The 400 Year Of Return: Prophecy Is Fulfilled As Tyler Perry Opens First Black Owned Film Studios

My husband and I are so passionate about Black Entertainment.  Sometime this year I said to my Boaz that the only way for black people to actually regain their pride and heritage will be through entertainment and media. I told him that we needed our own Hollywood and we have to be the ones to create it. The main reason why black people have such a low opinion of themselves, the sad inferiority complex is because the mainstream media and Hollywood has portrayed black people as a secondary inferior race. Tell a black person that they are the original race, even the people chosen by God, they will curse you and accuse you of madness and blasphemy. The reason is because they have been fed images of white people, even their savior Jesus to them is white. To imagine Jesus as a black man is an abomination to the average black man, that is the power of entertainment and media. That is the power of Hollywood.

So this weekend, when I saw American Entertainment Mogul Tyler Perry unveil his grand studios to the world, I was literally overcome with emotion. I showed my husband and he was like…

“This is what you spoke about some time ago, you saw it happen, and it has happened.”

Christians and religious people will think what Tyler Perry has done is worldly and it has nothing to do with the God of Israel. But what he has done has everything to do with prophesy, and this is the beginning of the restoration of the black race, especially Judah.

Restoration has to start with the media, what is fed to you through entertainment.

The grand opening of the Tyler Perry Studios was a huge success. All the big names in Black Entertainment from Oprah,  Beyonce, Samuel L Jackson to Woopi Goldberg  graced the grand opening gala. They were tears from Beyonce ,Oprah and many more. It was emotional for these entertainers and moguls who have faced crazy racism and discrimination in white Hollywood.

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Well, bigger than Warner Brothers, Walt Disney and Paramount Studios combined, the state of the art film complex makes Perry the first Black American to completely own a film studio.

This is huge. This is History being made and written. This will mean black people for the first time can have complete ownership of their own entertainment and how it is portrayed.

This is about a power shift.

This is about tables turning.

This is about lies being corrected.

I am surprised they haven’t killed Tyler or jailed him, but then again they can’t, prophecy has to be fulfilled, especially during this very significant year in black history.

This year started with the President of Ghana declaring it the 400 year of the return. The year has not ended, and already major history for black people has been made.

Tyler Perry said “Hollywood has always ignored him.” So that pushed the dream in him to open the first black owned film studios.

Its a beautiful reminder and lesson, that where you are hated and despised is not where you belong. Build your own dream, and never be intimidated by the masses and the ones who seem to have the power.

Congratulations Mr Tyler Perry. You did it. You made your mark.

Congratulations Tyler Perry 

I am so looking forward to whatever is going to be produced behind those grand studios. At least it won’t be white-washed. At least it will portray the people who have not been seen as a people in their right  image. It’s a start of the restoration process. Its moving in the right direction. I hope Tyler Perry Studious will produce more historical films and correct how black people have been historically represented in Hollywood. According to Hollywood, black history starts with Slavery, it almost like black people never existed before slavery. I pray that Tyler Perry studios makes it their goal to bring back our pride. The pride of Judah.

Well done Mr Perry,  you have reminded me of my own fire, my own dreams. And yes, the year of the return can not pass until that fire is indeed quenched in me…

I will not put my pen down…

The Genesis Of The Revelation

By Mary-Tamar was Jean


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