So My Ex-Husband’s “Wife” Came To My Inbox Amid My Royal Engagement.

So as per my morning routine, I woke up feeling so happy, peaceful and blessed, Chaniya was sleeping so it was extra peaceful. I went downstairs, sometimes I go in the living room, but the boys chose to have a movie night and slept there on the sofa bed, I only found out this morning. But I love the conservatory, I just sometimes stand there and watch our little flowers in the pots and the plants the children planted during lock-down. So I had a moment of just being thankful as I gazed at my pink dazzling engagement ring, I decided to put my heart candles on, I put Hauser on, and sat down to read the Psalms and meditate. When I finished I took some pictures to update my social media, so I went to my Facebook and posted a little update…

Then after I posted an update on my page, I went on to check messages in my inbox, and lo and behold, I literally went into shock. There was a ghost account which had sent me messages, to think I had initially ignored it and responded to other messages, but as I was about to leave, something said to me click on it. My eyes were caught by the many pictures, over 50, and without reading the long message, I froze as I clicked on the pictures. Then I could not help but burst into fits of laughter, alone, I had never seen anything like it, in shona they say, “mashura”.

She couldn’t even iron her “outfit”.

I then figured out that these pictures are supposed to represent some sort of engagement photo shoot. Talk about tacky, cheap, strange, odd and just plain bizarre. They both look insane, literally…like they look mad…and boy how this man has aged, he looks 15 years older than his age…

I gathered myself from the floor, I had collapsed as I rolled into fits of laughter and rushed to the King’s chamber to show him the “mashura”. I literally had to shake him, waking him up. He was so annoyed with me, it was like 7 in the morning, and he was like, “What are you doing!” because I was laughing, gagging and shaking him rather violently.

I was like “Sorry to wake you up my lord, but you have to see this” giving him the phone.

He shook his head and sighed, thinking I was being silly and crazy, then he took the phone, and before I knew it, the King’s mouth was wide open, he froze just like I did when I had seen the pictures. He was speechless for about 50 seconds scrolling through the pictures….then he looked at me, very confused…

“Yes its him, it looks like he had some sort of engagement marriage ceremony in Zimbabwe, and I’ve just been sent the pictures, by God knows who at like 3 in the morning…” I told the king, trying so hard to speak like a normal person and not laugh….then he burst out laughing so hard, his belly laugh was so satisfying to my spirit. I joined him, this time I went crazy and was jumping up and down, saying “The God of Mary-Tamar!”

His first reaction was…

“Why are they wearing Kente? It’s not even Kente, and that’s not how’s its worn, that’s a fake cheap kente its not worn like that! Do they not have any engagement traditional clothes in Zimbabwe? Now he has to do this to our Kente.”

“And the fake kente clothes they are wearing are even creased, they couldn’t even find an iron for the shoot, maybe coz of the electricity situation in Zimbabwe…” I tried to explain to my King…

How my Zimbabwean ex-husband chose to wear Ghana Kente.
How Kente is worn in Ashanti engagements and weddings

The King went from laughing to proper anger, and my King was right to be gravelly offended by this appropriation of his culture and heritage. This is kente we are talking about, worn by the royals of Ghana for weddings, engagements and prestigious ceremonies. It is the only authentic “African” cloth out there with real history and heritage. My husband is an Ashanti King, and for my own ex-husband to do this to his culture is beyond embarrassing.

If you are going to wear kente, at least wear the original kente, hand woven, and wear it properly, not to buy some cheap imitation from mbare musika market.

Honestly, dear ex-husband, are you really obsessed with my husband’s people. Are you this obsessed with Ghana that you have to copy an Ashanti engagement. Have you no Zimbabwean traditional attire to represent your bizarre engagement, like nhembe or something, or even your traditional svikiro vadzimu retso cloth, or is it because everyone is afraid of it….

I am the one who went to Ghana by the way, not you. So stop following me, like its embarrassing. “Stop it!” in Grace Mugabe’s voice. Even my King had to say, “Of all the people to represent Ghana on their engagement, this fool has no shame at all, and the pictures are so barbaric and backwards, like he belongs in the past, who still climbs trees for a photo shoot in this day and age.”

“I can’t believe I used to be married to that.” I told my Ashanti King,”You really redeemed me babe. I’m so embarrassed to even think I used to be with him…and the girl he’s married to, she was Walter Masocha’s concubine, like everyone knew she was one of Masocha’s concubines, and for me she was like my maid when I was in Agape, she followed me everywhere, literally, she was obsessed with me, she came to my house and used to stay for weeks, she cooked for me, and boy she was a terrible cook, and did school rounds for me, she even wore my clothes…”

She was one of pervert Masocha’s girls

“So hes basically married a concubine, he’s wived your own servant my love, he was never in your league, he deserves the maid.” ….my King shook his head.

“I remember one day as she was doing the dishes in my kitchen, my little son went to her and asked her, “Why is your skin peach.” And she came to me in the lounge and said, “Ah your son Jean, he’s asked me why my skin is peach?”

Lol, it’s the craziest thing ever, that this man is now with the “peach” girl as my little boy once called her, who used to serve me, and wash my dishes, and sweep my floor…

And whatever that is on her hand, is that meant to be an engagement ring? Good Lord, you can’t even see anything. One needs a magnifying glass for one to even notice it. Lol when he also paid my Loloba back in the day in Zimbabwe, he also bought me something similar from Argos, he does love his cheap tacky Argos rings.

Is that meant to be an engagement ring?

Well, my bible tells me its the season to set up a standard, so lo and behold, my Boaz, my redeemer and Master, the King of the North did not put an Argos ring on his Queen, he put a rock, one that is more beautiful and stunning than that of Meghan Markle or Kate Middleton. That’s what my daughter said about my ring as she gushed at its glory, she was like, “This is way better than the ones Kate and Meghan got. And I’m not just saying it mum, its the truth…”

Gosh, what a day today, what are the chances hey, that when you get engaged, that very week you are sent pictures of your ex-husband and his “wife” with some Ghost account, on their so called engagement, the most tackiest of all engagements. Is God preparing a table for me or what?

Oh and I finally got to read the long message which came with Ghost calling itself Sandy Guveya, along with the 50+ photos, and it went like this…

Lol, I won’t even bother to address the content of the message, I can’t make sense of it to be honest, it’s something about bragging that one is also engaged, I suspect this message came from him, or from them both, or most possibly just the wife…honestly its sad…they won’t even allow me to enjoy my engagement in peace…

Anyway, talking about the wife, I will leave you with these pictures of me in Agape, when this woman he is now married to used to follow me around, and kiss me literally, and wear my clothes…even as my ex-husband took me to court to attempt to take away my children, the first thing he said was, “Jean actually think she’s a celebrity, she wants people to serve her, she wants white people to bow to her…”

She used to kiss me, literally.
She used to bow to me, and serve me, and wear my clothes. They all bowed to me….
They all wore my clothes, and served me and read my magazine and glorified it
Yes, they all used to bow to the Queen, the concubines of Agape Cult

I have always been a Queen, always. I never ask anyone to serve me, but they all do, and it scared and angered my ex-husband so very much…

The man really is obsessed with me, just a few weeks ago I found out he’s literally stalking me, phoning child maintenance trying to get my home address, you would think he would be busy celebrating his fake Ashanti engagement already…but no, he sits at the bottom of my table day and night even creating ghost accounts on Facebook just to follow me around…

As my King rightfully said, my moment has come, now I have my ex-husband or rather his wife sending me the most disgraceful of his pictures, shamefully copying my husband’s culture, whilst I stand besides my King being crowned the Queen of Ashanti…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

8 thoughts on “So My Ex-Husband’s “Wife” Came To My Inbox Amid My Royal Engagement.

  1. Jean lol, ndapererwa, kuita kumunyarira Shami zvese na Shingi. Ndochii ichochi ichi ko iye Shami kusvava kudai kupera kunge soup isina muto, this is just embarrassing, congrats on your engagement by the way


  2. My goodness they will never be Ghanaians. Let’s see what pichisi iri can do for the masuka family. Ndi nurse. Mabharanzi. Who is that lady wearing a so tired wig. Kushaya mari zvakunoita.


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