Northern Palace Series: The Art Of Finding A Good Black Man

Okay, due to the number of women who have been writing to me wanting to learn from me, wanting to tap into the Mary-Tamaic anointing, I decided that this New Year I am not going to allow wicked people to stop me from using my gifts. I decided I am going to use my gifts to teach women, so two days ago I started the series and published a blog, which I called the Daughters of Zion series.

But then yesterday as I was writing the second blog of the series, the King of the North came to me, and he prayed for me and blessed me. Then I started telling him about what I was writing about…and he was like…

The King blessed my pen and hand.

“You can not just pour this anointing and wisdom to random women in Zimbabwe you know, you personalise your anointing my Queen, like Queen Easter did. Whatever you are teaching these women is pouring from the Northern Palace, so that’s how they have to receive it. These teachings are only for women who embrace the NORTH, and the winds which comes with it.”

Oh, my ever so wise King, the wisest of them all. What he taught me was so deep, I actually deleted the Daughters of Zion blog and decided to rebrand the whole series as The Northern Palace series, and this is the first article of the series.

The King said to me that this year 2021, is the year of returning to innocence. We are now transitioning into the the New World, a New Heaven and The New Earth. This rebirth is triggering the tribulation. But what is actually happening spiritually is that things are going back to how there were in the days of old, I will do an essay on this one of these days if the Lord allows me. Everything is a cycle, as the King teaches me. Like Solomon said, there is nothing new under the Sun, even these days are about to be like the days of NOAH, for the wicked of course. But as the world returns back to innocence in preparation of a A REBIRTH, so women are now naturally being conditioned to think like how women used to think in the days of old, the chosen women of course, for the rest of the women, they actually have to be more wicked than before, that’s the cycle. .

Women, the chosen ones, the ones for the North, who are being gathered to listen to the voice coming out of the Northern Palace, wherever they are on this earth, are now supposed to prepare themselves for the world to come because in the world to come, MEN will become a NEED. The independent black woman thing will become a thing of the past, again this applies to the elect.

The independent woman will become a thing of the past.

The Prophet Isaiah started by describing the vision of the tribulation, just before the rebirth of Jacob. There is a famous scripture, “In that day 7 women will get hold of one man, and say take away our reproach, just let us be called by your name, Isaiah 4:1” This scripture is a clear indication that in the last days, THAT DAY, polygamy will become the norm, again, because the independent black woman who exists only in this era, (which should tell you that this scripture is for the fulfilment during a DAY where women will have their own money, not needing men to fulfil their needs) will now take a man, 7 of them actually, and plead with that one man that please its not about money, we just need a man! They will take hold of a man and say, “Take away our reproach.”

This will be the new reason for polygamy, because in the times of old, polygamy was a structure actually built on women needing men for food, shelter and clothing. Polygamy actually worked perfectly because the women were not financially independent, so they looked to their husbands as providers. In the world we are transitioning into, the women will have their own jobs, but they will not have husbands, so they will take hold of men and say please, we just want you, that will be the new structure of polygamy, it will not be about the money, but the actual security for the woman will be THE actual man, HIS MANHOOD, not what he has.

Mainstream Christianity love to spiritualise this scripture, because they can’t deal with the reality of it. Christians will spiritualise any scripture that goes against their own robotic logic, when they disagree with the Most High or his standards, which they do a lot, they tend to dismiss the hard TRUTH as “Spiritual metaphors” and they suddenly become biblical scholars who start going on about “Context, context” as they call it.

But the reality is polygamy is coming back, and it’s going to be a reality for most women in this world we are about to enter, but the King tells me, blessed are those who come to the NORTH.

You see, Covid 19, came like a thieve in the night, when everyone was celebrating the beauty of life, and it was all peaceful, then within a twinkling of an eye the world was never to be the same again. I remember writing about the 400 year prophecy in 2019, that after 400 years the rebirth would happen, but people saw that type of talk as “Crazy” yet today, everyone, even babes know that something is happening. We can all feel it in the air.

Now, as the prophetess of my Lord husband, I am telling the women who are ready to embrace the winds of the North that they have to learn the ART of finding a man. For without a man, to be literal without his manhood, it will be so cold out there, freezing actually. Only a physical man, not a dildo, will be able to warm you, spiritually as well. You see, everything we do in life is an art, a skill, an expertise. Because the Creator Himself is the Chief Artist. If you are a woman, with no husband, and you deeply feel the need of a man, that man will not drop on your doorstep, YOU GO OUT THER TO FIND HIM.

Because, WINTER IS COMING, even the world tried to warn you all.

Finding a man before winter is an ART, it’s a Skill, women of OLD did that, especially when they sensed danger, they got out there, and found themselves HUSBANDS. And these Husbands were not single men by the way.

One of such women was the beautiful prophetess ABIGAIL, who was married to an idiot, the fool Nabal. She heard of what her foolish husband had done to David, and she knew in her heart that judgement was coming to her household, and she was about to be widowed. In those days, being a widow was a terrifying thing, because if your husband was killed, and he was a man of influence, you would be captured by those who have conquered him, and turned into a sex slave, or worse. So Abigail sensed this danger, as a Prophetess she foresaw the death of her idiotic husband. And she acted quickly, and chose the man who would marry her after her fool husband had died. Remember there were so many men around Abigail, her fool husband was a rich man, with possibly hundreds of servants, but she knew none of them would be good enough for her once the fool was dead. She needed to get herself a GOOD man.

Abigail must have worn her best robes, made the best food she had ever made, prayed upon the food and everything, and went out to physically meet her King, the man who was worthy of her honour. She saw beyond the hungry man who stood before her. So she prophesied to a miserable homeless man, that he would be the next King of Israel. Jewish literature actually says that Abigail said to homeless David, “Please remember your maidservant, when you take the Northern Kingdom.” In fact she was telling David that once my fool husband experiences the wrath of God, please take me as your wife sir. She was telling David that she actually wanted to be completely HIS regardless of his marital status. The only reason Abigail went out to meet David without even her fool husband knowing was to save her own soul.

In fact according to historical texts, when the fool Nabal died, and Abigail became David’s wife, she also blessed her new husband, the future King, with her own handmaiden, who became a concubine of David.

So before disaster struck, Abigail mastered the art of finding a good man, making sure that she would not be left in danger once her fool husband died. Oh I can so relate to Abigail, once I got divorced from the fool, I had to go out there and meet my David, the King.

Again, the famous most loved story of Ruth and Boaz, again with Christians, as much as they love this wonderful motivational story, they so choose to ignore the setting the story was set in. During this time, polygamy was the norm….Boaz being such a man of influence, wealth and power was not a single man, he wasn’t waiting for Ruth all his life, he already had sons and daughters of his own, surely he had his own heirs to inherit his mass wealth, which is even proved with his reason to marry Ruth. He only married Ruth so he could produce an heir for his deceased brethren, this should tell you that he had his own heir. That’s why the baby was even named by Naomi, the baby was more of Ruth’s baby than Boaz’s. But the moral of the story is that Ruth actually went out there to get her Boaz, he never came knocking on her door, in fact Boaz was sleeping in his field doing his own thing, and Ruth dressed herself up and made herself beautiful and went to his feet. Quite similar to what Abigail did with David.

And yes, that’s why my husband is my Boaz, I went out to find him, literally and physically, he never came knocking on my door.

And please keep in mind, that all these women and men I mention were actually black, full on black, even though the world has conditioned you to believe that it’s impossible for biblical characters to be black, the fact is they were, even science agrees that the original people of this earth were actually black.

Now, this anointing is flowing from me, to the future daughters of the Northern Kingdom, because for the “called”, the world is going back to innocence, where black women (key word black) were not afraid to say to a black man, (again key word black), “Master, remember your maidservant, and take away my reproach.”

This art of finding a man also work for other races you know, “Charles, the Prince of England was supposed to date the older sister of Diana, but Diana who was a damsel so clever and way ahead of her game, actually went out there, and deliberately caught the attention of the most eligible Prince of that era.” It’s an art, for your redemption, you go out there and get your Prince, he doesn’t come knocking on your door.

Forget Charles and Diana, it was a tragic love story, with blood involved, well a similar story happened even to King David, his first wife, Princess Michal actually did everything in her power to get her future King. She loved David and made sure she got him, even though like Charles and Diana it ended so badly for Michal, but the principle still remains, you go out there, and get your King, more so if he is a good black man.

That is actually the art of finding a good black man, especially when you have a reproach on your forehead…which Abigail and Ruth had…the fact of the matter is they did something about it, before winter came…

WINTER is coming indeed…let the future daughters of the North arise…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

2 thoughts on “Northern Palace Series: The Art Of Finding A Good Black Man

  1. Wooow. Profound indeed. I gotta stand up and strive to find my Good black Man…Winter is around the corner 🏃🥰🤗


  2. Hi Jean

    I came across something very interesting today … some shared very interesting information that they saw the flame Lily somewhere in Greendale and that it’s a very poisonous flower … what puzzled me was that it’s Zimbabwe’s National Flower… and I wondered why… being so poisonous… Iv been looking out for strange things about Zim ever since I came in contact with u… however do not quote or mention my name on this should u decide to mention it …. there’s a whole lotta of things Iv discovered and would share with u privately only by email but please do not mention my name on any of those issues including this one … I will also share a screenshot of the post by the person who shared but only in confidence … this is just my way of confirming some of your observations… but personally I don’t need the attention it would complicate things for me … thanks and Yah bless and hoping u had a blessed Shabbat 😊… Shalom …


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