Forget Overpopulation, Black Women Let’s Be Fruitful And Multiply

I always wanted a lot of children since I was young. I thought if mother nature allowed me,  I would have at least 4. But here I am today expecting my 6th.

When I shared on social media that I was expecting baby number 6, a lot of people were happy for me, whilst there are a number of people who could not help but express their shock and outrage at the idea of a woman my age giving birth to 6 children, especially in this era.

Well, I don’t blame the mindset of a lot of people, we live in a society that has programmed people into the believing that having a lot of children is somewhat wrong and outdated. It’s something that people did in the olden days, but now it’s not quite normal or appropriate.

We have the elite people of this world complaining that the world is overpopulated and something should be done, starting with the black race in Africa. In the first world, USA and UK the highest abortion rates are among black women, if it wasn’t for abortions, a lot of black women would have at least more than 4 children, but sadly many babies are massacred in hospitals.

Here in England, the system is programmed to accommodate 2 children per couple, maybe 3 at the most. When booking for holidays, clubs etc that’s when you realize that 3 children at the most are the expected normality. I read a report not long ago by Optimum Population Trust which said having more than 2 children is bad for the environment.

I personally don’t believe there is such a thing called global overpopulation, the first command God gave humanity after creation was to be fruitful and multiply. Poverty is not in any way caused by ‘overpopulation’ but rather it is caused by the few who have the power to control wealth, most of which is stolen.  The earth is meant to be filled with humanity and there is enough food on this earth to feed every living soul.
When I had only 3 children in my mid 20’s, it was enough to raise a few eyebrows, so 6 is like the ultimate abomination.

Some people ask me why? Some ask me where I find the strength.

I find the strength from my Creator. Children are a heritage and the fruit of the womb a reward.
My strength and desire to be a mother originated from my childhood and how I grew up. I wanted a second chance in life to love and be loved. I wanted a second chance in life for pure unconditional love. I wanted to have little human beings I would just smother with love and see how that felt like.

For a long time, I battled with the fact that I was unlovable. I battled with this feeling way into my adulthood and I concluded that the only place I would be accepted and loved would be in motherhood. I can honestly say I found that redemption when I first became a mother 14 years ago. I found a place to let go off things I never understood. That unconditional love I searched for all my life, I did find it in childbearing.


Maybe I can understand why Paul wrote that, ‘But women will be saved through childbearing–if they continue in faith, love, and holiness with propriety’, 1 Timothy 2:15.

Well, my husband always jokes that if I had been born during the biblical era, with everything that I have been through and how I have endured and survived, I would have had my own book written in my honor.  Never mind Ruth and Esther, he says. He says there would be the book of Jean, where it would say…

‘and it came to pass in those days, that the Lord remembered Jean, and opened her womb again, and she conceived and gave birth to her 6th child…’

Well to some degree my husband is right, the book is there in my heart.

God has opened my womb and gave me the desires of my heart. It’s not easy being a mother. It’s the hardest job ever, but the most satisfying and rewarding. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I wish I was a super perfect mother but I’m not. I wish I had super perfect children but they are not. That’s what makes the journey of motherhood beautiful. Through all my imperfections and my children’s imperfections, there is only one thing that that remains, the unconditional love I searched for all my life.

Forgive me for sharing a lot of pictures, which I don’t normally do on my blog. I am in that season where these memories are beyond precious. Before I am a writer or artist or whatever my gifts God has given me, my greatest calling on this earth is motherhood, and these pictures are a testimony of the greatest blessings I have which money can never buy.
Forget what they say about overpopulation, especially the black race, lets no murder our beautiful babies through unnecessary abortions, but rather let’s be fruitful and multiply. There is power in numbers.

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