The Northern Palace Series: The Art Of Being Thankful

One of the deadly sins of the human heart is unthankfulness and/or ungratefulness, especially in the hearts of black people. People actually do not understand how important it is to be thankful. The Creator of the Heavens and Earth values thankfulness so much he commands it. The Most High is the giver of all good things, and He commands those who love Him to be thankful. Most of the Psalms of David were about how Thankful he was.

When you go before the Most High and thank Him for the little things He does for you, He becomes pleased with you. When he becomes pleased with you, he keeps blessing you, even with big things you never asked for.

All my children are so well mannered and a blessing to me, but when it comes to being grateful and thankful, I have one son, my second boy who is only 12, but he never asks for much even when it’s his birthday. He is very mindful of costs of things, and he always appreciates so much even if I get him the smallest gift. I have to push him for him to tell me what gift he wants, and he will say things like, “I would like that, but its expensive mum, you don’t have to buy it.” So I love to bless this boy, even a little more than his siblings, I enjoy blessing him, and my husband and I are always telling the rest of the children to learn from him, because he is such a thankful person, even at such a young age, who takes nothing for granted.

You see the principles of the Most High are mirrored here on earth in us, the art of thankfulness does not only work with the Most High, it works among us and within us, it’s a spiritual principle.

There is a famous story in the bible about 10 lepers who were healed by Christ. When they were cleansed, they all went their way, and chose not to even go back to the man who had healed them, and just say “thank you” for such miraculous deliverance. Only one of the 10 lepers, a foreigner for that, a Samaritan, chose to go back and praise the Lord, and said ‘thank you’ to Christ. And Christ said, “But there were 10 of you I healed, but only you came back to thank the Lord…” so Christ blessed the man. The Samaritan received more blessing than the other 9 lepers, he received the blessing because he said, “Thank you.” The other 9 lepers never actually got their full healing, what they got was a temporary blessing. They blocked their own blessing by being ungrateful.

For some strange reason most black people do not understand the art of thankfulness, they have this sense of entitlement, especially to people who do good to them. People do not understand the spiritual implications of being unthankful to your own brethren. When someone does something good to you, or blesses you, or helps you, or inspires you, it is important to say “Thank you.”

I remember in my past life, I used to go out of my way, physically and spiritually, to help the people I thought were my blood family. I even worked so hard, doing night shifts and raised money to bring my former brother to the UK, I was very young as well, I was a teenager. But when I did everything I could to bring this man to the UK, not once did he ever say ‘Thank you Jean, you have changed my life.” He had this sense of entitlement over me.

The last time I went to Zimbabwe, I bought my so called blood relatives so much clothes under very harsh financial circumstances. I even had to fight with my fool ex-husband, begging him for his clothes so I could give to my “brother” in Zimbabwe. When I got to Zimbabwe, these so called blood relatives told me straight that the clothes were not even mine, everything I had given them belonged to my fool ex-husabnd, so I should not expect a thank you from them, they said. They treated me like a slave, and the so called brother I had risked a lot for, giving him my ex-husabnds clothes threatened to beat me up and take my eyes off.

Today these “relatives” can only read my blogs and see my pictures, I CUT off the supply of “blessings” I was giving them, because they did not deserve it, for they are not worthy to even look upon my face in real life.

But I have seen that this trait is not only in so called “blood Zimbabwean relatives”, it extends to people we interact with in life, especially on Zimbabwe social media. One thing about Zimbabweans on my social media, well and in real too, they love to copy what I do. Even though they hate me because I tell them the truth that their country is cursed, and their culture is satanic, deep down in their hearts, they see that I am BLESSED. They can see that my fruit is beautiful. For Christ said, by their fruits you will know them. They can see that my husband absolutely adores me, they can see that my children are so grounded and well groomed. They can see that I am so happy, I have joy and peace, and I am glowing. Deep down they know that I am the epitome of what it means to be blessed.

So secretly, they come to read my blogs, so they can tap into my anointing, and learn from me. Deep down I inspire them greatly. They change their lifestyle completely because of me, yet they will never come to me, even privately and say, “Thank you Mary-Tamar.” If anything, they will come on my Facebook wall, and join the scoffers, and feel so happy when someone insults me, they can’t wait to put a laughing emoji when a Zimbabwean is being cruel to me.

I recently did a tutorial video on my Facebook, showing my viewers how to burn incense, and I know that many women who watched that video went out to buy their incense because I showed them how to burn it and explained to them the power of burning incense. What they don’t realise is that, because I am the source of that wisdom and anointing, you can not mix the two, hating me and also taping into my spiritual wisdom. It doesn’t work like that.

They know not that the art of being thankful is a spiritual matter. Just the mere essence of having a thankful spirit for anything, opens bigger spiritual doors, and that’s how you get your full healing/blessing. Christ even demonstrated this principle, that even though he technically healed 10 lepers in a group, only one leper, the thankful one got the blessing, because he touched the heart of Christ by just saying, “Thank you Lord.”

When I did the burning incense illustration video, out of all the women who watched the video, a handful said thank you publicly, and one woman came into my inbox to express her gratitude, and I told the King about her, and during my prayers, I mentioned her, because I was touched by her art of sincere thankfulness which is very rare in women of today. So I know that when she burns that incense, the Most High will actually bless her.

So for the future daughters of the North, have the wisdom to know whom the Most High is using to bless you, and if you acknowledge them with a thankful heart, the Most High will give you the reward of that “Prophet” you acknowledge. It’s a simple spiritual principle.

For whoever welcomes a prophet as a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward, (Mathew 10:41). So if you do not believe Mary-Tamar is anointed, then whatever you do to copy me will not benefit you.

With that, I leave you with my own Thanksgiving Pictures. This is the God I serve, my beautiful 7th baby, Chaniya is coming upto 6 months, and she’s the happiest little soul on earth, yesterday I went back to the bedchamber I used to purify myself after her birth, which now belongs to my oldest daughter, and I was reminded how far I have come…

Being thankful is an art, do not block your blessing and breakthrough by having a sense of entitlement, thinking “I was going to get it anyway, whatever she teaches, I was going to know about it anyways.” If the Most High chooses to give His wisdom to His chosen maidservant, for such a time as this, think not that by you despising His vessel of honour, you will be overlooked in the spiritual realm, and you will still benefit from the Queen of the North’s anointing.

For this season of the re-birth, the anointing floweth from the Northern Palace, if you cannot acknowledge that, then leave in peace, and take nothing from here, because this anointing which floweth from the palace will be your curse…

The Genesis of the Revelation by

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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