Why My King Did Not Bend The Knee To Propose, And He Will Never Wear A Wedding Band

So since my royal engagement on Sunday, the king and I have had so much to talk about. He said to me, “The royal wedding has to happen, my Queen, I want to crown you”. Crowing me, an unloved child, from Zimbabwe, before the world, when he could have had any Ashanti woman from his Native Ghana has become his heart’s desire. He always told me that “my love, the more they hate you, the more I love you.” Now I know he meant every word, and beauty of it is Ashanti women, even his own ex-girlfriends are happy for me.

Well, we haven’t set a date yet, but we are hoping the Lord willing, it will be sometime next year in August, my birthday month, a year from now. We pray that just for our wedding, there won’t be a global pandemic, (lol I know now the haters will start praying for a second pandemic) because I want the fairy tale royal wedding I saw since I was a little girl, with chariots, white lilies and that dress I always imagined myself in.

Anyway, wedding talk aside, I have at least a year to plan this, but in this article I want to talk about the King and how he does his things.

He always used to say to me that no man should ever bend the knee to a woman, especially a King. He used to say to me that he finds the whole “getting on one knee” very cheesy for a man. He said when a man bends the knee to a woman, he’s basically selling his birthright as a man and as the head of the house. So because of that I never ever thought my King would propose to me, or ask me to be his wedded wife, his Queen. I never ever saw such a magical romantic proposal coming.

But he did propose to me, in the most calm beautiful way I could ever imagine. He did not get on one bended knee, yet he was able to ask me to be his official wife, his Queen, in a way which left me speechless and took my breath away.

In the Western World, this world of feminism we live in today, women are the ones who control men, a wife is the one who wears the trousers in the marriage. Everything is upside down, even for a man to go to the pub for a drink with his mates, he needs a “pass” from his wife. Men are told to do house-chores, and take on wifey duties in the house. In western culture, husbands are wives and wives are husbands. And my King is right, it starts when a man gets on one knee to propose.

I remember Meghan gushing during her BBC engagement interview, “He got on one knee” was the famous line she said before she completely took over the interview and couldn’t even allow Harry to have a word in.

And boy, in the fullness of time, she was able to get the Prince to leave his country and denounce his throne for her, when it was supposed to be the other way round. That is the perfect picture of how marriage roles are upside-down in the west, because the culture and tradition teaches men to bow to women.

But not my Boaz, the King of the North. He has set the standard for the culture and traditions of the HOUSE OF OFFEH. No man in his Kingdom and lineage bends the knee to a woman. I told my three boys, yes even my two year old crown prince Chaka that “this is how you treat the woman you love, see what your Father has done…”

When the King proposed to me on Sunday, I am the one who bowed before him in owe and wonder, that I had been found worthy to his his Queen from Ophir.

When King David, still just David, a fugitive, before he was crowed King in Hebron, he proposed to Abigail the prophetess, who was to become one of his most beloved wifes, by sending his men to propose to her, and she responded by bowing down with her feet to the ground.

It is women who bow to men, not the other way round.

I said to my two older sons, “There are so many ways to ask a woman to be your wife, but lamenting whilst on your knees and begging her is certainly not one of them. Never ever sell your birthright as a man, to a woman.”

I have taught my boys never to bend the knee to a woman.

Everything has to be done according the the House of Offeh. A true King can only beget a Queen….

And talking about the King begetting his Queen, Nino always told me that he will never wear a wedding band. Again he said the whole thing of a man putting out his hand to a woman for her to put a ring on him is just “barbaric” to quote his exact word. He always used to say to me he doesn’t like jewelry, unless it’s something very symbolic he has to wear, but according to him, it will never be a wedding band.

So he always gave me the vibe that 1) he will never propose to me, 2) he will never publicly wed me…well 5 years ago, we had a wedding in the park, officiated by my daughter Nakai, and I thought that was it…

5 years ago, the King and I.

But he will wed me officially….but I will not put a wedding band on his finger.

So I have been researching about the significance of men not wearing wedding bands, and behold I found out that in the British Monarchy and also in aristocratic families, the men tend not wear wedding bands or just jewelry in general.

Prince Philip, Prince William and Princess Anne’s husband Timothy Laurence do not wear wedding rings, though Prince Philip does wear his family signet ring. The only one who chose to break from that tradition and wear a wedding band was off course Prince Harry. And look at him today, he is now the WIFE of Meghan whilst William maintained his Kingship. Harry sold his birthright to his wife by not only bowing to her to propose, but by also having her put a ring on him.

Harry sold his birthright to his wife

A lot of the original British royal traditions were taken from King David and King Solomon’s dynasty, who were actually black men. That was the standard of what it means to be of royal blood. Ironically, and also controversially, the British royal family is described as being descendants of King David.

Prince William does not have a wedding band.

But I know, and God knows that the King of the North is a direct descendant of the Davidic Dynasty…

That’s why even when he was a child, he told himself he will never bow to propose to a woman, and no woman will put a ring on his finger…but women will bow to him.

Only a true King can beget a Queen…so I am the one to have the King crown me..

Our Psalm 45 Royal wedding will not include a wedding band for the King…it will be exactly how my husband saw it as a child…

“In that day will I raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen, and close up the breaches thereof; and I will raise up his ruins, and I will build it as in the days of old: That they may possess the remnant of Edom, and of all the heathen, which are called by my name, saith the Lord that doeth this”

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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