Mary-Tamar, Are You The Only One With The Truth About Zimbabwe?

One of my new readers, Beavan has been writing me a series of questions, and also giving feedback on what I write, whilst confirming that some very strong things I say about Zimbabwe is somewhat true. What really stood out for me was that they said they do not believe that God would give the TRUTH to one person, especially about a country.

So anyway without taking much of your time I thought I will respond to Beavan’s first part of his questions in this post, and next week will answer the rest of his questions.

1. Dear, Mary-Tamar, a lot of things you say about Zimbabwe and it’s people … when I think and try to connect the dots, sound true… The people are strange in many ways … I myself have experienced a lot of hatred from my fellow countrymen wherever I go …. They hate with a passion, including family members and the fact that you mentioned that most Zimbabweans come from dysfunctional families… I try to be nice and tell people the truth and give them warnings and rebuking them whenever I feel they are going wrong yet that has drawn more hatred of me from them… I’m not in Zim currently with my immediate family but the things Iv gone through r unbelievable yet I’m not afraid neither am I intimidated. 
I’m not a saint myself, far from it. I’m just someone who loves the truth and I enjoy helping people, leading them to a knowledge where they can be set free. Some of the things u say make so much sense that I’ve been thinking you may be studying a lot about Zim or something….

Dear Beavan, when you think and try to connect the dots, it sounds true because it is the truth. Zimbabweans are a very hateful people, as a group of people they are not normal in that sense. When my husband was exposed to Zimbabweans through me, he could not believe that there were a people so hateful like that on this earth. My husband says boldly, (and he is a blessed man with wisdom), that if Zimbabweans embrace you and they love you, then you are not a good person. He says anyone Zimbabweans hate, is actually a good person. That’s how much my husband has studied them, spiritually. They behave like a pack of hyenas, anything beautiful and pure they hate.

Zimbabwean families are extremely dysfunctional because the country itself is dysfunctional. My husband always says Zimbabwe loves drama, when I tell him the goings on of Zimbabwe he will be like, “Everyday there is always a case in Zimbabwe, and they are not small cases too, before you recover from one case, tomorrow there will be even a bigger one.” Ghanian social media is very calm compared to Zimbabwe social media, which is WILD.

The dysfunctional behaviour is even shown in the people Zimbabwean women see as their mentors. Just look at the people they look up to for inspiration, one is called Tatelicious, for example. You have women, CHRISTIANS, well almost all Zimbabweans are Christians anyway, so these married Christian Zimbabwean women go to a man who poses as a woman, a man who urinates and defecates live on facebook, and they see him as their teacher and mentor, who teaches them how to keep a home and please a man on the marriage bed.

Then there is another woman they see as a role model sent from heaven, she is called Mai TT, again the Christian Zimbabwean women literally drink from this woman’s mouth, I saw one video which Zimbabwean women were running after this woman, risking their lives in a busy road, jumping in a moving truck just to touch her shoes, yet this woman they see as a Demi god is so uncouth, rowdy and vulgar, her life is so dysfunctional. Yet the Christian Zimbabwean women see that dysfunctionality if there is such a word, as the essence of what it means to be a blessed Zimbabwean.

Then you have another one called Zuva, a woman with no husband, yet she is the one who teaches the Christian Wives of Zimbabwe the principles of life, how to be a good wife. You couldn’t make it up really.

But you may argue that the world has other whores of Babylon like the Kim Kardashians who are adored by millions of people, influencing them, but the difference is that people like Kim Kardashian are exactly what they are, they are whores of Babylon. They do not teach women how to be virtuous wives, they teach women how to pose naked in selfies, how to enhance their bottoms and such. They cannot deceive anyone. But these Zimbabweans influencers mentioned above come in the name of the Most High of Zimbabwe, and to the Zimbabwean Christian women, they see these influencers as virtuous women who draws them closer to their God, Musikavanhu…these are the people who call good evil and evil good.

So it all goes back to who Zimbabweans are spiritually, that they are a people set apart to achieve a certain mission by their gods, like Sodom and Gomorah, or even Nineveh. Though these little cities, or Nations where not directly affecting the earth physically, insignificant as they maybe, but spiritually what was happening in Sodom and Gomorrah polluted the world, their evil and wickedness within themselves was so great, that God had to urgently deal with it, either by destroying the cities completely or by saving them.

2. Mary-Tamar, You know your messages have been troubling me. They make me angry … no angry is not the word… the word is “hurt” … It hurts me to think that someone would claim that Zimbabwe is cursed and is  the current home of the serpent of old. Yet I just can’t brush your message away. 

Dear Beavan, I am grateful to the Most High, to the God of King David, that you actually feel this way because of my pen, for by your response I know that I am obedient to what God has called me to do, speak the message, in season and out of season. I even read your message to our small congregation during testimony and admonition time on Sabbath. I am only a messenger, and the Most High will deal with the receivers of the message how He sees fit according to one’s level of faith, this is how the Most High has chosen you to respond to the message, and its now in your hands, and its unto you how you act after you have received the message.

3. Mary-Tamar, Personally I don’t believe that Abba Yah has invested His truth in one person, but that scattered people across the planet have bits and pieces of truth and if we ask we would be led to all truth.

Dear Beavan, well I believe that the Key to understanding who God actually is is by studying how He works, historically, especially when He wants to establish His purpose on earth. The “god” that most people worship today, especially through the three main world religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism is a false god, what they worship is an image that was simply created and planted in the minds of people as God when it is in fact Satan. The real Most High Yah is a God hated aberrantly by people, especially religious people, atheists have a better chance of salvation than people from these three main religions, because these three religions simply breeds pharisees.

But yes you are somewhat right, God is spirit and He speaks to those who seek him in spirit and in truth. But when it comes to the Most High Yah accomplishing His purpose, especially fulfilling prophecy at a given time, He always works with one person at a time…so that there is no confusion. For God is a God of order. Right now, we are at a crucial time in history. Something surreal is happening in the air, even the atheists can feel it. All sorts of religious sects are coming up with all sorts of theories, you have the Black Hebrew Israelites claiming that the second exodus into the wilderness is about to happen, where Christ is about to apparently physically come down and take them to the wilderness as the remnant of Israel. Some, in fact almost all Christian denominations are claiming that the tribulation has started, that the mark of beast is the Covid vaccine.

But in all this confusion and wars and rumours of wars, its important to keep a perception on who God is, and how He works, especially in such a time as this. The Israelites are scattered truly, they are sheep without a shepherd, but if there is ever going to be a re-birth, then surely He will choose a leader to lead the rebirth, not 100 leaders all over the place, he will choose one sinner like you and me, born of a woman.

Remember there was only one Adam, one Noah, one Abraham, one Jacob, one Joseph, one Judah, one Moses, one Tamar, one Rahab, one Ruth, one Deborah, one Esther, one Bathsheba, one David, one Solomon…one Elijah, one Jeremiah, one Isaiah, one Daniel, one Amos…etc these Prophets and Prophetesses held the mantle one at a time…even though none of them ever had the complete picture, because none of them were ever God, they saw in part, and prophesied in part…they were all different but had one thing in common, knowingly or unknowingly they fulfilled the purpose of Yah on earth at a given time…

And that’s the God of Israel, He is an unchanging God, He is still the same yesterday, today, and forever.

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

One thought on “Mary-Tamar, Are You The Only One With The Truth About Zimbabwe?

  1. what does the prophet have to say about xenophobia in SA against nigeriams ,ghananians and zimbabweans…..zimbabweans are still hateful? Orrr yall are just filled with hate not Love?….

    Light, Love and Peac


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