Why Zimbabwe Is The “Cursed” Garden Of Eden

Do you know that 2020 is the year of Revelation….and 2019 was year of the Return, where the world unknowingly prepared for the 2020 Apocalypse…and a man in Zimbabwe, in 2019 sang a song, a song that made him, and he called it, In The Garden…Behold there are no coincidences in this world, everything is connected…there is no such thing such as, oh it was just a song, music is spiritual…

But before I tell you about In The Garden, a long read only for the reader, can I tell you my story? I am Mary-Tamar, the lost Princess of Zimbabwe, or should I say Ophir, the most exotic country the world has ever seen, it has all sorts of animals, my favourite growing up was the chameleon, I played with them, when I held out my hand, they climbed on me, it was as though they spoke to me and I spoke back to them. I found the chameleon to be the most misunderstood little thing ever, it character is soft and gentle, and has eyes which sees everything, and it hides itself in the leaves, but when in danger and attacked, yes it fattens and strikes with its tongue…

Growing up in this exotic Kingdom, the chameleon was my friend. O, the Kingdom of Zimbabwe, the country that has the finest gold on this earth, and all sorts of precious diamonds and stones. I was born in that country, for such a time as this. With my pen, I write the Genesis Of The Revalation. Zimbabweans hate me so, O, they hate me so, they say I am a satanist, or a witch, and say I am dangerous, because I tell them their beautiful Zimbabwe is cursed, beyond redemption…when I look at it, I see the spiritual Babylon, I see its walls falling, and Great is that Fall…

Having been born in an animal Kingdom, I grew up with animals as my friends, let me speak animal language for a minute. Dear reader, in order to understand my pen, you have to see me like you see a Chameleon…I strike with my tongue when in danger, and yes I lived in danger for the first half of my life, in the cursed land…

But the whole world is cursed, one may say to me, of course the world is cursed dear reader, but not like Zimbabwe you see. Zimbabwe is the source of the curse.

In the beginning, Zimbabwe was not called Zimbabwe you see. Zimbabwe is a modern name, meaning HOUSE OF STONE, but when it all began, Zimbabwe herself was was simply a GARDEN, a beautiful enchanting garden. She had the most beautiful WATERFALL that fed her, and her glory was magnificent to behold. A wonder.

The Most High Yah then planted a Tree in the midst of this garden, and all sorts of animals dwelt in the garden, beautiful exotic animals, and all sorts of beautiful fruits, so sweet and juicy, were found in the Garden…

But then, in this Garden there was a Serpent, a dragon, a red dragon. At that time it had legs and it walked and talked in the Garden…and it spoke in this very exotic Garden…now called Zimbabwe.

But one may say to me, O Mary-Tamar, stop with your fallacies, the Garden of Eden can never be found in Africa, that’s impossible, it must be somewhere in the Middle East maybe. But wait and pose, and ponder O bewitched one, the Caucasian has cast a spell on you, and put you to a deep sleep, for over 400 years. Let’s put spirituality aside, let’s talk science so maybe your eyes can open. What does science teach you? It teaches you that all humanity began in Africa, from a black woman, the Eve Gene….

Africa is not called Mother AFRICA for no reason…Do you not think if they know this, the powers that be, the Secret Society, they would hide the exact location of where that science began. Don’t you think they would want its secrets, the magic of it? What if I told you that that location had powers? What if it connected you to higher intelligence? What if it was a spiritual portal into the unknown. What if I told you that it wasn’t only the GOLD they took from Africa, that they took the POWER as well, and with that POWER, the secret society prevails…

Why is the House of Stone mysterious? Why was the stone walls built? What did they do up there? Why the zigzag snake patterns? Why the strange bird gods?

Why do they hide her? The Garden? Ophir? Why do they say Victoria Falls is in her neighbouring Zambia? Why do they say they got the world diamonds from her neighbour South Africa? Why do they hide her so much, keeping her a secret? Isn’t the GOLD on the monarchy from her, Ophir?

But anyway, now back to the serpent in the Garden, there was a FALL in this Garden, the fall of humanity, when the old red dragon fell on it. Then the Most High Yah cursed the serpent, but He didn’t just curse the serpent, the dragon, he cursed the Land as well….never to be redeemed, in fact no one should even live in it, for the Garden went from being glorious and magnificent to being cursed.

Because the Garden (Zimbabwe) is located in Africa, the land which used to be called Ethiopia, the whole continent was affected by the curse of the Garden, hence even today, Africa/Ethiopia is cursed, that even though she is Mother Earth, Mama Africa, all glorious with her gold, minerals and all sorts of stones, where creation began, today, She is well known only for her POVERTY. They can Wakanda her all they want, but Mama Africa is cursed. She became part of the original curse, because in the beginning she was part of the original blessing, hence all of Africa/Ethiopia is rich in all sorts of minerals and gold. But the very best gold is found in the Garden, in Ophir, now called Zimbabwe, that’s why even though it is so small, it was once the bread basket of Africa.

But Mary-Tamar doesn’t just pen the Genesis of the Revelation, she reads and understands. The Garden, Ophir, is even described in a book called GENESIS, in Chapter 2, and it goes something like this…

And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; (Victoria Falls) and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads. ( The four great rivers of Africa/ Ethiopia which is Zambezi, Nile, Congo, and Niger)

The name of the first is Pison (Zambezi): that is it which compasseth the whole land of Havilah (Southern Africa) , where there is GOLD.

And the GOLD of that land is good: there is bdellium and the onyx stone. And the name of the second river is Gihon (Nile): the same is it that compasseth the whole land of Ethiopia, (Africa).

So how can anyone dispute that the Garden of Eden is in Africa…But even if the truth is right there in front of you, from the bible itself, behold, you will choose not to see it…because you can never see Zimbabwe as a biblical land, because you believe the biblical land is the “Middle East” as the society made you believe.

But I ask you, why is the Garden of Eden a mystery, why does no one “know” its exact location? Can you not see O blind one, that it was hidden for a purpose. Even my earthly father calls her, the small mysterious hidden country, “Kanyika kepakati kakavandika.”

So what happened to the serpent in that small hidden country? The physical serpent which was cursed, that red dragon? What happened to it, in that land of Ophir?

He went into the water!He had to. And in that Water, the Zambezi, He created a Kingdom, some call it the Marine Kingdom, where mermaids or rather mermens reign supreme, some call it the underwater world. But still a water kingdom the serpent created.

In Zimbabwe they sing songs to the Zambezi river, O they say the river is sacred, rinoyera. They say it is their culture. They say the river is the source of life, the Great River, the Zambezi where Mhondoro feeds. So they sing…

“Mhondoro dzinonwa muna Zambezi, Mhondoro dzinonwa muna Save…”

Mhondoro are the spirits of Zimbabwe, they can not be confused with vadzimu, (spirit mediums). Mhondoro are the spirit guides of the actual land, the whole Garden. The serpent and his angels fell in the Garden. So they are the territorial spirits in Zimbabwe. Territorial spirits need to possess a physical body in order to live and thrive, so most of the Zimbabwe territorial spirits, Mhondoro, or rather the Nyikadzimu, live in the animals of the land, hence the animals of the land are sacred, so the animals of the land of Zimbabwe command worship. And worship they get, in the form of CULTURE of the land called (totems), where the animals are worshipped, literally…and songs and poems are written in their honour, and everyone in Zimbabwe, young, small, christian, atheist worships the animals and call it CULTURE, and not one person in that land can explain why this culture is so, or where it originated from, or what it means, they just know that they love their CULTURE and will fight anyone who questions it or exposes it.

The Zimbabwe animals feeding from the Zambezi River.

Okay, enough about the territorial demons of the land, the mutupos, the totems, the Mhondoros, but what about the Serpent? What became of it in the physical realm?

Lets talk about his home after the FALL, the Zambezi River, where all his animals feed from…

Well, legend says a great serpent lives in that water, in the Zambezi River, and it looks like a dragon, even though it is a serpent. They call it the Nyami Nyami River God.

“Mary-Tamar, please tell us more about Zimbabwe, especially the Nyami Nyami river god.” The Zimbabweans keep asking me….

But I can not speak about the Nyami Nyami river god yet, because he has a special name called Nyikadzimu, or Musikavanhu, and he tells the people of the Garden that he is indeed God, the Most High Yah…who created the people of the land and the animals and all the glory…He tells them that he is the Most High…

And it came to pass that in 2019, the year of the Return, as the world prepared for the revalation, the Great 2020 apocaypse, the territorial spirits of Zimbabwe came upon a musician called Winky D, and he honoured the Land and the gods in the Garden, and behold he sang a song called “In The Garden” literally wishing to go back to how it was in the land, in the beggining, the Garden of Eden, and upon hearing the song, the inhabitants of the land hailed him…and they saw the light, or rather the darkness, and without knowing that they live in the cursed Garden, they testified that Zimbabwe is the garden of Eden…and continue to worship the Serpent… so they all took part in a moment of reflection, going back to innocence, they dressed up as as it was in the beginning…their very own traditional dress, nhembe…

And Winky D depicted in his song, the culture of Eden, Zimbabwe, where the women are seductresses, day and night, they feed their husbands the forbidden fruit, (mupfuwira) and the men become like women, ruled by women…as Adam was ruled by Eve and listened to her, those are the territory demons of land, seduction, and men from all over Africa, especially the WEST are fascinated by the beauty of the women of the Garden, yet most of them are sacrificed in the Zambezi underwater, for the women listen to the Serpent, they adore him, even most of their jewellery is rather serpents, but you won’t see it, they call it CULTURE, Oh, they call it culture, and they have the power to make great men fall, so it was in that land that King Solomon fell…

But I see then for who they are…the women of the cursed Garden…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

9 thoughts on “Why Zimbabwe Is The “Cursed” Garden Of Eden

  1. Can’t deny what you wrote it’s so true everyone knows about the nyaminyami. But religion has taken over in that the whole of Zimbabwe now worship human God’s, flamboyant fake pastors lining their pockets with money f r om poor people. It’s pathetic.
    Those in power are busy looting and bleeding the country with failure so deep it’s killing and wiping out the next generation coz of such high infant mort a lot deaths. No one cares each to their own thievery. No wonder you say it’s cursed


  2. You are bitter about Zimbabwe. Anyway you are lost child we won’t be bothered about you. The moment you set your foot in Zimbabwe remember the spirit of Zimbabwe have questions for you.


  3. We don’t pray animals. Tokumbira midzimu kutisvitsira Kuna musiki just like you. Pray through Jesus kuti akusvitsire Kuna musiki. Zimbabwe nhasi yaipa nekuti wakaratidzwa kunzi iri evil. Ndiani anokuratidza tizive waunonanata aratidza iwe nhasi. Chaminuka nanehanda wati nyika yavo yaipa nhasi. Humanity yakatangira Mesopotamia. Kunotove nemaruins. Egypt inawo Europe aripo. Zimbabwe yakasarudzwa kuti ndiyo nyika yeuchi ne mukaka yevana vatema kwete zvako zvauri kuti iri cursed. It’s vice versa.


  4. Hatitonge varume kunoku zimbabwe. Ndosaka waroorwa unodaidzwa zita remurume wako. Kana mutupo we murume wako. Shame you have learnt the wrong culture yekuti we rule varume vedu. That is not it. Maybe zvaive kudzinza rako kwete Rema Zimbabweans. Mitemo ine gumi iri kwese nyangwe kwedu kuchivanhu chachaminuka nanehanda tinoremekedzana. Hatikwire nzvimbo dzinoera wakasviba unotetereka nesango kana kuenda ne dziva.


    1. Unoenda kuchurch asi kune zvimwe zvinoda chivanhu , kutaura chokwadii it’s like are forgetting their own culture imagine . Muri 💯% right


  5. You’re comparing chivanhu neurombwa yevanoita zvakaipa. Chivanhu chakatooma kupfura church yenyu mitemo yacho. Ndosaka vakuru vaitonga netsumo nemadimikira ndoyaive phylosophy yavo. Vaitsura kana kudzidzisana nengano. I won’t blame you maybe you grew up nevaroi neurombwa neun’anga uchiona zvaiita then you believe kuti ndizvo zvakaita Zimbabwe. No l have time to teach you and learn about the love yemhepo yakanaka e.g chaminuka chose to die for his people. He had power but he decided to save his people. He died for his people. Vakaedza kumuuraya but he told them kuti havakwanise kumupfuudza. Long story if you want to know more. One day we will meet and discuss about it.


  6. Ok so your name was Jean but now u call yoself Mary Tamar ? 1 quick question: Have u ever heard of what they call Muti usina zita in Shona ? I was thinking by now the way u r going ud’ve mentioned it … I supposed uv heard of it . So what do u have to say about it ? Was it real or a myth ? May u please email me ? I need to engage with u on some issue if u may please .. Thank u .


  7. Stop sexualizing african women. It is wicked and leads to sexual crimes against them and their girls.

    You seem to be full of hate and lust. Projecting, victim blaming. :/


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