She has no time to cry

She wipes her tears of blood

As she carries her playing child

She has to do what she has to do

Even when she’s with child

She always sacrifices


She puts her happiness second

She wants to live and laugh

She wants to be embraced

She wants to be understood

But even without

She still thrives

Because she always sacrifices


She sharpens her arrows

With the tears of her blood

As a rose, delicate and beautiful

Yet with thorns so sharp

She holds her secret portion

As she protects her young

Only her can know

The power of sacrifice




When I was pregnant with my 6th baby Chaka, at one point I was so tired and felt overwhelmed. My daughter Charo walked into the room and I had a moment with her. She ministered to me so powerfully, like saying, “mummy you can do this”.. I was desperate to express myself at that moment, how I was feeling. There was a pen and paper next to me, and I sketched myself. Then it felt so powerful I started to paint what I had felt. I painted for a few weeks, then I stopped. I put the painting away, uncompleted. A few weeks later I gave birth to Chaka.

I knew I had to finish the painting, but lacked strength and motivation. Until the recent Serena Williams ‘meltdown’. I was so touched by her pain, even as the world’s greatest, she still remains a black woman, who has to constantly sacrifice to remain at the top. So I was inspired to finish the painting, and I saw not just me in the painting, but Serena Williams too, for she inspires me so much.

We all need each other as sisters, in this journey of being Black. It’s a sacrifice.

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