If Diana Was Alive, Meghan Markle Would Have Made Harry HATE His Own Mother

I have been getting a lot of questions lately about my different opinions on the Harry and Meghan saga of course, but this recent comment stood out for me.

Mary-Tamar, I would like your honest opinion about some things I saw at the wedding and about a few other things. I know as a British citizen you know a lot about what is going on over there. What do you think Diana would be thinking about what Harry is doing to William?

I honestly believe that if Diana would have been alive, Harry would not have been lost, messed up and vulnerable enough to end up with a predator like Meghan Markle.

But if somehow the “spectacle” wedding had gone ahead with her blessing, Diana would have been so pained by what selfish Harry has done to his older brother. The lack of respect for his brother and the jealousy he has displayed is just uncalled for. Its funny that black people are going around saying that as far as they are concerned Diana only has one son, Harry, whom they believe is now a black man trapped in a white man’s body.

According to most black people Diana is up in heaven so proud of Meghan and Harry.

Though Diana had serious problems with the royal family, she would have never been spared the bullying of Meghan. Meghan would have treated Diana in the exact same way, if not worse than the way she treated Catherine.

Meghan’s obsession with Diana, imitating her clothes, poses and even imitating the “interview” is not because Meghan loved Diana or she took inspiration from her. Meghan wants the same admiration that was given to Diana to be given to her. She wants to be the new Diana, she wants everyone to love her the way Diana was loved.

Meghan has gone out her way to imitate everything Princess Diana did, which is very creepy.

But Princess Diana was a Queen of people’s hearts, so much that even in her flaws she was still lovable. She was a natural sweetheart, and she genuinely loved people. Diana was traditional, she genuinely fell in love with Charles, and wanted to be the best wife she could be to him. Even when very young she still tried her best, but was never good enough for her husband. She endured the pain of being an unloved wife, she had an eating disorder and developed serious emotional problems because of her loveless marriage. She ended up having multiple relationships to quench her thirst for affection and love, and that is also not easy. Its never easy to start a new relationship with a new partner especially if you are wounded and you are looking to fill a void that the “new partners” can never fill. So unlike Meghan, Diana actually had a real life story, a story that people, especially women of all races and cultures sympathised with. By just being herself, with all her flaws and perfect imperfections Diana won the people’s hearts from all over the world.

Meghan has gone out of her way to create a sad “racial” story so that people can worship her, but unlike Diana she has caused havoc and chaos and is leaving a trail of disaster wherever she goes.

The saddest thing is both Harry and Meghan have used Diana’s tragic death to further their own selfish agenda of dominating the world.

Meghan uses Diana to try and steal people’s hearts, the good thing is although black people compare her to Diana, the majority of people do not like her, because they are starting to see the spirit of perdition that works in her. The more she tries to copy Diana, the more people can see through her, that she’s a jezebel. Whilst Diana’s tell all interview made her vulnerable and she won the people’s hearts, Meghan’s Oprah’s interview actually was her demise. The interview did nothing but actually prove her to be a compulsive liar with no sense of shame or integrity. In this era of memes and the internet, all I see with the Meghan Interview is the hilarious memes of Oprah. The whole interview has turned into a pantomime.

Harry on the other hand sadly uses his late mother for sympathy, poor Diana must be turning in her grave.

However the good news is it’s official, Harry and Meghan’s popularity has reached an all time low since their shameful Oprah interview, even the people who used to support them just can’t do it anymore. They are only left with a few self-hating black people as their supporters.

Harry selfishly behaves like he’s the only son of the late Princess.

Today I had a very good laugh with my daughter, as well as a very heart warming moment as I was reading her the comments on a You Tuber ‘s channel called Celt who recently narrated my open letter to Meghan to her audience.

When I showed my daughter the comments on the You Tube channel of people wishing that Prince Harry had married someone like me, not Meghan, my daughter was speechless, and then said, “Mum is that how much you have brought Meghan down. Gosh you are not joking are you?”

I read the comments to my daughter of how people were saying Harry should have married a virtuous woman like me.
I told my daughter that the people of Britain and America see me as a real Lady with a capital L, and they say Meghan is not worthy to mop my floors.

My baby girl was so proud of me, and she urged me to keep on writing.

I told my daughter that I could have never been with a man like Prince Harry, because I like a man who knows that he is actually a man, like her own father. I told her I do not need a “TRAPPED” man, I need a man who is free. I told her that I like a man who respects and honours his people. I told her that a woman should never make a man denounce his family and his people for her, especially a family that has welcomed her into their fold and given her their son with their blessing.

Shameless Harry is not even half the man my husband is.

I told my daughter that Meghan is an example of how not to behave as a wife and how not to treat your in-laws. She would have never respected Diana. She would have never thanked Diana for raising her husband for her. If Meghan can stop the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William from seeing Harry’s son, she would have definitely banned Diana from seeing Archie too. I can not see how she would have treated Diana any different to how she treats the rest of Harry’s family.

I have always loved and honoured my mother-in-law, she welcomed me in her family when I was older than her son, a single mother, a foreigner and a divorcee. She gave me a chance and never allowed any stereotypes to stop me from finding love in her son. Whilst other people shunned the idea of a younger man being with an older divorcee, my husband’s mother spoke kindly about me to her son and said, love her, she may be from another country, she may be a single mother, but she is still a woman who has suffered a lot, so never make her cry.

She is always on my side, so much that when my husband is not listening to me, and is being a man with an ego, I tell his mother, and she tells him off for me. And my husband says, “Well, done, you must be very pleased with yourself, now you can’t do no wrong in my mothers eyes so she automatically takes your side.” And I laugh when my husband says that.

My mother-in-law treats me like her own daughter, because she says as women we stick together. Meghan is not capable of sticking with any woman.

I can never see Meghan being capable of loving and honouring another woman other than herself, especially the woman who birthed her husband. She would have been so jealous of the love Harry had for his own mother, everything has to be about her. If she can never thank and respect Prince Charles for walking her down the isle when her own father couldn’t, she surely would have brought so much grief to Princess Diana…

Meghan would have caused nothing but grief for the Princess.

Meghan did not even spare Princess Eugenie, who was harmless as a dove to her and close to Harry before she came on the scene, she just can’t stand any woman, no matter who, having any spotlight at all, even on her own wedding day. Meghan is so evil, she steals other women’s thunder on their wedding! She is actually a shocking human being. She would have reduced Princess Diana to tears with her spitefulness and bullying, and she would have made Harry hate his own mother, blaming her for being “racist” towards Meghan, I am so sure of that!

The Genesis of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

6 thoughts on “If Diana Was Alive, Meghan Markle Would Have Made Harry HATE His Own Mother

  1. My fellow sister of the soil- your writings are epic!!! For some reason, my spirit is telling me this is only the beginning and something major is in store for you! I am still watching up but oh boy- like you I can’t stand MM, and didn’t from day 1! Keep writing the truth and soon enough she will be revealed to all for who she really is.
    Stay well and blessed my dear- blessings upon your and your household.

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  2. Greetings from the beautiful Island of Grenada in the Caribbean. Just found you through Celt Views on Youtube. I have fallen in love with your writings about Megan Markle and Prince Harry. You are down to earth and truthful in your observations. I am now one of your fans. I pray you will be given the strength to Continue to write your wonderful pieces. Thank you for being the voice of reason. Blessings to you and your family. Much love. ❤️


  3. Princess Diana Was a great woman who knew the people of the palace wasn’t shit. Meagan and Harry Enjoy Be blessed and Run the World better than your granny.


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