Dear Meghan, You Have No Moral RIGHT To Honour Prince Philip

I wasn’t going to write anything dedicated to you until the Duke was laid to rest, but then yesterday I saw this headline…

As the defender of the realm of Great Britain according to my God, I Mary-Tamar was Jean, the Prophetess of my Ashanti Lord Husband, the Priestess of Dreams according to gifts given to me from the Zimbabgwe kingdom, I am warning you today, that tomorrow you MUST ‘virtually” stay away from the funeral of the Duke. Do not release any statement about the Duke.

For I know thy works, oh scarlet woman. I know thy shame. I know who thou art, oh daughter of Babylon. How you lie that you are with child, when you are not. How you lie that you lost a child when you did not.

I know who you are Scarlet woman.
Never think your secrets are yours alone to know, oh scarlet daughter of Babylon.
Even the little birds in your secret garden can hear and see you, so who knows where they fly to, and which ears they whisper to.

Do not ever think the words you utter in your secret chambers remain in your secret chambers, for the walls of your chambers have ears, and the birds in your secret garden can hear you.

I was so not going to talk about your wretched self this week, for now you are but a woman shamed. So I was going to leave you to wallow in your shame, until the funeral was over. But then I saw this…

How dare you Rachel Meghan Markle. Really Rachel? How dare you say you are ready to forgive the Royal Family? Did they say sorry to you? Did they admit to wronging you? Sick you are in the head, but I did not know you are this sick. You are the one who is supposed to bow before them, and weep and grovel, and even after you do that, you do NOT deserve their forgiveness. You don’t only not deserve any forgiveness from the British Royal Family, you do not deserve any forgiveness from the British people. You are a fallen royal, and no mercy is given to a fallen royal. You feel it in the air that you have indeed fallen, no wonder you regret the interview, which was your ultimate downfall. You underestimated the power of the TRUTH, for “your truth” had no chance against the real TRUTH.

Now back to you, daughter of Babylon, extending an olive branch to the Royal Family in the wake of the Prince’s passing. Oh the shame of it all. I will write this in my Nigerian accent, “Have you got no shame my sister oo! God will punish you!”

Woman, if you are feeling the urge to forgive someone right now, your dear FATHER is right there, remember him, the poor old white man who gave you the Caucasian gene that you prided yourself with as you climbed the social ladder. If you have this uncontrollable urge to forgive someone, forgive your old man. The man who gave up everything for you, taking you to private schools, hooking you up with connections in Hollywood, forgive him then. You were never a good actress to begin with, but your old man made it possible for you. Remember him, the old man with so much sorrow in his face now, he just longs to speak to you again, and see you. If your gods are calling you to forgive, charity begins at home, and only your father deserves that forgiveness right now. He is ever so sorry, a word and gesture that does not exist in your vocabulary or world. Your father, and his children are way more righteous than you scarlet woman.

Even your half-brother pleaded with you to learn from your own son’s birth, that family was important. If anything, the passing of the Duke should make you reach out to your father, especially now more than ever.

At least Harry, even though you cut him off from his FAMILY heeded the advice of your half brother. Today you are alone in the US, and Harry is here back to his family. Yes, he came with his tail between his legs, but at least he has come back, it means there is HOPE for his soul. If he repents from his treachery against his family and people, I know without a shadow of doubt that the British people, in their grace and mercy will forgive their PRODIGAL SON, but you daughter of Babylon….na na, you are beyond redemption. It must hurt that right now he is out of your claws…you hardly allow the man to even talk to anyone when he is out on public duty…you constantly suffocate and embarrass the man in public, so much he’s always trying to free himself from your Jezebel claws…

You are no lady, on top of clinging desperately to Harry, your clothes were always creased. How does a coat get creased like that, do you not have coat hangers? Something tells me you throw your clothes on the floor and they stay there.
Here he was pictured trying to free himself from your madness.

You are not a scared little girl, you are feminist for crying out loud, a nearly 40 year old independent woman. You are older than Kate, but she can compose herself like a Lady, and stand alone without embarrassingly clinging to Prince William.

You are older than me too, I just thought I will also put it out there. Yet my 16 year old daughter is way more mature than you, she has read you like a book, and she thinks you are a disgrace to the “black community”.

But you are not only a disgrace to the black community, you are also disgrace to the white community and to all women of substance. I never wish divorce even on my enemies, but you so deserve to be put away publicly, oh scarlet woman. I hope Harry wakes up one day and realize that he didn’t marry a Lady. You don’t even know how to stand like one in public.

You went to private schools, but you were never taught basic etiquette.

You could never curtsy properly to the Queen anyway.

Instead of spending your stay in the UK bullying Catherine, you could have spent time learning from her about how to become a lady.

Instead of cutting Harry from his friends even, like how you cut Harry from his love of 7 years, Zimbabwean Chelsy Davy, she could have taught you what it means to endure when you are with a Prince. Chelsy so wanted to bless you, she even wanted to come to the wedding reception, but you Meghan cut her off. She tried to get hold of Harry to ask to come to the reception, how sad is that, and for the first time in her relationship with Harry, he could not even return her calls.

I get on with my husband’s ex girlfriend, the one who was his first teenage love as they were together for years. She is my friend because she is a sweet woman who wishes me well, and I respect that she will always love my husband as her friend, and he has a special spot for her in his heart always. When life is hard for her, she calls my husband. But you Meghan, even as Chelsy wished you well and gave you her blessing, you banned her from your wedding reception. You could have learnt so much from her. Chelsy could have even given you this Zimbabwean song, which teaches women to be strong and bear the hardships of being a daughter-in-law with grace and dignity, when they marry into respected families. Chelsy was the woman to teach you that traditional principle of life because she lived it when she dated Harry for way longer than you have been married to him. And Harry, having been with a Zimbabwean woman for 7 years, would have clearly explained this song to you and what was expected of you as a royal daughter-in-law, but it’s all water under the bridge now…

Isn’t it funny, that black people, especially the Zimbabweans who are attacking me on your behalf, have nothing to say about your desperate attempts to now honour Prince Philip, yet when I honoured him, the same people who worship you told me it was morally wrong for me as a black woman to honour a man who was apparently racist towards black people even though there is no evidence to suggest the Duke was racist. Your followers are so like you, double minded and hypocrites. Are you not now supposedly black? So why is it okay in black people’s eyes for you to pay tribute to the Duke and not me? Is it because I am too dark skinned to pay tribute to a white Prince?

Now when convenient for you, the Mother of All Lies , the MOTHER of the abomination of the desolation, you are now trying to make it like you liked Prince Philip, as you try to redeem yourself, yet you were happy for the man to be branded a racist by black people, as they accused him of being the one who made the remark about Archie’s skin tone. In his last days on earth, you caused him to be subject to evil comments from black people on social media. Yet today you claim you want to mourn him. Girl.

Oh Meghan, I know you read my blogs, even if you claim not to, I know the little birds in the air have brought you the word in your chambers. So do take my advice, respect the funeral of the Duke and STAY out of it. You have no moral, legal or spiritual right to mourn Prince Philip. You gave up that right when you single handedly caused him so much grief in his last days as you refused to stop your shameful Oprah interview from being broadcast, knowing that the Duke was ill, in hospital. Using his own grandson, you brought reproach on his family and legacy, during the last days of his life. So if you dare show thy face on social media tomorrow, if you dare release any statement tomorrow pretending to care, I will have no choice but to expose your shame scarlet woman.

You are lucky you dwell in the West, if you were in Africa, women of your character will not even be allowed to enter the gates of the funeral, you would be branded a witch in broad daylight, and you would be literally chased away, with sticks and all to your own humiliation.

Don’t make me do that to you with my pen…

The Genesis of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

Ps: I am a mother of 7 who is currently nursing a baby, though I aim for perfection, errors may be found in my essays as time fail me to proof read to perfection.

12 thoughts on “Dear Meghan, You Have No Moral RIGHT To Honour Prince Philip

    1. Another African weak link. No wonder so many outsiders keep coming to your countries and taking over. Then proceed to treat your people like animals. IN YOUR OWN COUNTRIES! Please just make sure you stay the hell away from the US. We’ve got enough to deal with without self-hating Africans like you in the mix. Smh…


      1. What and who are you talking about ? I certainly think you sound nuts just like Megain and the clown Harry. Leave our beautiful Mary-Tamar was Jean alone. We all love her ❤️ we enjoy her posts and she is honest. Unlike that sleazy dirty lying Megain and her disgusting welfare clown husband.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Meghan Markle or Megain should go away and never be seen or heard from again. Do the world a big favour Megain, pack a lunch and hit the road. Everyone is tired of this lying, hypocrites, low down B***h who plays the race card to benefit herself, miscarriage card and suicide card. Uses, takes, expects! I can’t believe she is so sick and shallow to admit she would have murdered her unborn child. Sickest thing I have ever heard in my life, all for attention, pity and to try and blame others re: her bs lies and stories. Megain should be locked up in an institution for certifiable bat crap crazy people. She is not healthy and frankly I think her son, Harry and the help (slaves in Megain’s mind) they hire are all in danger. I think she is a danger to society and herself.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Also you are so correct as usual Mary-Tamar was Jean about Megain be an embarrassment to all women of all colour and race.and amazing the way.
    I love reading your posts because they are the truth and you are calling an evil disturbed person in my mind out on her actions.
    I could care less what the Megain and Harry sugars post or state and they can kiss you know what if they feel the need to try and bully you. They don’t stand a candle to you and they know it. They are more Megain’s speed, birds of a feather flock together, crows fly with crows. Rats run with rats which is what Megain is. Rat or a crow but rat more fitting because crows apparently are smart.

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  3. Your highness, not sure why people would even attack you for stating the mere truth? Not surprising, your calling and position will ruffle a lot of feathers! I am so proud of you and in complete awe of your bravery and never one to back down dispite what anyone says or thinks.

    You have such a talent and I am so grateful that you are willing to share it with the world! Your writings and drawings are out of this world..thank you my dear.

    May God continue to bless you and keep you and your family! May he continue to enlarge your territory and pour out blessings that have never been seen before! Stay dear..much love!

    Liked by 1 person

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