Never Be Afraid To Walk Away From Where You Came From, But Take Love With You

It’s okay to walk away from your roots

If all your roots ever did was torment you

It’s okay not to be proud of where you came from

If your home was a place where your pride was taken

Its okay not to look back at your origin

If you originated from a place of pain



Never be afraid to walk away from the roses

If the thorns are the only things to shake hands with

And if normal is the only normal thing,

Then walk away and don’t look back


It’s not okay to be the black sheep in a place you don’t belong

Walk away, and find the pastures where black sheep live

You have to march to a place of belonging

The journey might be long and lonely

But it doesn’t have to be

So don’t be afraid to walk away from pain

But remember to take love with you






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