Dear Mary-Tamar, How Do I Break The Curse Of Being A Family Sacrifice; I Am Unable To Marry A Woman


Dear Sister Mary

I have been reading about you for a while now. I have had similar stuff happen to me with reference of being made a scapegoat/sacrifice. Still struggling with it. The question is, how did you get free and get married? With me they have made it that I cannot live with a woman or let alone marry. Please advice.

Mr Eagle


Dear Mr Eagle

Firstly I love that you associate yourself with an Eagle. An Eagle is one of the most powerful creatures in the world and its God’s favourite bird. An eagle flies alone, and it soars to the greatest heights when there is a storm. So first of all, gird yourself with the strength of an eagle, let the STORM of what your family has done to you be the power that drives you.

You asked me how I broke the curses that was put on me and became married to Boaz.

For me I was more of a sacrifice that they used to give themselves power. You see each person is born with a star. Anyone who doesn’t believe in destiny is but a fool. For destiny is spiritual and the sorcerers know those who are called. So what happened to me is I was born, and my star shone. The sorcerers knew that I was destined to be, and the woman I called Mother decided to use me and my destiny (God-given blessing/anointing) for her own desires and glory.

She was always sick unto death, and each time I would have to save her. She made me a sacrifice, but all the years I never knew. I was just loving her and loving her, and she kept withdrawing her love and I blammed myself for being unlovable.

She always told me I had the spirit of bad luck, (munyama).

Until about 5 years ago, when my marriage to my first husband broke down, and it clicked one day, that Miriam had prophesied that the divorce was coming. I then realized that each time this woman cursed me, it would come to pass, because she had so much power over me.

So I asked her what she did to me when I was a child, because I knew in my deepest heart that she did something to me, but she would refuse to talk to me or answer any questions. I prayed to God to show me what Miriam had done, it took years for God to finally answer. And here I am today.

But finding out that she had used me as a sacrifice was the first step of my deliverance. When I started to ask her questions, and I started to know some of her plans, my life began to change.

She would still try to curse me, but each time Miriam cursed me I would rebuke her. That was life-changing for me, before that I accepted her curses and was afraid to answer her back.

A degree of power was taken from her. And I believe that deliverance led me to my true LOVE Boaz.

So Mr Eagle, from now onwards refuse the curses they pronounce on you. Speak LIFE into your situation. If anyone says you have munyama, (bad luck) look them in the eye and say ‘NO I DO NOT HAVE BAD LUCK, I AM BLESSED.’ You will begin to see a change, slowly.

For me soon after I started to rebuke Miriam’s lies, I met Boaz. She tried so hard to talk me out of falling in love with Boaz, then I knew Nino was my King.

Boaz came to show me what love was, and I began to see clearly what an evil family I had been raised in.

You said your family has made it that you can never marry or live with a woman.

The fact that you now know this secret means you are gaining freedom and the chains are broken. Most people who are used as sacrifices or scapegoats never realise it or find out because the spells blind them totally.

So for you to be aware of it, it means there is something inside you so strong fighting back the curses. You need to be stronger and be willing to do things you may be afraid to do. That is what breaks the curse completely.

Your biggest enemies will be Africans who pretend to be westernised and say there is no such thing as sacrifices or scapegoats. Yet the biggest believers of witchcraft, curses and spells are white people.

You will know the truth in your heart, whether you are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for deliverance, only God knows. No one can free you, you have to free yourself. You do not even need a pastor or a prophet, you just need the true God of Isreal.

You asked me for advice, my advice in regards to women is; do not fall for any woman, some are Delilahs, some are Jezebels and some are Potiphar’s wives who will be sent by the people who cursed you to trap you into a deeper, darker hole. Do not be quick to believe that she may be the one, always be sceptical. The true one will come, and it will be destiny, all the signs will be there.

Be willing to walk away from the people who cursed you, blood or not. They are not your family. It will be the hardest bridge to cross, but once you cross it, you will feel the chains falling. Your destiny will be back in your hands.

Please listen to Enigma’s Return To Innocence, it is a song that played a big part in my deliverance and freedom, I hope it will help you too.


Love and best wishes



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