Meghan Markle Succeeds In Upstaging Prince Philip’s Death On Twitter

The Duke of Edinburgh has died today and the British Royal Family has gone into mourning.

The Duke of Edinburgh has passed on today.

But what do I see at the death of the Queen’s husband? All is see on Twitter is MEGHAN MARKLE trending because of the Duke’s death. Twitter has gone into some sort of celebration/mockery of the death, accusing Piers Morgan of blaming the death of the Duke on Meghan. Whatever the case, the death of Prince Phillip has caused Meghan Markle to trend like never before, and has somehow brought mockery to the sad news.

The Duke’s death caused Meghan to trend on Twitter, more than the monarchy.

Piers Morgan doesn’t even need to write an article blaming Meghan for anything to do with the death, for clearly Meghan did not kill Prince Philip.

But what Meghan is guilty of is laying the groundwork to steal the limelight from the British Royal Family in EVERYTHING, even in death. People do not understand the spiritual significance of Meghan Markle, who she is in the spirit realm and what spirit she is carrying. Even Princess Diana could have never upstaged the death of the Queen’s husband.

In a way, she wanted this to happen. She went ahead with her Oprah circus interview last month, well knowing the frenzy it was going to generate, well knowing that as she did this interview, the Duke was gravely ill.

If she cared at all, and had any ounce of respect for Harry’s grandfather, she would have paused the interview at least, until the Duke got better, or in this case, until what has happened today, but she still went ahead and did the interview which was not in any way urgent. She could have even waited till she had given birth, to avoid bringing attention to herself whilst with child. Never mind the Duke’s illness, her behaviour was not normal for a woman carrying a child, no pregnant woman purposely goes out to generate such bizarre attention to themselves. One month later, the world is still talking about her Oprah interview, because it was that explosive, to say the least.

So, it’s no surprise, that today, as the Queen mourns her husband, who was her rock and her pillar, today, when she’s most vulnerable without her CROWN, which was her husband, more than half the world is actually celebrating, and making a joke out of the death of her husband by citing MEGHAN MARKLE. Whatever is happening today, all the attention on her, goes back to the interview she did whilst the Duke was ill. Even in her silence today, Meghan has become the focal point of Prince Philip’s death.

I cant help but say I believe this is the moment Meghan has worked so hard for over the past three years. This is the Empire she has been building, where anything that happens in the royal family turns the attention back to her, like she always does with Kate. Like she did at Princess Eugenie’s wedding. I bet today she is rubbing her hands with glee. She loves any attention she can get that woman, so in her world today her trending on Twitter is a major TRUIMP for her.

She may not have killed the Duke, but by her selfish narcissist behaviour, she has stripped the monarchy off honour and has robbed the Duke his moment of respect in death…

Today is Meghan’s version of her script, “The fall of the crown.”

Meghan must be loving the attention today…

But she doesn’t know that pride and triumph always goes before the FALL

The Genesis of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

9 thoughts on “Meghan Markle Succeeds In Upstaging Prince Philip’s Death On Twitter

  1. What Markle is NOW guilty of in BUCKETS – is denying Harry’s visit to see his grandfather – he’s NOT seen him since October 2019 – They were bot told that at the age the Queen & Prince Philip were Harry SHOULD have come home to visit be it Last year (Harry could have quarantined easily enough) but no – Harry was kept away as was his “son” from seeing this wonderful husband of our Queen, Father, Grandfather & Great Grandfather before his passed away.

    Will they come back for the Funeral? Harry really should – as for MM – No NEVER again let her enter the UK!

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  2. I agree Marieannemartins can hit the road. Pack a lunch and hit the road. Obviously she can’t handle the truth about her loser MM who would not even acknowledge Marieannemartins, in fact want nothing to do with her unless MM found out she had tons of money or fame. LOL !! Keep on writing Mary-Tamar was Jean. I read everything you post and many others do and it is becoming more and more popular, liked and known. A lady like you makes a difference in this world. Likely not much I can do for you other than support and read your posts but if I can please let me know.

    marieannemartins says:April 9, 2021 at 1:23 pm
    Please can you unsubscribe me. 2021 at 1:23 pm
    Please can you unsubscribe me.


  3. I hadn’t notice any trend of Meghan Markle. Lots of love and condolences coming in for Prince Philip. No one is laying flowers for Meghan Markle or gives a squat about her. People were wondering if she’d allow Harry out of his cage. He is now in UK and getting a taste of royal life without Meghan Markle. You can see a smile on his face that was missing for a long time. How long will it stay after he returns to the ball and chain. No prayers for Meghan Markle on Twitter or anywhere else. People are so happy she has not brought her baby moon bump to UK or shown her vulgar face. She wouldn’t dare come back for a chorus of booing.


  4. Yet again Jean, your pen resonates my thoughts and feelings on this topic! At this morning moment in time we should not be distracted from what Prince Philph has achievements throughout his life, supporting the Queen (the love of his life for the last 73 years), serving the public in his own quiet manner. Many things I was totally unaware off, until his passing!.

    I really feel sorry as I fear that Harry will always regret his decisions and the fact Archie never got to spend time with his grandfather!

    As for Megan, well…I’m lost for WORDS!..

    I truly pray and hope positive thoughts are being sent that Prince Philph has a beautiful send off and Harry feels and embraces the love from his family and hat has always been they!


  5. Jean,
    I am filled with pride reading these articles you have written. I love your way of exposing hypocrisy and your class in taking down harlot liars.
    I knew she was lying from the very beginning. A country that hates her so much, funded her $45 million wedding to Prince Harry, gave her a Royal title, and welcomed her divorced self as a member of the British Royal family, but they are racist.
    She was such a low rate actress that hardly anyone knew who she is.
    She got Harry to leave his family. She got Harry to tarnish his family’s name. Called them all racists and then the Queen’s husband passes, and “they had a close relationship?”
    Rubbish. She is an attention seeker. It has to be about her or no one.
    Narcissist extraordinaire.

    Keep writing and I will keep reading and sharing. Your highness, you are Royalty to me and got way more class than MM ever could imagine having.

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    1. Spot on Tammy, could not have said it better myself. I agree with everything you said and say about Jean who is a class act.


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