Meghan’s Friend Omid Scobie Admits She LIED To Oprah About Archie’s Title Race Row

“If we are only going by what Meghan said to Oprah and what the palace have said so far about the situation with Archie, perhaps one can assume that Meghan was wrong in her interpretation of it.” This statement came from the very mouth of Meghan Markle’s own friend and royal biographer, the co-author of Finding Freedom, Omid Scobie. Mr Scobie claimed that Archie had not been blocked from having a title because of the row between Meghan and the Firm as she claimed in the Oprah interview. In a landmark claim for a Discovery+ documentary, Harry and Meghan: Recollections May Vary, Mr Scobie claimed that actually Meghan “misinterpreted” royal procedure over who is deemed a prince or princess.

In my last essay a few days ago, I did write that Prince William and Catherine do not need to do anything at all to get vengeance for the way Meghan has treated the royal family, because wicked people have a way of destroying themselves within their own camp. And lo and behold, after my article, yesterday Mr Scobie, Meghan’s own friend and biographer was all over the newspapers, being reported to have admitted that Meghan did not tell the truth about Archie in the interview. If that doesn’t prove to the black people who believe Meghan is a victim of racism that she is nothing but a pathological liar, then I don’t know what can. Even her own team knows and admits that she was WRONG. So if her closest friends are now coming out to say she was WRONG about her racism claims of Archie, then what business do full black people have in getting angry over her “racism” claims.

The reason why I have used the word LIED in my title is because I am tired of people excusing Meghan’s blatant lies as “misinterpretations”. Why should Meghan Markle’s lies be politically labelled as “she misinterpreted” when it should be written as “she lied.” What Mr Scobie should have simply said was, “Meghan lied that Archie was not given a title because he has a black grandmother.” For him to claim that Meghan did not understand royal procedure is an insult to our intelligence. Even if for some reason in her twisted head Meghan thought that because her mother Doria is black, so for that reason the royal family stopped Archie who is 70% WHITE from getting a title, was it not Harry’s job to educate his wife before she went on to make such damaging unfounded claims about the royal family?

Why would Harry just sit there and allow his wife to say such untruths about his family on international TV? Why would Harry allow his son Archie to be misrepresented like that and USED by his own mother to settle scores with his own family? Why did Harry not release a statement soon after the interview telling the world that his wife was WRONG in most of the damaging things she said. If I remember correctly a few weeks ago when Harry attended Prince Philip’s funeral, apparently he was seeking for his family to apologise to Meghan. Meghan herself was claiming that she is willing to FORGIVE the royal family and move forward if they apologise to her.

So my question to Mr Scobie is, “Does Meghan get to apologise publicly to the royal family for the “misunderstandings” she claimed as her TRUTH on the Oprah interview? From the back garden secret wedding misunderstanding, to the Archie was not given a title because he is black misunderstanding? When will Meghan apologise for going on a global stage to utter recklessly “misunderstandings” or rather accusations which carried a lot of consequences for the royal family, especially the commonwealth?

Why should it take Mr Scobie to now come out and say Meghan’s racism LIES were just “misinterpretations” of royal procedures? Why trivialise such serious claims she made? Why can’t this woman be held accountable? Is she not in a position of leadership? Shouldn’t leaders be held in higher regard when they break public trust? When politicians lie or are caught in some misconduct, they resign. But for Meghan, when she is caught red handed lying on international TV, slandering the British Royal Family and an entire country, she is just excused as “she misunderstood.” Why is she treated like a naive little child when she is a nearly 40 year old feminist?

Where does that leave Harry, the one who was born into the Royal Family and knows every protocol and procedure like the back of his hand? Surely when Meghan was fretting and crying that Archie didn’t have a title because he was apparently BLACK, why didn’t Harry just go, “Umm actually honey, that is not the reason Archie is not a Prince. According to royal procedure, he is not entitled to a title love, we just have to accept that.” Why didn’t Harry just tell her that, especially before they went on Oprah?

It’s extraordinary isn’t it, that throughout the Oprah interview, Meghan was on a spree of misunderstanding and misinterpreting everything about her life as a member of the British Royal Family and Harry just sat there and agreed with her “misunderstandings”, when he knew better.

It makes me wonder, is Harry in love with the way Meghan lies?

As for Mr Scobie, I thought his “work” in Finding Freedom was so bad, but his latest excuses for Meghan’s lies is worse than the biography he supposedly wrote. Nine months ago after I gave birth, I actually bought Finding Freedom not only because it was trending, but because I wanted an honest entertaining book to read as I went through my afterbirth purification period for 11 weeks according to the laws of Moses in Leviticus.

As a strong believer in attachment parenting, which is the way ancient women, especially Jewish and African women nursed their babies, sadly for me after birthing 6 children under very stressful conditions, I had never experienced the full serenity, relaxation, peace and the total healing I craved for after giving birth.

My first baby was birthed under harsh conditions as I had a husband who used to beat me up when I was pregnant. My second baby was birthed under hard financial circumstances where my working visa was cancelled because I had moved jobs from one NHS Trust to another, so my maternity pay was cancelled as a result, including a lot of back pay. The whole situation was so unfair and wrong, it almost sent me into post natal-depression. I did not enjoy my second baby because I was so broke, even though I was a nurse in full time employment. After that experience, I gave up nursing to be a full time mother because I felt like working so hard was not worth it, because when I needed the money the most, the system cancelled my visa over a red tape error, and I lost all my pay which I had worked for. Then my third baby came as a total surprise not long after my second, life was extremely hard, in my marriage, family and finances so I didn’t get to enjoy my third baby the way I wanted.

Then by the time I gave birth to my fourth baby, I was a single mother going through a nasty public painful divorce. So I invited my mother to the UK thinking she would have mercy and support me and help me with the children, but instead she abandoned me weeks before I gave birth, went to live with her son enjoying life in the UK, after she had tried to persuade me to have an abortion which I refused. So I ended up literally giving birth alone in hospital.

I then fell in love with my husband, an Opera singer I saw at an Awards show when my fourth baby was only 3 weeks old. I loved his performance so much I went on Facebook and commented on his post. He then went on my blog and fell in love with me. But he was in the UK as an artist and went back to Ghana that very week. I was so gutted, so after a few months of our relationship developing through Whatsapp chats, I took a risk and invited him back to the UK, and he was coming as my partner. He was granted a visa on the grounds that he was my only support, which he was, coming to support me during the high profile Walter Masocha trial. He came as my visitor, but strangely according the housing laws in the UK, I was not allowed to house him if I was receiving housing benefits.

According to the UK immigration laws, he wasn’t allowed to work, and according to UK housing laws, he wasn’t allowed to live with me. So with my 5th pregnancy, my husband’s first baby, I was too busy trying to fight to live in my house with my husband. Then soon after my 5th baby, I fell pregnant again, yes I have the gift of fertility as my husband calls it. By then the council literally kicked me into the streets, weeks before I gave birth. I begged them to just allow me to give birth in the house, then after I would make my own way, but still kicked out I was, so I had my 6th baby whilst homeless, living in air bnb’s. It was the season of Meghan and Harry’s royal wedding, which was a ray of sunshine in my very dark hour of adversity.

The situation so moved my husband, and he promised me that once he got his papers, he would buy as many houses as he could in the UK. He said he never wanted any of his children to experience poverty or homelessness ever again.

Then lo and behold, before I knew it, the Lord opened my womb, and I became with child. My 7th child. This time my husband was in a far better place financially, he was rising up as an entrepreneur and property investor. I was so over the moon about this pregnancy, I was so protective of it I didn’t even share it online. For the first time in all my pregnancies, I had a man take me out for “maternity shopping.”

I felt like God had given me a chance to be a mother again, without an abusive husband beating me up, without financial poverty, without being a single mother, without endless trips to the council whilst heavily pregnant fighting for housing, without homelessness, this time I was pregnant and free. Everything was normal and perfect. I had my 6 beautiful children around me. I had my most amazing loving husband. I had no worry about money. I bought whatever I wanted for the baby. It felt like it was my first pregnancy.

I had an afterbirth plan, I wanted my own nursing bedchamber, without my husband. My darling husband granted me this request, and he made sure my other 6 children were taken care of as I nursed Chaniya for weeks. It was an afterbirth experience I had never had, even though I had given birth 6 times before. Chaniya became like my first baby. So yes, I even had the luxury to pick a book to read, which was a big deal to me, that’s where Mr Scobie came in. As a royalist who loves all things royal, Finding Freedom was my guilty pleasure in my humble little nursing chamber.

Don’t ask about the untiled bath, it was a lockdown project that never got completed in time for the baby, by then I had fallen in love with the ‘rustic’ look.

At first I was so excited about Mr Scobie’s book, because I wanted to read an honest interpretation of Megzit from a royal biographer, but after about 3 chapters into the book, it felt like I was reading Meghan’s own diary or blog. Because she is a writer and a former blogger, who was in her own words “SILENCED” by marrying into the royal family, I believe Meghan actually penned Finding Freedom and passed the book to her “biographers” to publish. As I read the book, my enthusiasm dropped and reading it became a chore. It was way too long, and was just too corny for my concentration. I hate reading one sided me me me perfect stories, I love a mentally stimulating narration. I even wrote somewhere in my blogs that I had stopped reading the book as I believed it had Meghan’s handwriting all over it. One of my followers asked me for the book, but I never got round to sending it to them.

Omid Scobie, co-author of Finding Freedom

So it’s really strange for me, that now I have finally got to review Finding Freedom on my blog, (Too long and too corny) which I promised my readers months ago. . . and my review comes in the wake of Mr Scobie admitting that his own friend Meghan Markle got it wrong about Archie, in other words he’s saying, SHE LIED…

He did however regret what he said about his dear friend in the documentary, claiming something about how he was tricked or something. However the birds had already taken his words into the air.

I have a good feeling that more revelations from “close sources” will unfold as they try to do damage control. The Oprah Interview backlash and inconsistencies on Meghan and Harry’s part have overpowered the “sympathies” she gets from black people.

My pen will remain uncapped until Meghan is completely stripped bare in her web of lies and held accountable for all the damage she has caused…

The Genesis of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

6 thoughts on “Meghan’s Friend Omid Scobie Admits She LIED To Oprah About Archie’s Title Race Row

  1. Well and powerfully said. Anytime I feel down I look at your beautiful face and your adorable baby and smile.


  2. Reading your insight on the Markle drama-saga is like a breath of fresh air Jean. I am loving your blog and learning the hardships you’ve clearly struggled through, and how it’s made you the the strong & insightful woman you are today inspires me. I hope Markle is reading this blog series, she could learn so much from you.


  3. Yes..I am not as articulate as the royalmeowjesty in the comments above, but I just can’t wait until I’ve read your blog daily! I am happy for you Jean. Your life sounds just superb. I live vicariously through your writings here. And your little baby is just absolutely adorable! She makes me smile! I hope all of those you love are well in your corner of the world! I shall be back tomorrow again to write more gushing-fan-girl-ing rambling nothings to you sweet Jean❤


  4. you are right! Meghan considers herself a smart woman but then falls into the wrong hands as if she wrote “Murder She Wrote” but failed to follow the clues and so shot herself in the foot and limped back helplessly for even still more attention. I wish that her mother would advise her to use more common sense (she doesn’t need a royal biographer)but then what do I know about this? Absolutely nothing!


  5. I do not wish bad or hurtful things on anyone and truly hope for the children, this noes not become true. In the pit of my stomach, I fear either Harry will wake up one morning and realize that he made a huge, undeniable mistake, listening to Meghan. Or, Meghan has no other use for Harry and leaves. This woman is a viper. Her reputation around town “Hollywood” was she would stop at nothing to get ahead. Harry was no match for this conniving female. Once he is no longer an asset, she will be looking for #3.


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