Zimbabweans) are hateful trolls on social media, just look at how Americans comment on various pages.
    My point was this. are generalizing!!
    One of my best friends in high school was brutally murdered by a Ghanaian boyfriend in SA, and I worked with the most vile Ghanaian at an NGO who was dismissed after 4 claims of sexual harassment by fellow staff members, should I then conclude that all Ghanaians are murderous and sexually perverse based on the few bad ones I’ve encountered?..Absolutely Not!
    So you’ve had bad experiences with alot of Zimbabweans, but there are good Zimbabweans, peaceful and loving and you may never encounter them on social media.
    My point was just to take a deeper look at what you are saying because it’s mean. .I’m Zimbabwean and absolutely nothing like you are describing.
    Ghana is a third world country like all the others in Africa, fraught with corruption and problems too and a citizenry planted all over the world seeking better opportunities, so the assertion you are craeating that they are somehow better than Zimbabweans simply because you are with one will obviously always create debate.
    To each his own


    1. “So you’ve had bad experiences with alot of Zimbabweans, but there are good Zimbabweans, peaceful and loving and you may never encounter them on social media.”

      Not only on social media, my own family especially my own “mother”, ex husband and his family, the church I used to go to…and to say bad experience is a understatement. These people wanted my life.

      So I can only share my truths. If I had only had 2 bad experiences like you had with Ghanaians, then of course, I would be proudly Zimbabwean. But for me it was my whole life of dealing with people so evil, in real life and social media.

      I have never seen such behaviour among my Ghanaian family, I haven’t even seen in it white British people whom in their racism have treated me better than any Zimbabwean, including my own family.

      So I will always tell my truth, the more I say it the more I also get vindicated…


  8. Spot on Jean Zimbabweans ahould focus on God. Look at Walter Masocha; exploiting them dye to their greed. Due to this ANIMAL CONNECTION many behave like DOGS TAKE FOR EXAMPLE staff NURSE Patience Sowah from Birmingham who gave Worota 2 children, one girl is a DUPLICATE yaMASOCHAS. This paedophile bought her a 3 bedroom house in Dudley. Behaviour a DOG ON HEAT. Judith confronted her and was told to go to hell.

    Pretty but greed woman who has children with other different men. She even boasts about the house and the car. When Jean began writing she shouted at Masocha asking why she was not good enough. They fought and ended up at the police station. Very violent woman. She is rude and violent even at work. A WOLVERHAMPTON NURSING HOME banned from working there as WOROTA was in court and she was cancelling shifts to go to Scotland. The chef she once married used her to get paper and dumped her when he caught her with Masocha. Masocha is building a 2nd house in MUTARE for this woman. All monies spent on this woman and her children. She boasts that even if he is a paedophile she will not leave him.

    CHIEDZA is connected to the SHUMBA CULT
    her ugliness left many men afraid to go near her so Masocha decided to use her. That woman got rich from Agape. That fight with Kudzi started over money.

    Winnie TAMBURENI – embrassed us when we went to open Doncaster satelite. She saw MRS sat in Dome and went to demand audience with Masocha just to get a quickie. Unfortunately Tina was with him. They nearly came to blows. Aturia had to stand in between them


  9. These interestingly is not a zimbabwe or ghanaian issue, it is an Africa issue. Most African countries have failed to nature the idea of nationalism amongst the citizens. For varied reasons, most Africans hate their country and people with a passion. Post colonial A frica has traumatised thousands and millions of Africans to a degree that is regrettable, and this have found expression in our attitudes towards our leaders and countries. We should not go tong and hammer against each other but rathet ask collectivelly, where did the rain stat beating us?


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