I Hate Spiritual Daddies And Would Love To See Them Melt Like Snails

I believe honesty is a gift, and I intend on using mine faithfully, especially when I’m holding the pen. God knows I have a lot of love in me, sometimes too much for my own good, but I have also learned to hate, and it’s an expression I am not afraid to use, especially when needed.  A lot of Christians who claim to love the bible cherry pick the lovely verses and refuse to mention the ‘H’ word even though their hearts are often filled with hate. Hate which is not even justified.

I have seen more hatred in black Churches than in a pub filled with drunkards.  I am a living testimony that the black church is filled with hatred, so Christians please save me the hypocrisy.  I have taken a lot of inspiration from King David who understood what it means to have perfect hatred and had the wisdom to know how to use it. The bible says there is a time to love and a time to hate.

Do not I hate them, O Lord, that hate thee? And am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee?I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies, Psalm 139: 21-22″

For me, there is a certain group of people that I hate with a perfect hatred.  They are often found in Africa and in the black church. When I look at these people I am filled with disgust. I liken them to flies, filthy, dirty, annoying, noisy and disgusting. I just wish I could squash these people the same way I squash flies and the world would be a better place for the black race. Sadly and strangely most black people have an unhealthy obsession with these people. But I hate them. Yes, I hate false prophets.  The ones who call themselves spiritual fathers, papas or spiritual daddies. These are the only people in the world I feel an intense hatred for, along with rapists and pedophiles. I put them in the same circle because they rape the souls and spirits of people. They are also merciless thieves who steal money from poor black people.

Some of the Spiritual Fathers that I have pure hatred for include T B Joshua, Victor Kusi Boetang, Uebert Angel, Emanuel Makandiwa, Walter Magaya and Bishop Daniel Obinim. I hate them because they love evil. People have died in these men’s hands. Women and girls have been raped and molested. People have been robbed of their hard earned money. Children have had their homes and lives destroyed by these people. They cause poverty of black people. I hate these men because they are the enemies of God and humanity. I also refer to spiritual fathers as wizards and modern day sorcerers.

False Ghanaian prophet Victor Kusi Boateng in Zimbabwe, the shame of it all. 


I hate these wizards and sorcerers. When I look at them I see darkness and evil. I am equally disgusted with any human being who kneels down to these sorcerers and calls them “Daddy”. I find such people mentally retarded by choice. They are what the oxford dictionary defines as an idiot.  If you want to see what idiots look like, all you have to do is walk into any black church that a spiritual father, idiots will be there in thousands.

I am more disgusted by the grown men who bow down to these wizards. The irony of it is such men claim to be against homosexuality, yet they are worse than sodomites themselves. Men with wives and children reducing themselves to calling another man even younger than them “Daddy” and doing everything they are told by their “Daddy”. Is this not perversion at its fullest? They are not worthy to be called men, they have sold their birthright of manhood. Such men will see their wives being molested by “Papas” and call it a blessing. Such men will take their daughters to be defiled by “Papas”.Such men will starve their families and give every penny they have to “Daddy”. Such men will abuse their wives because “Daddy” told them to. I know this to be true because I have seen it with my own eyes. Such men deserve to be castrated, for they are not men but sissies.

The man kneeling  to Uebert Angel is worse than a sodomite and does not deserve to be called a man


So yes I hate spiritual fathers and I detest the men who follow them. As for the women who follow these spiritual fathers I can understand. Women are the weaker vessels and are easily deceived when it comes to spirituality. Most single black women have spiritual daddies, which is not surprising because women are generally gullible which is why the snake went to Eve.

But for the men who follow these wizards, what is their excuse? Men are supposed to protect their women, not expose them to vultures. These evil spiritual fathers are continually being exposed and their wickedness is seen even by a child, but the followers refuse to see the light. Married false prophet and spiritual son of TB Joshua, Walter Magaya was recently exposed when his phone calls to his girlfriend were leaked, but alas the followers still see him as an anointed man. I am sick of their evil and say with King David that these men should melt like snails. Yes, King David did wish for certain people to melt like slugs and he wasn’t afraid to say it.

May they be like a slug that melts away as it moves along…Psalm 58:8

So here it goes. May T B Joshua and his ilk melt like snails. I would love to see them melt like snails because I hate them. I believe hell was created for demons and spiritual daddies, for they are the enemies of humanity and cause much harm to God’s beloved people, the black race. The world would be a better place without them, and hell would be better with them, so may they all just melt away never to be seen again.

11 thoughts on “I Hate Spiritual Daddies And Would Love To See Them Melt Like Snails

  1. I have thought about this post a good deal.

    I don’t think God would like to see the destruction of the wicked. Ezekiel 18 and 33

    If we have in us the mind of Christ, will we desire the destruction of those who hate God? or will we desire that they come to know God, to be his sons and daughters?

    David wept for Absalom, his son, his wicked son. Is this David’s “perfect hatred” of the wicked? David wept for Saul, “Oh how the mighty have fallen.”

    Though I can’t put my finger on it, there is something amiss in this post…


    1. The bible is a very big book, sometimes with confusing contradicting verses. One verse will say this the other will say that. It is always about context my brother. That is what you can’t put your finger on I think.


      1. Thank you so much dear. I’m glad the article was of some encouragement to you. I look forward to hearing your Boaz testimony in the near future. I believe☝


  2. Never claim to know how God feels about a certain individual. God never uses your physical body to express feelings. Also never misquote the Bible. Its better for you to read novels and other things than to read and attack Men of God. Its better to attack celebrities that do not even mention the name of God than to attack these Men. Its better for you to keep quiet and pray for understanding.


  3. Hello. Thank you for writing your post. I was praying over how seriously to take Emmanuel Makandiwa’s warning regarding another stronger incurable plague arising after this coronavirus dies down. The concern preempted God’s personal word to me and perpetuated enough fear to start talking it up. When I read your article, it dawned on me as to how much personality cult exists among all of us, and I had to repent. Thanks so much. Liberty in Christ is too precious a gift. What you wrote is also in Ezekiel. God said He hated the prophets who were capturing men’s souls in their lockets and offering people mortar that could not stand a storm. True prophets SERVE God’s people, strengthen them and uplift them. We have no business bowing down to any man. Thanks


  4. In your desire to think you’re saying something godly, you have allowed yourself to be well used by the spirit of devil. Probably you are aware already. You hatred means absolutely nothing to us. And your presumed identification with Christ is false. We honour who God has honoured and it is our delight. Respect and honour to the people God has graced will increase. Get used to it and get that anti christ spirit working in you out.


  5. God doesn’t hate anybody. He loves us all. He uses our men of God to teach us,heal us and help us financially….. you’re obviously not a child of God. You’re a hypocrite, trying to use the word of God to manipulate us. You think we’re gullible. Stop deceiving yourself. Give your life to Christ and mind your business.


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