Dear Black People, Mermaids Have ALWAYS Been WHITE

So black people and white people are fighting over the racial identity of the Disney character Ariel in the live remake of the Little Mermaid. The argument of the majority of white people is that the original story of the Little Mermaid had a red haired Caucasian mermaid. White people are arguing that mermaids are actually Caucasian, so it is cultural appropriation to cast a black girl as a mermaid.

Black and White people are fighting over the racial identity of Disney’s Little Mermaid.

First of all, I am a black woman, born in spiritual country of Zimbabwe where mermaids are actually gods and seen as a form of spirituality and religion. I was born in an African country where mermaids are not just folklore, but they are actually real beings that exist. My father did teach me a lot about the mermaids of Zimbabwe and their power over the land. I was born in a country where majority of the women are sacrificed by their own parents to be wives of mermen, including relatives of mine.

When I was growing up, I had an Uncle, my father’s brother who was abducted by mermaids and disappeared for almost a year and and came back as a traditional healer known as n’anga. This is a culture and religion of Zimbabwe that is very well known, in order to be a traditional healer or n’anga, one must be taken by a mermaid and spend at least a year underwater being trained. This is the true reality of Mermaids in Zimbabwe, they are not some fancy Disney Princess.

For those who have seen or encountered real mermaids or mermen, they all confirm that these water creatures are not black. As a black woman who was born in a country that is actually governed by marine powers, I can confirm that mermaids are not black. Mermaids have never been known, even to Africans to be black.

As a black woman who was born in a spiritual land where Mermaids exist, I can confirm that they are not black.
As confirmed by black Zimbabweans who have had encounters with mermaids, they are indeed white.

Mermaids have straight long flowing hair, that is one of their main characteristics. They look nothing like black people. Mermaids do not have afros or kinky hair or dread locks, they have straight long hair.

Now before the white race starts blowing trumpets, thinking it’s some badge of supreme racial honor that mermaids look more like them than black people, I want to make it absolutely clear that there is no beauty or majesty to mermaids. They are actually very ugly and wicked beings. This is my depiction of what mermaids and mermen looks like.

My depiction of a merman abducting two black boys, with a white witch in my book Napolia

Why Mermaids and Mermen are WHITE/ CAUCASIAN

Mermaids are cursed beings that were a result of angels shapeshifting into human form and sleeping with women. Angels fallen or not are not BLACK. We know that angels are not black because in the beginning before humans were ever Caucasian, they mistook albinos for angels or gods. In the beginning, it was not normal not to have melanin or skin pigmentation, the first humans on this earth were all black, hence when Noah was born an albino, people were frightened of him as it was not normal to see a human being with no melanin. Angels do not have melanin. Fallen angels and watchers did not have melanin. In Genesis 6 these fallen angels envied the beauty of humans, black women, and wanted to reproduce with them and start some sort of hybrids, a modified version of women, black women. We know that all women were black during the time of Noah, because Noah being an albino was something strange to behold. Mermaids and mermen are some sort of hybrids of what happened between fallen angels and full human black women. The mermaids if anything, are a product of the sin of fallen angels and human black women. Their curse was that they looked nothing but black, they took the outlook of fallen angels, they do not have melanin and their hair is not kinky.

Even though Disney has romanticized mermaids, they look nothing like this and have no beauty to them.

Black People Have Always Been The Sacrifices of Mermaids and Mermen.

It’s truly shocking that black people are crying to be depicted as mermaids when because of their melanin they have always been the sacrifices of mermaids. Mermaids and mermans only drink the blood of black people. In Africa, especially Zimbabwe mermaids only abduct little black children especially boys. These children abducted by mermaids never come back. If its girls they are sacrificed by their own parents for money and spiritual power to become wives of mermens. These mermens only take black wives as sacrifices as I have already mentioned that more than 50% of Zimbabwean women are marine wives. Especially social media influencers, they sacrifice themselves as marine wives for publicity. Almost all Zimbabwean social media influencers go under water to sleep with mermens, hence none of them have husbands. If they do have husbands the husbands are as good as no husband.

Zimbabwean Social Media Influencers are normally Marine Wives (Wives of Mermen) hence they can never have real human husbands.

In Zimbabwe, the worship of mermaids and mermen is actually a religion. Mermaids and mermen need melanin as their sacrifices, they do not need Caucasian and will never abduct a white person. They have no need to because they see white people as one of their kind.

I find it more shocking that black people, as spiritual as they are, knowing very well what mermaids represent are today fighting to be mermaids. We truly are living in very dark times today, where reality is no longer reality. Good is no longer good, and evil is now some twisted depiction of good. Disney can romanticize these demons all they want, but it doesn’t change the fact that mermaids are unclean cursed spirits that live in the water, certain waters that is.

I never thought I would live to see the day where human beings are actually fighting over demons. I never thought I would see the day were black people force their black daughters to wish they looked like mermaids and claim that mermaids are black in a desperate attempt to be seen as princesses by white people. It’s beyond sad and pathetic.

Black people are so desperate to be included at Satan’s table that they rejoice over being depicted as demons. This is the sign of the times, we are the last generations of this earth. Anyone who finds themselves fighting over the racial identity of these demonic spirits is far gone. You are literally at the feet of Satan. You are literally worshipping the beast and what’s worse is you are making your children, black children worship Satan with you. If you think that Halle Bailey (a marine wife herself) playing Disney’s Ariel The Little Mermaid is the best thing that has ever happened to the black race you are under a spell, and in this spell you can never wake from.

Halle Bailey is known in the spiritual realm as a marine wife. Hence on one of her so called best photos, she wears serpent earrings to mark her alliance with the Beast.
No true Black Woman who is truly saved will celebrate the remaking of the Demonic Little Mermaid

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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