My Husband’s Second Wife Will Be My Hand-Maid

So people have been asking me about my Boaz’s search for a second wife. I had to give you guys the update.

Well, initially I was a little disappointed that more women expressed interest but lacked the funds to be able to pay for the dates. In the past few weeks, only 3 women were able to pay, of which 2 of them were single mothers. But God’s ways are always higher than ours.

Of the three women, only one was able to interest my husband, she is an old friend of my husband, they attended the same High School back in Ghana. She still paid the money and did not use her prior friendship status to my husband as an excuse not to pay. She is a Ghanaian of the Ashanti tribe, and she ticked all the boxes to him.

When my husband bought me the house, she paid us a visit and we took her to the new house.

I was totally impressed by the grace of this woman. I found myself not having any fear at all about my relationship with my Boaz. A part of me had doubted if this was the right thing to do.

I was amazed at how much respect she gave me. She made an oath to me, that if I bring her in my house, she said she would be faithful to serve me and my children, and would not come to cause any discord within my house, but she wants to look after the children and be my helper.

When I was a single mother of four children, I prayed to God that I needed a helper in my house, I have always felt like I am the kind of woman who deserves a helper, so I trusted God about it.

Well, at that time, God sent me two white sisters who literally served me, cooked for me, cleaned my house and looked after my children as I gave birth to Fadzi. I thought God had answered my prayer about needing a helper. However things didn’t quite work out with these two women, though they served me diligently, they were not meant to be my helpers.

I remember when I met Boaz, I told him that I needed  a maid or a helper to help me with the children. Boaz had told me that it was quite impossible in the UK, but I had told him that I still had faith that God would give me the desire of my heart.

But God works in mysterious ways really, I never thought me helping my husband search for a second wife would lead to my prayer for a helper being answered.

I told her that I would pay her for her help, but she declined and said that sharing my Boaz with her was enough payment. In fact she would repay me by serving me.  She wants to look after my house and children whilst I achieve my goals and dreams. The connection I had with this woman was unbelievable. I have to say I find Ghanaian women so calm, compared to Zimbabwean women, they have the sweetest temperament and I have never seen women so submissive to their husbands.

The funny thing is I have been so busy, also working on my second book, juggling writing with being a full time mother has been very difficult. I have so much to do within my calling, but being a full time housewife has always hundred me to some degree.

So she said to me, let me mind your house and children whilst you sit in your office and do your work.

I feel so humbled, because this is an answer to prayer. All the ancient women I relate to and admire had hand-maids.

I feel like Leah, who said “God has honored me and blessed me, because I have given my husband another woman in his bosom.”

I can understand why biblical holy women thought it was a blessing to take their maidens and give them to their husbands.

If I had a choice, I would not have chosen to be born in this era, I would have rather lived in an era where the women thought like me, and their husbands were lords and true men, not the sissies of today who call themselves men.

I honestly do not believe I belong in this era. Though I believe there is a reason why I was placed in an era I find odd, the way people think is strange.

If today my husband had come out and said he was gay and he was leaving me for another man, he would be hailed as a hero even by Christians for being true to himself.

What a strange world we live in.

If God had created Adam and two Eves, the Christians would be condemning any man who chooses to have one wife, saying God created Adam and two wives, so how dare you have only one.

That said, I am so happy that I do not worship the golden calf of monogamy that was created by the white man. Oh and how overrated is monogamy? One in two monogamous marriages end in divorce. The irony.  When our fore fathers had many wives, divorce was almost unheard of, and black single mothers were not an epidemic.

Did God not create us women to be help meets for men. We were created for one reason alone, for men’s delight. Concubines used to understand this role and their purpose, they were not abused women. They were grateful to escape the lives of poverty or slavery to be concubines, which was way better than their original fate. They understood it was better to be the delight of men.

So how much more should Kings enjoy this delight? What a world we live in, which denies Kings their rightful birthright of many wives. Off course too much of anything is toxic, we all know that that was King Solomon’s fall, he went overboard with the many wives.

My husband is a King. I know he is. He behaves like one. I used to be married to a fool, so I know a black King when I see one. My Boaz is a righteous man, he is not a whore monger like a lot of black men. Sadly they go around putting their manhood in anything which has a hole. That is a definition of a whore-monger, a man who sleeps around.

A man is supposed to only sleep with his wife or concubine. He has to sleep with his own woman, or women, who are his own property, which he does not share with other men. In today’s society you have black men sleeping around and exchanging women, its an abomination. And the cause of that abomination is because they are not allowed by this godless society to take more wives, yet it is in the DNA of black men to have multiple wives. But because of their white masters, they have been reduced to being nothing but whore-mongers and male-prostitutes.

Oh well, as for me, since I made a decision that I would allow my husband another wife, he is a King and he deserves it, I have seen God open the floodgates of heaven for me. Everything has just started falling into place. I haven’t argued with my husband in months, there is just constant peace and joy in our household. He has bought me a house, with my name on it. He has made so many promises to me, which I know he will fulfill. He says I am the most loving and selfless woman he has ever met, and I deserve nothing but the treatment of a Queen.

Everything is falling into place

So God has honored me and given me a handmaid, a handmaid who will also be a delight to my husband.

Anyway, moving onto work, I am glad my husband’s friend Billionaire Specialist David Harriot will be one of our VIP Guests of honor at our BBE 400 Year Homecoming Anniversary in London in December.

I have a feeling this year is going to end very good…my Ghana president called it the Year Of The Return.



The Genesis of the Revelation by

Mary-Tamar was Jean

2 thoughts on “My Husband’s Second Wife Will Be My Hand-Maid

  1. You are so unique in your thinking. I don’t agree with some things that you write but I wish you well. I wish I had had your courage when I was your age…

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  2. You must be indeed chosen Jean. Zimbabwean born descendent of Ham ( born a concubine) and first wife to A West African man a descendent of Shem. From concubine to Queen and your King turns a Ghanaian lady (Born a Queen) into a concubine. The next version of the bible should include you and your family s’true


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