I See Nothing Fraudulent About Julie Condliffe Property Business Apart From Her Involvement With Pervert Walter Masocha

Today my attention has been drawn to Julie Condliffe, a Zimbabwean born UK based woman whom the Daily Mail UK recently recognized as a rags to riches self-made millionaire. I first heard about Julie Condliffe years ago, when I used to write about my journey out of the sex pervert Walter Masocha’s cult/church. Julie initially caught my attention when she became an associate of the paedophile Walter Masocha, going to Agape as a guest speaker doing seminars selling her “properties” to the cult members. Through my research, I found out that she was able to sell properties to Agape cult members, some of the properties I understand have been allegedly repossessed.

Julie Condliffe association with the perverted Agape Cult
After all the moral scandals and downfalls of pervert Walter Walter, Julie Condliffe went on to publicly hold property seminars at the pervert’s cult

My initial thoughts of Julie, when I saw her doing seminars at Agape, was, “how could a woman, a professional one for that matter, a solicitor, be so openly involved with a man whose name alone dominates the headlines as a paedophile, women abuser and who was put on a sex offender register for a year?” I honestly could not understand why she would want her brand associated with such a pervert and evil man. Anyway, it did appear to me that she was targeting a certain market group to sell her product, never mind about her reputation, she wanted people who were vulnerable, gullible and fools, and of course,  a cult like Agape would have been the perfect place for her to fish. For a church to continue after the Pastor has been exposed as a paedophile, surely the followers are fools and Julie knew this.

Julie Condliffe Agape Cult Banner for a High Tea Ladies Conference

Well, if it wasn’t for her involvement with Walter Masocha, I wouldn’t know Julie and probably wouldn’t be writing about her today. My husband and I are also into properties, maybe that’s also my second reason to write about her. But also as a journalist at heart I just love a good juicy story to write about, and this is it, so maybe that’s my third reason to write about her. I think I have enough grounds to cover this story, so here it goes.

Well, today Julie Condliffe’s reputation as a “Solicitor, Property Investor and Bestselling Author” has been shredded to pieces by the same vulnerable and gullible Zimbabweans she tried to “help” get on the property ladder.

Julie’s “best selling” Amazon book
Julie Condliffe calls hereself the “Legal Diva”
Julie Condliffe’s reputation is in tatters in the hands of Zimbabweans

The thing is if you are a black person, and you want to make money real quick, and you are smart, the best way to get rich quick is to become a “Prophet” or “Prophetess”. That way you will get the gullible fools and vulnerable Africans to give you all their money, and they won’t sue you or destroy your reputation, in fact they will worship you for it.

As I write this article, Julie, according to her own admission, has been reported to the bank as a fraudster and scammer, and her bank accounts were frozen whilst she was investigated. She has been reported to the police and investigated. Now she is being “reported” to Facebook women’s groups as a scammer. That’s how bad things have gotten for her.

She claims that she has been cleared by the bank and police of all fraud allegations, which I believe. Because on paper, I do not believe Julie Condlife committed any crime at all.

I listened to one of the alleged victims of Julie giving her side of the story, to be honest, though it sounds like she was scammed, she actually wasn’t. She was just vulnerable, and Julie used that opportunity to make money off her, that in itself is not a crime.

Julie Condliffe targerted vulnerable Zimbabwe women desperate to own properties in the UK
Most of her clients were Agape church Members from Walter Masocha’s cult


Allegedly, Julie was even able to get Zimbabwean women on a Facebook group to pay £5  each in their hundreds, to start a company. Apperently the money was used to buy banners for a launch and register her company. Allegedly she also got women to pay £100 each to buy joint properties or something like that, which the Zimbabweans did, and raised an eye watering £18 000k, which was allegedly deposited in Julie’s bank account. Talk about gullible. Again, this is not fraud or theft on Julie’s part, if you willingly open your purse and give out money to someone because they have sweet talked you into it, you have not been defrauded. The police will not do anything about it.

Zimbabwean women also willingly payed sourcing fees to Julie for properties. From what I understand, most of the properties Julie sold these poor women were residential properties, and somehow she advised them that they could use them as serviced apartments to make money off them. I think that was her selling strategy. However, you can not use a residential property as an Air BnB. Some Landlords don’t mind what you do with the property once they lease it to you,  but it looks like some of Julie’s clients were evicted for mismanagement of the properties for using them as BnB’s even though they had already paid sourcing fees to Julie and rents to the Landlords. Its such a sad and traumatic situation for Julie’s clients but again she didn’t commit any crime and she is not obliged to pay you back the non refundable sourcing fees  no matter what happens after.

I did listen to Julie’s You Tube  “professionally” edited audio in response the the fraud allegations below, yes she is absolutely right in everything she says. The property world is very unpredictable, and a lot of unseen factors can suddenly affect the housing market, which seems to be the case with some of her alleged victims. Some of them were victims of the property market, not victims of Julie.

We have also become victims of Covid 19’s effect in the property business. One of our properties we were using as an Air BnB, our favourite LOVE DEN was suddenly affected by the lockdown, and no one was booking it anymore so we couldn’t make a living from it. We had to rent it out, meaning we lost out a lot of income, and now we also can’t use the property as our second home during weekends for parties anymore because tenants now occupy the house. We are all sad about it because the children loved going to the Love Den. Because of the plague, everything has changed and we had to let the property go and rent it out.

Before the Coronavirus plague, the Love Den was our second home for use as a service appartment and for our children’s parties

Julie is just a typical hustler and a very clever one at that. She sources properties and sells them to vulnerable people, who do not have to go through credit checks and the banks and all that. She acts as a middle man between the buyer and the property owner and makes shit loads of money doing that. That’s very legal.

What I found more disturbing about her was her association with Walter Masocha well knowing, “I’m sure she read about him,” that this man was a serial pervert.  But then again ,the same approach Julie was using to get money off vulnerable black women is the same concept used by black millionaire prophets.

Her $100 a seat events were sold out to mostly Zimbabwean women


Kenyan UK based Pauline Long gave Julie Condliffe an honarary award

Julie seems to have the gift of convincing people to give out their money, promising them a better life, using her own “rich” status to lure them, just like what black “Prophets” do.  She was doing very successful seminars where Zimbabwean women in their numbers paid a good £100 a seat to attend and be taught about buying properties by her. It seems people want to give her money and Africans love to give money to people, especially Prophets. I totally get Julie, if there is a market where a lot of people are willing to pay you crazy monies to just “source” properties for them then why not? That’s how the world works, the rich become richer and the poor become poorer. If you are not smart in this world, you loose, its as simple as that. Even banks make money legally using “exploitation” of the vulnerable in the form of mortgages. Most millionaires and billionaires use this concept to make their money.

But now Zimbabwean women want to make this a police case, many women are coming forward, and I repeat “WOMEN” trying to make this into a fraud case and calling Julie a scammer. Its always women who find themselves being taken advantage of in such a manner, that’s why I always say women are weaker than men, physically, mentally and spiritually. Now one Zimbabwean woman is even suicidal because of what happened between her and Julie.  I’m really sorry to say this reality but no one was scammed or defrauded in this case. You were just vulnerable, and taken advantage of, which is the reality in this dog eat dog world.

As Zimbabwean “Prophet” Passion Java said, in this world you either become a fool of someone, or you make people fools for your advantage…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean Gasho



2 thoughts on “I See Nothing Fraudulent About Julie Condliffe Property Business Apart From Her Involvement With Pervert Walter Masocha

  1. Thank you once again, not only for the satirical approach but for the wisdom. It always feels like we want to see justice done, but you pointed out nothing illegal was done. So all moral wrongs don’t always have a law to refer them to. Which is why the real prophets in Israel spoke to power. The issue for us is to not tolerate scammers nor to allow ourselves to be vulnerable in the first place. We cut their legs out from under them when we are intolerant of their scheme. You are so wise in assessing that only fools would continue to follow a pedophile. Where’s the millstone around his neck? Yet so many continue on. The same problem exists here in America. We stop tolerating them. Then, as scripture says, their end will be what their actions deserve.

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  2. Fraud and mis selling for sure, those women just need good lawyers. Another Zimbabwean woman Amanda Machekanyanga And her husband are currently running this scam and have mega lawsuits on their way because yes these people do break the law. Also they are scamming mainly men so I am sure about your statement of woman being emotionally weaker. Last time I checked it was men who committed more suicide that woman because their emotional intelligence don’t serve them well.


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